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My self-summary
Hi there, My name is Lynn :3 and I'm an aspiring Video Game Designer. I'm really passionate for deeply detailed artsy things, especially ones that make your emotions burst!!! I believe everything in life is Art from quantum physics to personality traits. I'd love to meet some one that I can share all my passions, discoveries, and life experiences with. That would also include doing many things together and working hard on ourselves aswell because how else could you reach for the best life has to offer! But it's not about the goal tho, but the journey itself! <3 Because every inch of it is a part of a beautiful story X3 I work because I'm an Artist~ I am also a very moralistic hopeless romantic cuddle monster XD and vary from extremely feminine tendencies to more assertive things in general. I hope you can be just as romantic and dynamic aswell X3

P.S. I'm also transgender but still in the middle of my transition and I won't be having surgery cause it's too much and I wasn't born in the right body but then don't hate this? I just need to feel like a woman and present as a woman to those who are important to me and that's it XD
so I'm hoping people can understand me

Finally, don't simply like me, pm me or I may never know who you are :o
What I’m doing with my life
Getting lost in doing to many things at once until I finally reach some sort of conclusion and stable income and stuff XD
My Passion is to make Video Games and Art in general as you know, But I'm also Studying/Doing Story Writing, Drawing, Music, Japanese, Psychology, Programming, Parkour, Martial Arts, and what ever else comes to my mind that pleases me in the moment XD!
I’m really good at
-Self Help and Helping Others, Psychology In general

-Pattern Reading/Intuition (Working with Abstract Data/Systems/Theory, Seeing Through things, and Recognizing Social Phenomena)
It's how I'll make my own Art super deep ofcourse~ Intuition goes hand and hand with expression and feelings X3

-I'm Also Really good at Guitar :3 I wish I had better recorded songs but here X3

-Parkour to a fair amount

-Never stopping for the people that I admire, If they are teaching me something, I'll never break their pace, If they need help with something extremely challenging, I'll do it no matter what, if some one is trying to hurt them, I'll never stop trying to stop them!!!

Most things I mentioned on "What I'm doing with my life" will make it to this list too eventually X3
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm Going to look at this as what are my favorite things in general
Most of the stuff I like, Revolves alot on psychology and dark fantasy~<3 Many of these things here mean something meaningful to me and I think they are all super artistically beautiful!

Books : StarGirl, Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim

Manga/JP Books: BERSERK, Gantz, Elfen Lied, Danganronpa Zero: Books 1 and 2 ~Danganronpa
Dark Beach Vibes~

Movies : FightClub, Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim, Azumi, Watchmen, Queen of The Damned

Anime : Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Gintama, Mirai Nikki, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope Peak's Academy, Stein's Gate, Durarara!!, Monster, Elfen Lied, Kaiba!, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hitman Reborn!, FLCL, Code Geass, Love Lab, Tonari no Kaibatsu-Kun, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
^^^ I actually know how to play most of this song on guitar X3 Bass Piano Notes and High Voice notes at the same time :D

Music :
Mostly Video game Music -> Any Fromsoftware OST (Demon's souls and King's field, etc), Any Spike Chunsoft Visual Novel OST (Danganronpa and Zero Escape), Many NES OST, Zelda OST, Lots of other games....

Secondly Japanese Metal/Rock -> Dir En Grey, Malice Mizer, Mejibrey, D, OZ, Aicle, Youhei Teikoku (The Lead Singers Voice Kills me), Many other bands And alot of anime songs
Listen to the hero sing... ;-;

Thirdly Nu-Metal, Dark, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Grungy, Funky, Hoppy Things -> Mudvayne, (Old) KoЯn, (Old) Incubus, Daisy Chainsaw, Coal Chamber, Juice, System of A Down, Slipknot, Shadows Fall, Elena Siegman, Cold, Ill Niño, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains

Lastly I actually like all kinds of music but those are just my 3 most favorite categories :3 I also listen to romantic japanese songs like buck tick, and screamo bands like alesana :D even some country songs XD but I don't know a loooot of the songs.

