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My self-summary
Hello, My name is Lynn. I am a game designer who plans to finally make their first game within the next 3 years! X3 I once wanted a heroic job where I'd throw my life away to save other people and used to think life was completely pointless otherwise. But as people let me down and I found that creating art was a thing... (as a kid ofcourse). Expressing my self became what I wanted to do ever since! So I'm going to start my own indie company! And would love to find a relationship partner who's as passionate about it as I am :3 The games I'd make aren't really anything like the games that exist today, Even if you haven't really gotten into video games, If you are passionate about Art and the amazing emotional experience it could provide through it's amazingly crafted composition and depth and also believe I could inspire you into the kind of video games I like. That's good enough for me X3

But then what does that say about the person I'd love? :o
XD haha It says, That I'd have to love and admire them so much I'd be willing to throw my life away for them D:!!!! I'm a hopeless romantic <3 If you pour your heart out to me because of who I am :3 I'm extremely more likely to open up to you a lot more easily X3

ALTHOUGH, I am basically lesbian and non-op transgender :o so...
There is that aswell, I'm not really looking for sex right now either, but I'd loooove some one to cuddle with regardless
Over all my ideal relationship partner should be both submissive and dominant, sophisticated and wise, possibly bad ass and can have fun with me like a kid, is also really pretty as in beautiful in a delicate way too and possibly tall, super warm and comforting and deeply cares about me, some one whom I can look up to and take care of to no ends, who looks up to me aswell <3 Yeah I definitively have high standards, but not exactly the highest expectations, I'm just aware of what makes me happiest is all

Yeah when I Love someone, I'm that kind of feminine, that just gets drugged up unable to think unless those thoughts contain, *Sensation: Shoulder..., Cheek Squished, Arm pressed against chest Embracing it X3*, *Desire: Must Take Care of Pretty, Internally Beautiful, Best Friend Forever......*, *Responses: mhm, mhm!!! ;~; <3 <3 <3* XD
I'm saying this because I believe that this is part of what being female is... with out placing stereotypes but I don't see most of this behavior as submissive or dominant, only the responses part kinda is imo, regardless I'm naturally like this and expect a good dose of feminine from you aswell, I'm a girl friend and I expect a girl friend after all

One more thing to note is that because of my past I'm astonishingly great at psychology and even had to make my own therapies and theories which I might document soon too... thankfully tho that means the love of my life would extremely likely have near zero emotional struggles as a result X3 I'm a maiden who can heal souls <3
So :3 That's a good Self Summary about me!~ If you want more you have to buy the book XD haha
What I’m doing with my life
I hope you didn't get lost in my identity, I am a game designer... I love art... This is what I do... ok? XD
I'm getting better :3 but I still need to work up all my skills!!!

Here is a List of things I work(ed) on
Writing - Noob I just know some important things
Drawing - My Art is starting to become realllyyy good X3
Music Theory - Noob
Guitar - Great At but Slowed down, I wish I had better recorded songs... but here X3
Singing - Noob
Japanese - Beginner but doing well with kanji :3 250ish so far~
Psychology - Pretty Great At
Programming - I can code but not well enough to freelance yet
Parkour - I was good at but slowed down
Martial Arts - Noob but I did it for half a year
Transition - Near Done but Not Done
Style - It's no where neeearr done XD It's just set up well enough to express what I'm about, but not even everything, I love Gothy Like Stuff the most DX so yeah X3

Anyways This is all a big part of what I alwaaaaaaaaays do with my life
I'm always working on some aspect of my self and am always talking about it XD So Join me! <3

P.S. Transition as been the hardest hurdle in my life...
I’m really good at
Pattern Reading/Intuition is the root of how I do everything else X3 and is what I'm truly best at naturally
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm Going to look at this as what are my favorite things in general
Most of the stuff I like, Revolves alot on psychology and dark fantasy~<3 Many of these things here mean something meaningful to me and I think they are all super artistically beautiful!

