27College Station, United States
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My self-summary
It's easy to be pessimistic and see the world right now and say there's no hope, but I can't. Hope is the only reason I can get up every morning and face a new day. Why live if not for hope? Every moment I hope and be disappointed, it reaffirms my conviction that the struggle is necessary.

Your favorite (male) mom. Leftie. Will cook and provide emergency first aid for affection.

I am struggling to be genuine while writing my profile because I have contracted irony poisoning due to being too long in twitter dot com
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a grad student in plant pathology and I like to think I'm pushing through the limits of human knowledge.

Otherwise, programming, electronics, lockpicking. All for fun, because I have a very deep interest in understanding how things, especially technology, works.

Ultimately, my dream, and what I want to eventually work to is to be free of the cycle of working for wages or having to exploit workers through wage labor. Let's make a cooperative. You and me and others. A horizontal and democratic organization.
I’m really good at
Apparently I'm good at computers. I've built one for friends, family, and myself, yes, but here's a secret. It's not very hard! I can definitely teach you how.

Mentioning obscure facts and trivia I read in books or podcasts or random internet articles. I can cite some of them.

I'm also good at self-control. I won't embarrass anyone when I'm drunk (that's a good deal!).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fiction: Dresden Files, Temeraire, Benjamin Weaver series. Great worldbuilding and characters for the first two, and as for Ben Weaver, mind-bendingly exciting 18th century detective series, what's not to love?
Nonfiction: History and political philosophy books to make sense of the latest political fiasco (you know which)

I have a strong weakness for Kung Fu movies and Hong Kong action and comedy flicks like Shaolin Soccer.

Shows: I watch too much anime for my own good. I also watch Breaking bad, Sherlock, Foyle's War, Luther... I'm considering watching The Wire soon since it's apparent that I like crime dramas.

Music: Depending on my mood, I can spend a month or two listening to nothing but classic rock, metal, jazz, hip-hop, or any genre that I'm currently in love with. Mostly classic rock, though. If I have a favorite band, it would be Queen. Current favorites: Death Grips, Run the Jewels.

Favorite video games: Strategy games (Europa Universalis, Civ) and RPGs
Six things I could never do without
1. My smart phone, because it has everything I need in life
2. Privacy. I need a lot of time alone.
3. The internet. Being connected to the whole world with a device on the palm of my hand. It's an awesome feeling.
4. Peace and quiet
5. Sunlight. Contrary to what people think I am not in fact a vampire.
6. Sleep/coffee. If you can't get sleep at least be properly awake to experience the delirium thanks.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Alternate history scenarios/counterfactuals (what would happen if The First Roman Triumvirate didn't dissolve so easily? What if Qin Shi Huang Di wasn't such a huge fan of ridiculously gruesome punishments? What if Trotsky actually got to be Lenin's successor? etc.)

Also common: plant biology, technology, political economy of fantasy universes through a materialist lens...
On a typical Friday night I am
Celebrating the weekend loudly in an empty apartment.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dream about being a published fiction writer but I'm scared to death of sending my short stories in.
You should message me if
If you want a friend to try new foods and beers.

If you want someone's ass to kick in Mortal Kombat.

If you do not mind corny and often obscure jokes/references (I'm sorry I won't be able to help it)

If you actually got this far and decided to continue reading (!)

If your aesthetic can be described as "anime but woke"

If you are a spectre that is haunting Europe...
The two of us