Games : The Game I'm most Passionate about is Demon's Souls <3 But here is all of my other favorites by genre X3

- Hardcore Depth Driven Action Rpg -
Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne

- Action-Adventure Rpg -
Legend of Zelda 1/5: OoT/6: MM, 3D Dot Game Heroes

- Story Heavy General Action Rpg-
Folklore, The World Ends With You (Have Not Completed Twewy yet)

- Action-Adventure Hack & Slash -
Devil May Cry 1 (not 2 3 4 5), Bayonetta, Bloodrayne

- Hardcore Depth Driven Side Scrollers -
Castlevania 1/2:BR/3/4, Hagane: The Final Conflict, Zelda 2: Link's Adventure, Strider Hiryu Genesis (Got Near the Final Boss on Strider but Took a break XD)

- Tactics/Strategy Rpg/Other Rpg -
Valkyria Chronicals, Disgaea 1/3/4, Undertale

- Survival Horror/SH Rpg/SH Rail Shooter -
Resident Evil 1/2/Code Veronica: X/Zero, Bioshock 1/2, Dead Space 1/2/Extraction, Sweet Home, Killer 7

- First Person Rpg -
King's Field 1/2/3/4 (Exploration/Atmosphere Rich)
Shadow Tower 1/2:Abyss (Variety/Survival Rich)

- Stealth - (Or shall I say >.> Tactical Espionage Action X3c)
Metal Gear 1/2/3/4, Sly Cooper 1/2/3, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Epic Spy Jaaazzzzz

- Visual Novel/Graphic Interactive Adventure/VN Action/VN Puzzle -
Danganronpa 1/2/AE, Zero Escape: 999, Life Is Strange

- Fighting/Other Combat - (I want to get better at other fighters >.<)
Mortal Kombat 9, Smash Bros Melee/4, Twisted Metal 2/Black/Black 2: Harbor City/Head-on/2012

- Online Shooters - (I tend to suck at shooters so yeah XD)
Metal Gear Online 2 (Closed D;), Bioshock 2

Obviously My favorite video game companies are Fromsoftware, Old Capcom, Old Konami, Nintendo, and Spike Chunsoft XD

Food : Fish and Spicey stuff, I try to stick to healthier food ingeneral too
The six things I could never do without
1. Closeness and Warmth
2. Video Games With Godly Artistic Design ♡♡♡
3. Grounded Insightful Beliefs and Strong Values
4. Cuddlez <3 My Energy Source... I love them so much XD
5. My ability to learn and do amazing things X3
6. Tongue Brushers, There is no better Hygiene tool, Everyone should use it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ok so break time here, What I don't like about okcupid is that you're basically building a persona here of what your life is like to attract other people to you. The problem with this is that you're not doing what you do, you're just okcupiding instead and that's it. Which waters everything all down to basic flirting, Sure Great Person Called you great Gaaaah feels so nice! I like you too other okcupid persona :D! X'D But when you're outside just doing you, things become waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more complicated than that and have waaaaaaaaay more potential to be a million times specialer DX Like when for example assume you love astology and you go to this place where there is always a telescope, and then a beautiful person is there with you, and you end up just talking about the stars together cause that's what you're doing
There is no, I like you cause you like stars
It's Stars
And then afterwaaards is when you're like :o After the conversation ends which is when you realize the sun is rising X'D You're just like o.o woah, that was one of the best conversations I had in my life!!! Not, You're the best cause you like stars :D!!! X'D and then as you know it, it's the start of something ultimate <3 AND THEN AFTER THAT YOU CAN FIND YOUR SELF FLIRTING INBETWEEN LIFE NOT TO FREAKING OKCUPID YOUR SELF A CONNECTION X'D
And you wanna know what the other problem with these attractive personas is? |: LOVE ISN'T BASE ON ATTRACTION
LOVE IS JUST LOVE (Could be instigated by attraction tho)

And that is my nitgrit with okcupid X3
I'm obviously going to edit the end of this paragraph but going to leave it like this for now for who ever is lucky enough to catch it X'D haha
You should message me if
You think we can be amazing best friends together X3
Able to build tons of deep trust and understanding for one another
And share our amazing artsy passions together to no ends!!!

Anyone who really really likes me for me should message me, even if you feel shy about it, I don't bite X3 maybe I can teach you lots of things and share some inspiration with you so you can self discover and self improve aswell :3
But If you have no standards, don't message me (Like if you even read to the bottom of my profile in the first place tho >.>)

Also The kind of girl I always daydream with in my head is like Lucy from Elfen Lied, really cool and collected, super strong, badass and fun, can see through people, but is super warm and girly on the inside too. You don't have to be like this XD
But if you are, we're first going to have to make sure you're not a sociopath first X'D