35Maple Falls, United States
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My self-summary
My flaws are made perfect in the character of God shining through my weaknesses. He draws out the beauty and strength that I need for my daily walk. Jesus is my best friend, and so much more.

I will never date a non Christian. Sharing the same faith is most important. I will not ever convert!

I am probably one of the most balanced people you will ever meet, accept in my love for God, there, I am all in! Jesus is the Sovereign Lord and Savior of my life. I haven't always lived my life to honor him, but since I have placed my life in His hands, he has completely changed it. He gave me a new heart. Things I once fought against, now romance my heart, like a wife submitting to her husband.

I have chosen to submit and serve my parents in this season. I am building a business with my father and I care full time for my step-mom who has dementia. I live next door to them.

My friends tell me I am awesome and amazing. They say it often, so it must be true. :) They say I exude humility and faithfulness. That I am wise and kind hearted. They tell me I have gifts for interceding, healing, hospitality, prophecy and preaching.
What I’m doing with my life
UPDATE: I am the Lead Designer & CEO of Home Sweet Home Renovations LLC. I take delapidated properties and make them into beautiful family homes.

My life is in God's hands to do with what He will. In this season, I am building a woodworking business with my family, taking care of my Step-mom full time, living next door in an RV, hanging out with great friends, and diving into the identity of who God desires for me to be.

Yes, I said RV. I gave up my apartment to be closer to my folks. (As I mentioned above.) This helps out on the financial level too. Free Rent, fully hooked up luxury RV, nicer than my old apartment. I live better than most college students. This is not a forever situation, I just believe in being good to my family. I am very grateful for all I have, and aware that all I own is just stuff, stuff that does not have much value to me. I don't place a lot of value on materialistic things. To me character, values, morals and priorities are more important... the things that you cannot assign a price to.

In the last few years God has been healing wounds and clearing out idols I have had in my life (anything that has taken precedence over loving and obeying Jesus). The Holy Spirit even blessed me in May and healed me from nerve storms that I have had since I was a teen. Praise God for that!!

I have been part of the Prayer Center family since 2012 also and it has changed me for the better in every way! They are some of the most dear people anyone could ever meet. <3
I’m really good at
Smart Alec Banter... although few have witnessed these skills.

Singing and dancing, I am a quick study.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am not sure, you tell me...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- The Bible, Learning How to Hear God's Voice, The Shack
I typically read articles online more than I read books.

Movies- Courageous: I prefer comedy, drama, action suspense movies.

Food- Gourmet & full of flavor!

Music- I listen to a variety of music: Christian, country, pop, jazz, rap, r&b, techno/dance, classic rock, ska, Disco & Funk, and I love the vintage music from the 1900's. I could be listening to Greenday one moment, Casting Crowns the next and something from the 30's the moment after that.
Six things I could never do without
I have an issue with lists like this... My spirit wants to immediately weigh anything I list with it's value in heaven.

The Bible. I am glad that God's word is living and breathing new life into each day. That it was relevant 2000+ years ago, today and in the future.

My Dad. I lost my mom when I was 11, and my dad has been my everything since. I would be devastated if I lost him.

(Everything else seems to be irrelevant or materialistic in value.)

Facebook. It is my main communication between my friends and family. I am nearly constant on it.

LOWPC. I absolutely love my spiritual family here. They have been so instrumental in God's moulding process of who I am becoming.

The internet. Without it, we would not have a business.

Great Food. I love a good meal. My folks and I will try a restaurant and then rate it. If it gets below a 6 we won't go back. We are still looking for some good Mexican food near by... so much of it is bland or over salted with few seasonings. I just want to find a seasoned beef tamale that can compete with ones my friend made for us when I was growing up. I know, tall order. :) The search continues...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
that people do not understand the identity of Father God. If they did, they would be desperate to know Him more deeply.

People misconstrue who He is and try to blame Him for things they don't understand.

If your truly interested in me... keep the conversation flowing.
On a typical Friday night I am
either at my friends house for our weekly fellowship party or at Ekklesia. I love my friends! Good clean fun with tons of laughter.

My friday nights are free for a while... ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am the ever hopeful romantic, even though my heart keeps getting burnt or shattered, God keeps repairing the damage and making it like new again. I am ready to find the man I will love forever.

I have been engaged 3 times, all wrong choices, which is why I didn't marry them. I am looking for someone I can create a healthy life with. I want a marriage brought together by GOD, not by lust.

I have a history of abuse by a family member that is not pleasant to talk about. However, God has helped me heal from it and forgive. I have herpes.

I can be a very blunt person. I believe that full truth is better than what you want to hear, but sometimes I say too much for my own good.

I am a very decisive person most times, unless I am picking out an ice cream flavor. :)

I know what I do and do not want. If I say I am not interested in you, it means just that. I will not go into why, because nothing is wrong with you, I just know you're not a match for me.

I am a lot more light hearted and happy than my profile sounds so far... but obviously I have my serious side too.
You should message me if
Only if you are serious about following Jesus Christ. I don't want a guy who calls himself a Christian but doesn't show it in his character. I want a man who is always growing in character and love of Christ.

I am attracted to extraordinary men. Men who strive to increase themselves as well as those around them. They choose to serve others and give to their community. They love to learn and share their knowledge with others.

Someone who is marriage minded and understands that a true covenant is written in blood (not literal) and not just on paper. (God's covenant with Abraham) That the only reason the covenant is broken is death. (You mad? Go in the other room and calm down. We're gonna work this out.)

He must want kids, I am young and still want to have children of my own. I want a man who wants to provide for his family and will under no circumstance desert them. One who knows how to lead and will listen to my wisdom and advisement when making decisions. One that understands that being a involved parent is crucial.

I want a man who is not afraid of my history but will love, honor and respect the strong woman I am today.

I want someone with a strong yet kind personality that will gently put me in my place if I'm being too blunt or a jerk (once in a blue moon) and will not be controlling or manipulative.

I put it all out there upfront, because I want the man that God has for me to be attracted and to filter out all the ones who are clearly not a good match. This is who I am, I hide nothing and have no desire to.

Pressing LIKE only works for those with a subscription. Honestly, why waste the money when all you need to do is say Hi. Send me a message telling me something interesting about you and your interests.
The two of us