22Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Welcome To Yami's Castle~
It is known for its virtuous and artsy expectations
And I'm a non-op transgender woman who is not sure if she would have surgery but is comfortable as she is.
My dream with my social relationships is to populate this place with the bestest friends to spend my whole life with.
When I love some one all I really care about is being next to them and indulging in their presence. But also would love to experience all of our dreams together too!!!
If I love you I'll always take care of you and fill your whole heart with hope and dreams until eternities end~
What I’m doing with my life
My passion is to make video games. I love designing things and using my imagination in general X3 I just want to be in an emotional trance with some one important to me, indulging together in all the amazing things the world has to offer <3
I’m really good at
Using My Imagination, Pattern Reading and dealing with Theoretical stuff X3

Really good at Psychology, Parkour, and Guitar as interests
Parkour and Guitar are from long ago...

More ambitiously strive to be good at Art, Writing, and making Music in general but I'm not there yet

I also would like to sing, cosplay, and do tons of martial arts X3
and plan to become a professional programmer at some point.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
If you play demon's souls and love all the emotions, roleplaying, and designs in there; listen to dark music and it makes you feel tons comfort; and like things with tons of layers of depth in general. Then you understand XD

I love all aspects of art. amazing personalities, character development, really rich drawings, music that meditate your emotions, and more! The most important part for me is the experiencing aspect to everything X3 I love things that are designed so well they take you on the most ambitious journeys ever through a world that eventually makes your emotions explode!

Here are meaningful tags I might like
Girly, Pure/Innocent, Thriller, Mystery, Dark Fantasy, Action, Exploration, Psychological Horror, Survival Horror, Visual Novel, Anime, Video Games, Dark and Pretty, Alternative anything (Music, Clothes, etc), Nu-Metal, J-Metal, Grungey, Funky, Violins, Organs, Hardcore, Darkness, Twinly things, Sad things, some Shonen, Spiritual things, Romance, Nes, Atmospheric, Psycho, Female Singers of Dark Music, Traps, Pretty boys, Pretty Girls, I love delicate things so muuuchhhh XD etc Especially when they're angel like, bad ass, or just charming as fuck X3 with confidence & pride~ Dark Girls amaze me but... No more of that XD
Six things I could never do without
1. People that care about me
2. Art and my favorite Video Games
3. Grounded Insightful Beliefs
4. Cuddlez (It's like sex except with out the cheating part XD)
5. My hope and ability to do anything
6. Tongue Brushers, There is no better Hygiene tool, Everyone should use it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Here are some cheat codes XP
HYPER Extented Okcupid Profile

Real Self Summary, HUGE SPOILERS XD Over The Top TMI
But I'm proud of it X3

Old List of Favorite Things

Last Cheat Code would be my actual creative ideas
That's coming up XD

You can learn these things from me instead~
I prefer you bring up topics with what I actually wrote out now, or make your own topics instead X3 Be Engaging or Make it Special~
On a typical Friday night I am
Searching for close friends or studying/working on stuff at home.

Here is my List how I am able to feel towards people X3
1 Queen x Queen/God/Twin - Monogamous Relationship
2 Royalty - Deep Platonic Love Relationships (Benefits depend)
3 Lord - Relationships w/ deep rapport, Great Loving Friends
4 Knight - Important Friends I feel deep comfort with
5 Soldier - People I find cool/like (Fallen Important Friends)
6 Villager - Person I know/Random Person/Aquintance
7 Outsider - Get out of my life/People I don't know XD

I like playing with dynamics and doing things for eachother X3 And holding the people special to me as close as I can!
I'm demisexual so the chances of sex vary the lower you go
You should message me if
You think that I'm special, want to be the first one to see all my artistic endeavors, will comfort me and make me feel safe, and believe that we can indulge in so many beautiful emotions together connecting deeply with eachother <3

The more we relate and the bigger dreams you have the better X3 So Explore my Soul~
The two of us