36 Fort Worth, United States
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My self-summary
I am a gentleman first. I am a honest level headed guy. I have a good education and a good job. I like to work out, hang out with friends, and I am always in situations to meet new people.

I love music of all kinds. I love dancing of all kinds. I read mostly non-fiction. When I do read fiction it is typically love stories (not "romance" novels) and or stories around traveling.

I love Jazz, R&B, the blues, songs and standards and almost all current music. What is more I love to see it Live!

I am a well rounded person. I have lived a lot of life and I don't plan to stop. That said, there is not enough space here for nearly a percentage of my story. Sometimes I wonder if it would fit in one book. I am a story teller so, probably not. I have a diversity of interest-likes and dislikes. If there is something you don't see or want to know just ask me. If you don't ask the answer will always be- No.
What I’m doing with my life
Actively seeking fulfillment… I have a good job but I have been recently looking to make a move to something that may offer better opportunity for growth. Other than work- I am in the gym or hanging with friends. I keep a pretty active social life. I would love to include someone special in it and or have someone special to relax and spend time with.
I’m really good at
analyzing, logic, deductive reasoning, creative thinking and appreciating the finer things of life…

And romance… I am really good at romance- I don't quite know how to explain that except to say I know how to make a lady feel special-like she is the only woman in the world.
The first things people usually notice about me
Honestly, I am not sure I've ever had anyone mention it to me before…but if I had to say, it would be my stature for my height…I give great big bear hugs. I dress well.

I am a retired US Marine so, I imagine it is possible that I may come off as a little intimidating.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The last two books I completed were The Aleph by Paulo Coelho and THe History of Sexuality Vol. 1 by Michel Foucault. Oh and Kerouac's Dharma Bums was in the mix too. Movie: I have to say The Artist has to be one of my favorites- modern silent films- GENIUS! I'm also a Batman and Bond kind of guy. Music: take me back all the way to the 30s big band, Sinatra and Martin in the 40s-50s, Led Zeppelin in the 70s, Eric Clapton from the 70s to current, Pearl Jam and Ani Difranco from the 90s to R&B/Hip-Hop at the beginning of the 21st century to present day the Civil wars, Ray Le Montagne and Mumford & Sons, not to mention some Portishead, Bjork and Massive Attack… I'll take it all and sometimes in the same day! I will note there are tons and I do mean tons of artist I did not mention here. So if yoou don't see it; it doesn't mean its not there. Food: The rule goes like this: I'll eat anything that doesn't kill me-anything!

I am also an opera fan. I generally make the Dallas opera at least twice a season but I have had season tickets in the past.

I would have to say Hockey and Baseball are my favorite sports and my favorite sports to watch live with one exception MMA fighting. I've never seen boxing live. I imagine that would be pretty awesome!
The six things I could never do without
Human Contact- Family & Friends
My Dogs
My Mind
Art-creative expression- either my own or someone else's
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think the top of this list is compassion- not just fluffy "I feel your pain compassion" but I wonder what fires a person has walked in that they walk through life scared and scarred and how can I respond to them in a love that they may not know. Second is my own fulfillment. And perhaps third but not the least of these and perhaps all encompassing- the Realm of God- this includes lots of physics and talks of string theory.

Oh and why with all the women's liberation movements- why women still don't make the first move? Don't hesitate to message me. For me it indicates that you have a shared interest and further that I am not contacting you with ill intent. I am not here for a booty call or some kind of friends with benefits. But instead to meet real women that are open to life and relationship and what those have to offer two mutually respecting people.
On a typical Friday night I am
It varies. Sometimes reading, watching tv, hanging with friends, listening to live music, out to a show or movie…the list goes on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a soft spot.
You should message me if
To paraphrase Henry Rollins… Give me a woman that can sit me down, shut me up and tell me ten things I don't already know, make me laugh, turn me on and I'll follow you to the end.

You are looking for a great guy, that has his life together, and you are looking to be complimented and compliment someone else's life. And if anything I've written peeks your interest and you want to make a good friend.

I am going to expound on this a bit… I am a grown man. I know how to cook and clean for myself and I pay my own bills. I do not need someone to tell me what to wear or what to eat and/or how to live my life. So, please don't message me if you need to control or dictate someone else's life. As well please don't contact me if you are looking for an immature punk. I don't play video games for hours on end. I do not eat fast food and rarely junk food. I take care of myself and appreciate someone that does the same.

All that said, if you are just looking for a good friend- I hear I'm pretty good at it. :-)