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My self-summary
Hi! My name is Lynn :) Nice to meet you :D Some may call me wise and intelligent because I could talk about theoretical stuff and life for everrrr but I have a fun hyperactive side too X3 Regardless I love psychology and philosophy a loooot! I typically know the most esoteric studies you can find about them! <3 Finally I'm going to school to become a freelance programmer and video indie game developer/designer. I have 3 Dreams, 1 is to live in world filled with hope, unity, and goodness where humans share, self express, spread love, and function at their best and most graceful levels possible! It's being the best you from the inside I call this Purity <3 2 is to make passionate video games I pour all of my heartz into!!! I'm really obsessed with the kind of art I like >.> I see everything any human makes as Art! X3 I believe the world should run on meaningful Passion~ 3 is the typical XD haha Perfect Self, Perfect Relationship, Perfect Circumstances haha Perfect Everything! I'm so close yet so far from it!!! But since I'm not there yet It'd be lovely to have more and more encouraging friends to experience the journey with <3 Btw? Did you notice the 3 P's? XD hehehe Purity, Passion, and Perfection~<3
What I’m doing with my life
Working hard on my transition! I'm still not done yet :0
I’m really good at
Helping People :) Because of all of the Psychology I know!
My Abilities go from Complexes > Empathy/Distracting/Calming > Bettering Behavior (Perhaps even whole states of mind if I learned to do group meditation too :0) > Beliefs/References/Hope, Situational Perspective, and Giving people the Dynamics they need! > Philosophical Advice and Wisdom! > Communication Skills, Presentation, and Charisma > Different ways to Gain Productivity > Motivation (From Lack of) > Self-Esteem

I'm Also Really good at Guitar :3
Fairly good at Parkour
and not so great at martial arts
But I don't really do those 3 things as much any more but I would love to if you'd love to :D I need a fitness schedule anyways XD But beware~ I'm bossy~ hehe

I personally want to become extremely good at every job video game developement and design holds... But I'm just not quite there yet... XD
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm Going to look at this as what are my favorite things in general
Most of the stuff I like, Revolves alot on psychology and dark fantasy~<3 Many of these things here mean something meaningful to me and I think they are all super artistically beautiful!

Books : StarGirl, Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim

Manga : BERSERK, Gantz, Elfen Lied

Movies : FightClub, Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim, Azumi, Watchmen

Anime : Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Gintama, Mirai Nikki, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Steins Gate, Durarara!!, Monster, Elfen Lied, Kaiba!, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hitman Reborn!, FLCL, Code Geass, Love Lab, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, watamote

Music :
Mostly Video game Music -> Any Fromsoftware OST (Demon's souls and King's field, etc), Any Spike Chunsoft Visual Novel OST (Danganronpa and Zero Escape), Many NES OST, Zelda OST, Lots of other games....

Secondly Japanese Metal/Rock -> Dir En Grey, Malice Mizer, Mejibrey, Aicle, Youhei Teikoku (The Lead Singers Voice Kills me), Many other bands And alot of anime songs

Thirdly Nu-Metal, Dark, Alternative, Grungy, Funky, Hoppy Things -> Mudvayne, (Old) KoЯn, (Old) Incubus, Daisy Chainsaw, Coal Chamber, Juice, and All Treyarch songs

Lastly I actually like all kinds of music but those are just my 3 most favorite categories :3 I also listen to romantic japanese songs like buck tick, and screamo bands like alesana :D even some country songs XD but I don't know a loooot of the songs. Oh also Mudvayne IS my Favorite Band <3

Games : Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Zelda 2: Link's Adventure, Danganronpa 1/2/AE, Zero Escape 1:999, Bloodborne, Resident Evil 0/1/2/Code : Veronica X, Killer7, Sweet Home, Persona 4, Metal Gear Online 2 (Closed... D';), Metal Gear Solid 1-4, King's Field 1-4, Shadow Tower 1-2:Abyss, Disgaea 1/3/4/D2, Super Smash Brothers, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Castlevania 3/1/4/2BR/RoB, Hagane, Strider Hiryu (Genesis), Devil May Cry 1, Twisted Metal 2/Black/Harbour City/Head-on, Mortal Kombat 9, Bioshock, Dead Space 2, Tenchu Wraith Of Heaven, Onimusha 1-4, sly 1-3, Blood Rayne 1-2, Viewtiful Joe 1-2, Valkyria Chronicles (Anndd Never completed these but i like them any ways: Legend of Dragoon and Brave Fencer Musashi XD)

Number 1: FROMSOFTWARE (From Ps1 to Ps4!)
Number 2: Old Capcom (Mostly ps1 and ps2 games, Older consoles too)
Number 3: Konami (From Nes to Ps3, They are going mobile now tho so "Old Konami" more like :/)
Number 4: Nintendo ( Again Including Nes Days <3)
Number 5: Spike Chunsoft

Food : Fish and Spicey stuff, I try to stick to healthier food ingeneral too
The six things I could never do without
1. All My Solved Psychological Complexes X'D Literally! I'd be Suicidal XD
2. Heroism, Hyperactivity, Hope, Passion, and Darkness~<3 Etc, Personality!
3. Video Games With Godly Artistic Design ♡♡♡
4. I run on cuddlez, I love them so much XD
5. Literally All of my studies ingeneral, Knowledge is Power :)
6. Tongue Brushers, There is no better Hygiene tool, Everyone should use it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The true meaning behind the Ying Yang X3
Everything and Nothing
On a typical Friday night I am
Being an Introvert XD
You should message me if
If you make Art, 3D Models, Music, Digital Music, and/or Write Stories Maybe we can totality create video games together X3 Otherwise, Look at my profile there is quite a large list of things to do with Lynn XD

Also, I mean to seek for true love but I'm just not ready for it yet, who knows it could happen tho :D

I'm just here for gathering more supportive encouraging loving expressive creative friends for now <3 And hear all of the things they're passionate about~ X3