38 Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
Oh goodness I never know what to put in here. I don't like explaining myself in a box. I don't belong in a box.

*** note - I am actually bisexual, however I am not looking for anything other than friendship with straight cis men right now ***

Here we go, in point form,

I went to my first Burning Man festival in 2008, and have gone 4 more times since then. I also go by the playa name "Radiance".

I've been doing theatre work since I was 3. I've done stage managing, playwriting, producing and acting.

I'm an ISTJ according to the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, or MBTI.

I love to ride my bike.

I am a roller coaster fanatic. I figure I've been on at least 100 roller coasters in 7 countries.

I look to push my physical limits. I'm afraid of heights, so I started rock climbing to help get over this fear. I've been climbing for about 6 years, and learned how to lead outdoors while vacationing in Thailand a few years ago. Recently, I ran my first Tough Mudder, even though I don't like to run. I was more in it for the obstacles.

I like going to concerts. I like being on the floor and moshing, and I can usually stay in the pit longer than guys 10 years younger than me. I'm really not the "sit in the stands and coo" type. I like being where the action is.

I love to travel. Some places I'm hoping to go in the next few years are Spain, Israel, Morocco, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand. I expect there will be more places to add. In 2010 I took a 5 month trip that took me to Japan, China, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I love original gen 1 transformers. I own the entire original series. And I did really enjoy the Michael Bay movies, though they aren't as good as the original animated one.

I identify more as non-monogamous than what many people consider to be polyamory. For me, being non-monogamous is a bit more inclusive, or not necessarily looking for additional committed relationships.. I'm attracted to people, usually more than 1 at a time. This does not mean I'm eager to be a “gift” to your boyfriend/bi courious/heteroflexible girlfriend. I'm a human, not a commodity.

I've been flaky with replying to emails lately. It's not personal.

I am radiant, adventure seeking and have depth.
What I’m doing with my life
I currently work doing backline customer support (disputes and insurance claims mostly) for a major credit card. I never thought I've be working in a cube farm, but I like my work, my co workers and my working environment.

I wish I could say I had something creative brewing, but I don't these days. I have some ideas in the works, mostly in pre-planning stages. I do a fair bit of DIY stuff, mostly things involving fabric and sewing machines. I like gifting, and I'd rather give someone something I made myself rather than something ready-made.

I started doing yoga a few months ago. It's been great for dealing with stress and general mind-clouding. Plus I like the high I get after a really good practice.

Dating wise, I'm not really looking for a "particular" type of relationship. In regards to this site, mentioning my name, something in my profile other than my sexual choices or the word "tripwire" in your initial email will greatly increase your chances of me replying to you, or at least getting a polite no thank you.
I’m really good at
Coming up with crazy ideas do to fun things.
Problem solving.
Experiencing new things.
Handling finances.
Fixing clothes.
Tying people up :)
Someone recently told me she liked how direct I am, how I explain thing really concisely. Then again, I like to go from point A to B to C, in that order.
The first things people usually notice about me
Mostly that I look significantly younger than I actually am.
My eyes. My smile. Well, that's what I've been told.
If it's summer or Burning Man the freckles on my arms, back and shoulders tend to be very prominent.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: really into Chuck Palahniuk. I really liked Fight Club, Invisible Monsters and Choke. Also: The Catcher in the Rye, Lost Souls (I really like Poppy Z Brite too), Hannibal, The Red Tent, Beyond the Pale The Virgin Suicides and the Millennium trilogy. I also really like human anatomy and sexuality textbooks.

Movies: The original Transformers movie (cartoon), Fight club (it's on par with the book, but I liked the ending in the movie better), UHF, Repo! the genetic opera, Singles, American Beauty, Clerks, Ghost World

Music: Mostly Metal/gothy stuff. The Cruxshadows, Megadeth, Metallica (old stuff, Black album and earlier) Icon of Coil, Nine inch Nails (mostly before The Fragile), Hole, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson (old stuff, really up until HolyWood), Tool, Motorhead, White Zombie, Anthrax...I could go on for hours (BTW, I've seen all these bands except for Nirvana. Many
of them more than once) Been listening to Jack off Jill a lot lately.

I don't really watch much TV, but shows I've watched and like include Six Feet Under, Orphan Black, Hannibal and The Big Bang Theory. I've been known to watch the odd episode of Mythbusters or a few other documentary-type reality shows. To be honest, I think of TV as a guilty pleasure :p

Food: Vegetarian mostly. Types I like: sushi, Thai, Mexican, Indian. Lots of spicy. For dessert, Key Lime Pie or something with anise. Yes, I'm the person that eats the black jellybeans.

I also enjoy different, more obscure types of alcohol. Particularly absinthe (see my previous comment about anise).
The six things I could never do without
Tea (with or without caffeine), a bicycle (that I can ride), wonderful people, spicy food, good music, imagination.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
lots of things.

Wondering where to travel next.

What my next interesting project is going to be.

What my cat is thinking about.

Will bright red hair be a problem? (No, it probably won't)
On a typical Friday night I am
likely decompressing from my work week. That could mean anything from going climbing, to having dinner with friends, or going on a date, or just staying home watching a movie. There's not really a typical Friday night for me :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I always put my left shoe on first. Just one of my quirks.
You should message me if
You know me offline and want to say hi.

I seem like an interesting person.

You want to go or try climbing.

You understand and are comfortable with non-monogamy.

You want to exchange travel tips and stories

You want to grab a drink at Montreal's absinthe bar.

*Please scroll up and read my profile if you haven't done so. You could be in for a nasty surprise involving beach balls if you don't*