50Nottingham, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
It's a huge world out there waiting for me to explore and I'm sure that somewhere there will be someone who shares a passion for all the good things life has to offer, can laugh and love in abundance, and is compassionate, honest and caring.

I'm extremely patient yet realise that life is short and there's so many great things to fit into it. I love having the freedom to follow what interests me most at any time without too many rules and regulations to stifle me and will happily commit my precious time and attention to someone genuine, intelligent and interesting who knows how to show respect and treat a woman well.

Humour is important although I can be extremely serious about the things that really matter. Otherwise trying lots of things and giving my best makes for a more contented life. Whether dancing barefoot under the stars or on the dancefloor, sloshing through muddy puddles on a rainy day or skinny dipping in a clear warm sea, a country pub on a winters day or playing snakes and ladders under the duvet, it's so much better shared with someone special who can laugh with me all the way and trust in my map reading abilities to get us anywhere we want to be.

Learning about different cultures, and the psychology and philosophy behind everyone and everything makes life more interesting. I love to travel, and am happy camping (esp at folk festivals, although I tend to forget were my tent is) or living the life of luxury, content with a picnic in a field or dinner in a nice bistro, going to concerts (anything from rock to classical) ballet and theatre. Definitely not the sporty type at all although glacier skiing and scuba diving were great, just to get to parts of the world that I wouldn't normally see without a tv! (I don't have a tv either...) and I enjoy the occasional whiz around racing circuits in fast cars and better still, horse riding in the countryside or on the beach.
I appreciate anything that totally stimulates all the senses and am constantly amazed by the wonders of nature. I love exploring and want to see lots of new places and try lots of interesting things yet.... want to join me?
What I’m doing with my life
I love my work and am happiest when I'm designing and creating. I'm self employed, sometimes extremely busy, sometimes free to do as I please. I'm also involved with local community projects, mainly in the housing sector and assist with a couple of local charities. These projects give me a balanced view of life compared to those I come into contact with from my own company. I'm very creative but also trying hard to be a good business woman too.

I'm blessed with a good variety of wonderful friends who I enjoy spending time with, many wonderful folk I've met along life's journey who have influenced me greatly in one way or another and make life just great.
I have many goals and plenty to occupy my time so I never, ever get 'bored'! There's always a good book to curl up with for any spare time.

I mastered the Argentine Tango for 'Strictly' to raise lots of money for charity. It's a dance I've always wanted to learn and would love to develop more dancing skills! Maybe Tango in Paris next..... Or the Strauss waltzes in Vienna would do nicely too. I'd like to go parachuting, I've yet to try it but skydiving looks wonderful. (So does bobsleighing) One day I intend to walk the Great Wall of China and would love to take a gap year and work at the Orang Utang centre in Borneo, or with any animals really, and see so much more of the world yet.

However if you intrigue me, entertain me and respect me, I will make plenty of time for you too!
I’m really good at
Socialising, designing, writing, drawing, planning, daydreaming, talking to anybody and everybody, forgetting something really important today but remembering that apparently insignificant thing you did for me months ago that makes me smile... :)
Thinking I'll be good at things that I'm clearly not, but I'm very good at trying! Oh, and thinking I won't be good at something then amazing myself, but that really doesn't happen quite as often...
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a big curvy blonde, (had pink hair but maybe go blue, green, or stay blonde, who knows...)
I'm tall, even without my heels and I'm usually having fun! Anything else, not sure, you tell me....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books; generally anything about design, history, arts, culture, autobiographies. Eckhart Tolles New Earth, Robin Sharma's Discover your Destiny with the Monk who sold his Ferrari, Tracey Emin's Strangeland and John Humphries Lost for Words....
Music; where do I start? R & B, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Latin American, Pop... Pink Floyd, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog (Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell rock!) Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Louis Armstrong, Herbert Sumlin, Bluesdog, Melody Gardot, Coldplay, Killers, Kings of Leon, Morcheeba, James Morrison, Massive Attack, Moby, Buddha Bar, Bob Seger, Nirvana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles, Gotan Project, Cafe del Mar, etc etc etc...
Films; Dangerous Liaisons, Amelie, Usual Suspects, Wish You Were Here, Being John Malcovich, Being There (Peter Sellers), Fargo, Dr Zchivago, Grand Budapest Hotel, some old B & W or French films...
Food; Love it, that's why I'm not skinny! Thai, Chinese, French, Indian, Greek, Italian, chocolate from any country really, and I just love desserts!
Six things I could never do without
Sense of humour, Great Friends, Pen & paper, Music, Phone, Active brain cells. Thats the first six but who's counting... Chocolate, coffee, Southern Comfort, cuddles, good books, sunshine, nature, respect, good manners, a good dance, cake, more music, more ink... and the one I didn't mention here....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Redesigning places, What I want to do next, Who are you, really? What I'll do if I ever have to grow up, Can I last another hour without more coffee, or another day without chocolate, Quantum physics and if I'll ever understand enough about our universe, How Buddhist principles always make sense, Who can I get to do my mundane tasks while I enjoy everything else, How do people get bored, are they just boring? Why put those tiny ipod thingies in your ears when you can stick your head between my large pair of Kef's and feel the earth move?
What if....? How...? Why....?
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends, either quiet country pubs, or out late drinking, dancing, in with friends and a bottle of wine, at business functions or simply recovering from a busy day/week and planning Saturday's night out or
simply just staying in and chilling... nothing typical really, I could be here, could be there, could be doing anything, anywhere...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not scared of dying but I'm terrified of not living enough.
An out of body experience, losing a close friend, and some tough experiences have all taught me not to be afraid at the end but to live life to the full while I can, be grateful for something every day and appreciate the nature around us.
I never act my real age or even admit to it so I'm eternally 29-&-a-bit...
As for anything else, excuse me, but some things just have to stay private.... ;)
You should message me if want to communicate with me sincerely.... You're genuine, kind and compassionate.
I have to warn though if you don't have a profile pic I will imagine you're a dwarf with three heads, severe acne and nine bulging eyes, oh and battle scars - from beating yourself up over the lack of replies.
You shouldn't message me if you are a dwarf with 3 heads, or even one big head, if you're arrogant, disrespectful, bad mannered or selfish or if you're a scammer who thinks I won't see past you. If you don't have a pic, I definitely won't reply. If you are serious about being on a dating site then its the least you can do! If you have absolutely nothing to say about yourself either, well that's even worse than text talk....
Please don't message me if you can't read the above!
The two of us