21 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Hello~ My name is Lynn X) I'm not really done transitioning yet but I will be soon! I believe the world is a very predetermined place (Destiny Speaking) that said I try my best to bring leadership and guidance into this world to come about a more beautiful land of unity and cooperation amongst humans. We should be living our dreams! I find that the social world is very driven by college career value, faith, and entertainment; Which is fine but I would love to see it move on to being more widely focused on psychology, philosophy, and art <3
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment I'm trying to finally finish transitioning, learning video game development for my main career, get my self back into college for a side career, and socializing around new york a lot in general to eventually make friends that will be forever memorable. I also study a lot of psychology to improve myself in every way I can. My favorite psychology is Jungian/Analytical Psychology. <3
I’m really good at
I'm probably really good at helping people and I used to be good at Guitar but I haven't played it in over 5 years... I'll probably start playing again soon tho :3 Other things I've done but didn't become expert at are parkour (I would say I was moderately good at that), Skateboarding (Horrible), and Lohan Kung Fu (I wasn't able to stick to it but I might start practicing kung fu again in my home reading books instead!). I would also like to get better at cooking (which I'm practicing) and literally everything that has to do with video game development and psychology in general.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm Going to look at this as what are my favorite things in general
Most of the stuff I like, Revolves alot on psychology as expected XD and also dark fantasy~<3 Many of these things mean something meaningful to me and I think they are all super artistically beautiful!

Books : StarGirl, Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim

Manga : BERSERK, Gantz, Elfen Lied

Movies : FightClub, Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim, Azumi, Watchmen

Anime : Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Gintama, Mirai Nikki, Full Metal Alchemist Brother Hood, Steins Gate, Durarara!!, Monster, Elfen Lied, Kaiba!, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hitman Reborn!, FLCL, Code Geass, Love Lab, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, watamote

Music :
Mostly Video game Music -> Any Fromsoftware OST, Many NES OST, All Danganronpa OST, Zelda OST, Lots of other games....

Secondly Japanese Metal/Rock -> Dir En Grey, Malice Mizer, Mejibrey, Aicle, Youhei Teikoku (The Lead Singers Voice Kills me), And alot of anime songs

Thirdly Nu-Metal, Dark, Grungy, Funky, Hoppy Things -> Mudvayne, (Old) KoЯn, (Old) Incubus, Daisy Chainsaw, Coal Chamber, Juice, and All Treyarch songs

Lastly I actually like all kinds of music but those are just my 3 most favorite types, I also listen to romantic japanese songs like buck tick, and screamo bands like alesana :D even some country songs XD but I don't know a loooot of the songs. Oh also Mudvayne IS my Favorite Band <3

Games : Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Zelda 2: Link's Adventure, Danganronpa 1/2/AE, Bloodborne, Resident Evil 0/1/2/Code : Veronica X, Killer7, Persona 4, Metal Gear Online 2 (Closed... D';), Metal Gear Solid 1-4, King's Field 1-4, Disgaea 1/3/4/D2, Super Smash Brothers, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Castlevania 3/1/4/2BR/RoB, Hagane, Strider Hiryu (Genesis), Devil May Cry 1, Twisted Metal 2/Black/Harbour/Head-on, Mortal Kombat 9, Bioshock, Dead Space 2, Tenchu Wraith Of Heaven, Onimusha 1-4, sly 1-3, Blood Rayne 1-2, Viewtiful Joe 1-2, Valkyria Chronicles (Anndd Never completed these but i like them any ways: Legend of Dragoon and Brave Fencer Musashi XD)

Number 1: FROMSOFTWARE (From Ps1 to Ps4!)
Number 2: Old Capcom (Mostly ps1 and ps2 games, Older consoles too)
Number 3: Konami (From Nes to Now! They are going mobile now tho so "Old Konami" more like :/)
Number 4: Nintendo ( Again Including Nes Days <3)
Number 5: Spike Chunsoft (Haven't played to many of their games but i love them so much already)

Food : Fish and Spicey stuff, I try to stick to healthier food ingeneral too, I'm open to many things!
The six things I could never do without
1: The study of the human mind/brain (Or I might have committed suicide XD!) Psyche-ology~ <3 Include Philosophy there too :D
2: Art, Prettiness, Darkness! and especially Video games! Obviously XD
First 2 are so redundant this is over stated at this point XD
3: Perfection and the ability to be perfect, My Idea of perfect, Life would be pointless without it and I'm in pursuit!
4: The ability to have deep bonds with people <3 but Ironically I have truama with people so I actually feel extremely uncomfortable being close to them... If you're interested in me X3 You'd really have to prove your self... Sorry :( Trusting and Feeling comfortable within ones circumstances is a bitch XD
5: Typical Human needs lol Food, Shelter, Showers, Water, Tongue Brushers! <- Not many people know you're supposed to use this :0 they all do other things tho, hopefully lol
6: Some Mental Space I guess, I need a certain grounding to work on all of my days from... It's really hard to explain this but some times I need enough logical space (lack of emotional and imaginatory explosions) to think from, Other times I need to stick to one emotion for creativity or for enjoying art, It's not a big deal ofcourse if I were to be distracted or overly stimulated by someone else but I am saying I'm this serious about how when I prefer not to be X'D Everyone needs Private time tho I think?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All of my life events in general, My experiences, Seeing them from multiple angles and new definitions, Constantly studying and learning more
On a typical Friday night I am
Either downtown getting to know people or in my room learning game developement or playing a game itself... XD
I'm both extroverted and introverted <3
I don't smoke or drink tho nor am I saying I'm a party animal
I would be open to partying as well as many other activities but I just love conversation ingeneral which would be one of my main reasons for participating but I also prefer small groups of amazing friends much more~
You should message me if
You totality understand where I'm coming from with my passions and beliefs or you would like me to become your master to teach you my knowledge~ X)

Sigh I feel like Okcupid just gives everything away...
Should probably delete this profile lol