39Howell, United States
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My self-summary
Looking for normal...dependable, no excuses, kind of people...

Trying this again..and not straying from what I am looking for in this profile (read carefully) ... compromises = disappointments. Tired of finding pretty faces with lost & broken souls. I'm a fixer personality..don't want to fix people I'm with anymore..come unbroken and with your shit together (for the most part). Have something to show for your life for f's sake..30-something and no life is NOT for me. Mainly avoiding people that lack empathy... excuse makers...and alcoholics..and people from OHIO (which unfortunately have included the above issues)...

MUST like old people and kids.. (compassion)

About me:

I am genuine, the kind of person that you can't really put a label on, or completely classify. I care...too much sometimes, and it's been known to hurt this ole heart but, I don't let it make me bitter. Live & learn. I am strong-willed and I realize the good things life has to offer and that everything happens for a reason. Be true to yourself.'s the best policy...even if it isn't the best option at the moment, it prevails in the end. Lie to me...shame on you, at least I will be able to sleep at night knowing I didn't. I'm a realist, yet a believer. My glass is always half full.

I am NOt politically correct, in fact, I am completely opposite of that.

I am not into it for your momma! Or some other typical lesbian...not me thanks, I'm anything but typical.

I have no clue what sapio/genderqueer/nano/etc..even mean and I don't want to. If you are not into labels and weirdness...we can talk. I'm a straight up lesbian but, I'm cool with 'a girl that likes girls'.

If I send you a message, it's because I think you're cute...shallow? Call it what you will but, I call it reality. So that's why I'm looking to meet up & chat in real time because I want to meet real people not computers. I'm a people person. And well, objects such as my computer & cell phone aren't exactly my idea of the kind of company I wish to keep.

My time is too precious & life is too short... So, let's get straight to the point, I'm looking for someone to MEET for; coffee, drinks, food, naked walks on the beach..hey, I'm up for pretty much anything ;).

I am looking for someone that knows what they want out of life, or at least what they would like to do or have. Have a purpose and goals. Don't want someone that's "figuring out who they are", I don't have time for that...I'm getting to a point in my life where my time and patience for games and such is limited, it's just takin a painful toll on this loving heart. I would like to find somebody that is REAL (don't pretend for the sake of impressing anyone), has some culture and core values and is HONEST and fun, and is available RIGHT NOW...I know, a LOT to ask for. But, hey...I still believe that these kinds of people still exist and well, I believe in the possibility of true love, soul mates & the ultimate happy ending, corny as that may sound. #soulfood
What I’m doing with my life
Working on the best ME so I can find the best WE.

Experimenting with my entrepreneurial side, trying to build an I can eventually find the queen to my castle.

ENJOYING IT! You have been given one chance, two if you're extremely lucky, Make the best of every day because once it's gone, well.... it's gone!

"Kiss slowly, Love deeply & forgive quickly"

On a more personal level.....
I have a BA in Criminal Justice, and a partially completed one in PSYCH, but we will see where life takes me with that.

I quit a J O B and decided to follow my dreams as an entrepreneur... Attemtpting to diversify, currently..very excited!!! Finding a partner to grow with me in this area would be optimal.

Being a single mom raising two beautiful children the best I can. I'm looking for my partner in crime to not only be a supportive role model but, a good person in our lives. I don't NEED anyone but, would surely love to have someone to share life with.
I’m really good at
"Jack of all trades, master of none"

Being a LIBRA (this will tell you a lot)

Making people laugh and/or smile.:)

Dancing...well, at least I seem to think so..;) - I LOVE IT!!

Holding doors open for people and helping the elderly. I've been called a gentleman a time or two -warms my heart -

Listening. Always have an open hEARt & shoulder to cry on

Being REAL & HONEST, I have found that these features in humans are facing extinction
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a great smile and am pretty much almost always doing it. Life is good...SMILE :) & that I'm decent lookin' ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Up until 2016 I didn't read, just was never my thing..but, ever since I started a growth phase of my life I can't stop reading these motivational/empowerment books. It's liberating!
I like movies, the kind that make you laugh and make you cry. I love sappy love stories, because it helps keep my heart believing that they exist.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE all sorts of music, because life without music is like the mac without the cheese ;)....except the hardcore metal stuff, it really gives me a headache. lol.
And last, but certainly not least...I LOVE LOVE LOVE FOOD!! Anything and EVERYTHING! So my match MUST NOT be a picky eater! :)...loves to cook? Even better ;)
It's been a solid year of not drinking for me (not an alcoholic just don't prefer them), looking for someone that drinks sparingly, if any.
Six things I could never do without
My kids
The Heat (I like it hotter than any human & I love to sweat)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
EVERYTHING! My mind doesn't stop! Always thinking on how I can make things better :). I'm a dreamer...not the aimless, airy type, but the kind that works on making them a reality.

How some people have made it this far in life??!

How those eyebrows are speaking to me??! What is that?!

Why do people feel the need to lie? It never ends well.

How I end up in such unfulfilling relationships? I need more!

When I will find that person that just gets me?

Are there any motivated people out there that want more out of life? Or is everyone just getting by?

Are there any normal lesbians??
On a typical Friday night I am
I like to dance (not too much on the party scene anymore) and I like to stay all depends on the situation...both are just as good sometimes :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit

I dont do well with dumb people & crazies (I have found that these include, but are not limited to: girls with red hair and girls with a middle name of "Marie"-not saying there isn't an exception to every rule, and I'd hate to generalize- It is what it is), please don't take offense, just don't contact me if you've ever been told you are crazy...even if it sounded like a joke, it most likely was true...also women that have been mistaken for men, or women that look 40 when they're 30, too much tanning? or are you trying to resemble bacon?!.crispay!..and the eyebrows..get that under control! not my type...thank you!
You should message me if
If you are like me...;)
If you want to meet in person
If you are single
If you are sexy (outside & in)-soul
If you are confident
If you don't have crazy eyebrows
If you are an individual- this meaning that you are good with YOU and don't need a group to identify with (sad as it sounds, there are a lot of lesbians that need their 'group' to identify with and go out every week/end drinking with...we're not in high school anymore...grow up! ..or don't, either way u'r not for me)
If you speak Polish, that's always a plus :)
If you are motivated and want more out of life than ordinary
MUST be a family person and like kids-compassionate & empathetic
If you are smart - S-M-R-T ;). LOL (intellect is sexy)
The two of us