66Eugene, United States
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My self-summary
Humor me, I just had a glass of red wine. This Redwinegeek (Me):

0. Editing this as of 2/25/2017.

1.Has a passion for red wine.

2.Gets embarrassed if caught drinking white wine ;-)

3.Wouldn’t be caught dead drinking pink wine;-)

4.Doesn’t consider dinner a meal without red wine.

5.Used to go to every wine festival within 200 miles.

6.Knows the winemakers by name.

7.The winemakers know him by name.

8.Wears burgundy shirts to hide the wine stains.

9.Wears black pants (see #8 above).

10.Has a big wine cellar with a deadbolt on the door.

11.Is a bit reclusive (until he has a glass of red wine).

12.Cooks gourmet food to appreciate with his red wine.

13.Has a fireplace to sip Port and nibble chocolate in front of with the right person.

14.Is a great dancer (after a bottle of red wine). See #11 above.

15.Usually dances by himself in the dark.

16.Creates a computer database to keep track of his wine inventory. Alas, old news. Now I just enjoy my wine in the moment

17.Names his pets after wines.

18.Always carries a corkscrew in his pocket.

19.Considers shiny black Birkenstocks to be dress shoes (with burgundy socks). Alas, Birkenstocks have morphed into Keens.

20.Has more wine glasses than he knows what to do with.

21.Does not drink and drive (that’s stupid). Texting and driving is stupid, as well.

22.Substitutes red wine for water in stews, soups and sauces.

23.Believes that the secret to a good meal is to marinate the cook first.

24.Deglazes the pan his home fries were cooked in with red wine.

25.Cooks with red wine vinegar, or better yet, Balsamic vinegar.

26.Shows up with bottles of red wine at parties.

27.Savors red wine while the sun sets over the ocean.

28.Decides where to travel based on the Country’s red wine selection.

29.Has a wine cellar in his Westfalia.

30.Has a drawer full of wine festival t-shirts.

31.Uses the keyword “wine” in most of his Internet searches.

32.Has multiple redwinegeek e-mail addresses.

33.Lost “” because he never got around to building a web page.

34.Celebrates and is proud of his “Winegeekiness”.

35.Throws great blind red wine tasting parties.

36.Has a neat and tidy underwear drawer like all geeks.

37.Still has his Pocket Pen Protector.

38.Still has his Slide Rule.

39.Has a “Camel-back hydration pack” with red wine stains in it.

40.Has burgundy colored oriental carpets in his habitat.

41.Hopes to find the Red Wine Gal of his dreams.

42.Never leaves dirty dishes (except a red wine glass) in the sink overnight.

43. Says "I Love That Sound" when he hears the pop of a wine cork being pulled.

44.Can be found under that swarm of fruit flies on the horizon.

I am independent, curious, and playful. Reply and join me. Cheers!
What I’m doing with my life
Relaxing and working at making our world a better place for our grandchildren. I must add, if you are selfish, greedy, and care not for the common folks, I am not with you.
I’m really good at
Cooking. Pontificating about red wine. Hunting wild edible mushrooms. Being patient. Caring. Listening. Relaxing. Finding cool stuff at resale shops. Note: I have too much stuff!
The first things people usually notice about me
I couldn't rob banks. I connect with people on an eye "window to the soul" level. Most adults don't notice that I had Polio in my right arm until they try to shake my hand. Children are way more observant.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books...I read for entertainment and enlightenment. Personal growth, improving relationships with myself and my future significant other, green living, cookbooks, vegetable gardening. Just got my Ham radio licence. Love to learn new things.
Movies... Haven't got time for them now. When I get too old and too infirm to be active, TV and movies will still be there.
Music... very powerful stuff. We don't acknowledge it's power to set mood. I prefer upbeat jazz, pop, blues. Not Opera or Rap.
Food... bland food isn't worth the calories. Give me something with flavor, especially if there is interesting synergy with red wine at dinner.
Six things I could never do without
Very interesting question. Other than the obvious requirements for life (food, water, being able to respond to stimuli) what would I never want to be without? Freedom, Sanity, Social Interaction, Hope.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Being aware of my responsibility to try to leave things in my world better that I found them. Creativity. How to live more simply so that my grandchildren and others will get some benefit from my efforts to live responsibility. Well, and the possibility of finding love. I want touch, intimacy, and a healthy loving relationship.
On a typical Friday night I am
Not watching TV.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When you get to know me you will find that I am pretty much an open book.
You should message me if
You are local and sense that we might like each other. Cheers, my Friend!
The two of us