22Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a game designer X3 My dream was always to write stories where I could let my feelings and ideas out. I always wanted to be the best me I could ever be and really express my self to the world.

I love taking care of people, making really closenit friendships, and appreciating the special things our souls have to offer. I think we're all beautiful, equal, and unique in our own ways :3 I'm a huge romantic and will always pursue the most virtuous and innocent things because all I really care about is having a best friend that I could share my life with <3

I wish life could just be like asking a random stranger "Can I be your friend...?" and it's the most beautifulest thing ever to everyone X3 They say yes and then do tons of cute stuff together. That is me! I appreciate straight forwardness and atleast some one that doesn't have ill intentions, isn't to serious. Not because I think those things are wrong in a judgemental sense but because it's not the prefered world I'd like to live in.

My ideal world is a pure one where the only thing that exists is our soul in the purest state inside X3 Free from circumstances that make us adapt to mother earth.

I wish to make my own spiritual world where life is just a land full of dreams~ X3
What I’m doing with my life
Learning from my older brother because he has his life where he wants it to be from pretty much everyone that I know. He owns a dance business and is also a stock trader, so My aim is definitely going to be self employment aswell. I just wish the people I had to grow with were more game designers, artists, music creators, and writers, but all of my friends basically gave up on their dreams x.x

I'll also do programming as a back up job, am currently writing a self-help/philosophy book, and will try youtube atleast once X3

Eventually I'd love to buy my own house with a nice pool in it <3
I’m really good at
The so said Third Eye which realistically translates your Imagination, exercising your Intuition to process mountains of variables, Unconscious Epiphanies, Pattern Reading, and Theoretical stuff. My real eyes aren't as useful how ever XD

Also really good at Psychology/Self-Help, tapping into the collective unconsciousness/super conscious mind (Spirituality/Jungian Things, I'm Agnostic), helping/comforting and understanding, Some Video Games, Parkour, and Guitar as interests. Parkour and Guitar are from long ago...

More ambitiously strive to be good at Game Design, Art, Writing, and making Music in general but I'm not completely there yet.
I'm currently working on video games through game maker 2.
Add Programming, Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Animation, and Modeling long term.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite game is demon's souls because of the roleplaying experience, how you make your own goals that challenge you and choices that you learn from, all the emotions it makes you feel from beginning to end, and the deep and creative game designs themselves mixed with amazing music and lore all makes for something really special that I think could only ever really happen inside of video games.

I like many things but usually look for what's darkest and prettiest because it gives off these feelings of comfort, importance, and sacredness. Along with the acts of acceptance, heroism, and nurture involved with it X3 It's so typical but it makes for something so powerful and subtle aswell and I always wished I could be as beautiful as this thing I feel XD

I prefer things with tons of layers of depth and meaning behind them because I don't simply seek to entertain myself with anything but like to have fun on the way instead X3 If you feel the same about all of this, then you understand me XD

Here are meaningful tags I might like

Generally: Girly, Pure/Innocent, Virtue, Darkness and Prettyness, Bloody, Romance, Twinly things, Sad things, Psycho, Spirituality, Traps, Pretty boys, Pretty Girls, I love delicateness so muuuchhhh <3 Especially when they're angel like, bad ass, or just charming as fuck X3 with confidence & pride~ Dark Girls amaze me but... No more of that XD

Style: Best(Dark Chic Fashion-dark dainty super feminine elegant young woman clothing with possible designs, Alternative Casual, Pop-PunkGoth, Black Casual Dresses), Great(Goth, Pop-Punk, Rocker, Girl Next Door, Visual Kei, OC Cosplay, Chic, Soft Girly Stuff, Everything Ellen Paige Wears, Flannels/Cloth Likes, Formal Shirts, Black Coats and Boots) Good(Casual, Cool Trends, Preppy) Accessories(Socks/Hosiery because all transgirls do XD, Big Bows, and Berets) Color Essentials(Maroon, Dark Reds, Light Grey, Black, White Stripes, and Blue as it amazingly compliments my skin <3 Dark Pink because I love the high light of it) All of this, but I still don't have a wardrobe yet v.v

Story: Thriller, Mystery, Dark Fantasy, Drama, Action, Exploration, Psychological Horror, Romance, Atmospheric, Anime, Video Games, Visual Novel, some Shonen, Nes, Survival Horror, Tactical Espionage Action, Tactical/Strategy Rpg, and Everything else I said earlier (Immersively Seamless Roleplaying Narrative Worlds that aren't focused on contextual choices but rather your feelings, personal goals, and actions; Implicit Game Design; Etc)

Music: Best(Nu-Metal, J-Metal, J-Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Video game Music, Female Leads), Great(Ambient, Gothic Metal, Heavy Metal, Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Progressive/Art Rock, Grunge, Funky things), Good(metalcore, melodic/death metal, thrash metal, classic rock, rock n roll, country rock, classical music, punk, pop-punk/rock, j-pop, r&b/electro/pop, hip hop) Dancing(Tango, Swing, Waltz)

Other Interests: Trying new food (Love spicey stuff and fish), Exploring new Places, Walking around the city, Cosplay, Japan, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Everything Theoretical, Programming, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Dynamics, Culture, and doing artsy things with other people (instruments/singing to drawing/writing)

Try Guessing favorite things of mine or introduce me to stuff~
I also would love to hear what your unique feels are aswell.
Six things I could never do without
1. Important Memories with Special People
2. Art, my favorite Video Games, my Ideas
3. Grounded Insightful Beliefs
4. Cuddlez and Intimately taking care of people, vise versa <3
5. My hope and ability to do anything
6. Tongue Brushers, There is no better Hygiene tool, Everyone should use it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My ideal lover, would have a sophisticated and fun personality and is excitingly assertive XD Maybe some times even hyperactive but over all super passionate and creative always expressing her feelz and brain storming all these amazing ideas about things she sees and so on X3

I like girls with darker hair colors typically and pale skin. I know.. That's so specific XD I can like all types of girls but I've never ever thought of some one as "The One" unless they matched these qualities. Hopefully they're tall too X3

Finally is super pretty and like a nurturing maiden. Smiles while I playfully play with her body romantically and hugz me intimately in return comforting and protecting me.

I also like girls that are virtuous (but not necessarily not sexual). I'm a switch (romantically and sexually) and non-op transgender so she has to like/accept me too.

She likes almost everything that I like, talks to me about anything she feels, and finally will take care of me as much as I'll passionately take care of her X3
On a typical Friday night I am
Studying and Trying to get stuff done. I hope to become the ultimately more perfect me by 2018 X3 Also might be using meetup.com or something.
You should message me if
You want to teach me how to be the best artist ever before I manage suffering through this process my self XD I want to be saved instead of saving my self >.< nuuuh...

You think you're a pretty reliable person and are looking for some one specificallyyyyy like me for some reason? :o XD You know I'm looking for the girl of my dreams, it's ok if some one just wants to fall inlove but what if she calls you the girl of her dreams too? X3

You're really serious about intimacy and romance X3

Note I reply to almost all messages. So there is no need to be shy X3

I'm also looking for platonic friends I could be intimate with Irl aswell <3 I'd love to one day make a new guild X)
The two of us