Books : StarGirl, Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim

Manga/JP Books: BERSERK, Gantz, Elfen Lied, Danganronpa Zero: Books 1 and 2 ~Danganronpa
Dark Beach Vibes~

Movies : FightClub, Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim, Azumi, Watchmen, Queen of The Damned

Anime : Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Gintama, Mirai Nikki, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope Peak's Academy, Stein's Gate, Durarara!!, Monster, Elfen Lied, Kaiba!, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hitman Reborn!, FLCL, Code Geass, Love Lab, Tonari no Kaibatsu-Kun, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
^^^ I actually know how to play most of this song on guitar X3 Bass Piano Notes and High Voice notes at the same time :D

Music :
Mostly Video game Music -> Any Fromsoftware OST (Demon's souls and King's field, etc), Any Spike Chunsoft Visual Novel OST (Danganronpa and Zero Escape), Many NES OST, Zelda OST, Lots of other games....

Secondly Japanese Metal/Rock -> Dir En Grey, Malice Mizer, Mejibrey, D, OZ, Aicle, Youhei Teikoku (The Lead Singers Voice Kills me), Many other bands And alot of anime songs
Listen to the hero sing... ;-;

Thirdly Nu-Metal, Dark, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Grungy, Funky, Hoppy Things -> Mudvayne, (Old) KoЯn, (Old) Incubus, Daisy Chainsaw, Coal Chamber, Juice, System of A Down, Slipknot, Elena Siegman, Cold, (Old) Ill Niño, (Old) Linkin Park, Queen's of The Stone Age, Faith No More, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains

Lastly I actually like all kinds of music but those are just my 3 most favorite categories :3 I also listen to romantic japanese songs like buck tick, and screamo bands like alesana :D even some country songs XD but I don't know a loooot of the songs.

Games : The Game I'm most Passionate about is Demon's Souls <3 But here is all of my other favorites by genre X3

- Hardcore Depth Driven Action Rpg -
Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne

- Action-Adventure Rpg -
Legend of Zelda 1/5: OoT/6: MM, 3D Dot Game Heroes

- Story Heavy General Action Rpg-
Folklore, The World Ends With You (Have Not Completed Twewy yet)

- Action-Adventure Hack & Slash -
Devil May Cry 1 (not 2 3 4 5), Bayonetta

- Hardcore Depth Driven Side Scrollers -
Castlevania 1/2:BR/3/4, Hagane: The Final Conflict, Zelda 2: Link's Adventure, Strider Hiryu Genesis (Got Near the Final Boss on Strider but Took a break XD)

- Tactics/Strategy Rpg -
Valkyria Chronicals, Disgaea 1/3/4

- Survival Horror/SH Rpg/SH Rail Shooter -
Resident Evil 1/2/Code Veronica: X/Zero, Bioshock 1/2, Dead Space 1/2/Extraction, Sweet Home, Killer 7

- First Person Rpg -
King's Field 1/2/3/4 (Exploration/Atmosphere Rich)
Shadow Tower 1/2:Abyss (Variety/Survival Rich)

- Stealth - (Or shall I say >.> Tactical Espionage Action X3c)
Metal Gear 1/2/3/4, Sly Cooper 1/2/3, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Epic Spy Jaaazzzzz

- Innovative Rpg -

- Visual Novel/Graphic Interactive Adventure/VN Action/VN Puzzle -
Danganronpa 1/2/AE, Zero Escape: 999, Life Is Strange

- Fighting/Other Combat - (I want to get better at other fighters >.<)
Mortal Kombat 9, Smash Bros Melee/4, Twisted Metal 2/Black/Black 2: Harbor City/Head-on/2012

- Online Shooters - (I tend to suck at shooters so yeah XD)
Metal Gear Online 2 (Closed D;), Bioshock 2

Obviously My favorite video game companies are Fromsoftware, Old Capcom, Old Konami, Nintendo, and Spike Chunsoft XD

Food : Fish and Spicey stuff, I try to stick to healthier food ingeneral too
Six things I could never do without
1. Caring, Closeness, and Warmth
2. Video Games With Godly Artistic Design ♡♡♡
3. Grounded Insightful Beliefs and Strong Values
4. Cuddlez <3 My Energy Source... I love them so much XD
5. My ability to learn and do amazing things X3
6. Tongue Brushers, There is no better Hygiene tool, Everyone should use it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wasn't it already established? :D Art and Game Design!
On a typical Friday night I am
In reference to going out, Meet ups and Communities
Nothing much going on right now tho
I don't really have circles I cherish atm
Everything is just like flying around
I disappear constantly aswell X'D
You should message me if
You think we can be amazing best friends together X3
Able to build tons of deep trust and understanding for one another
And share our amazing artsy passions together to no ends!!!

If you like me for me, that is a good enough reason to message me, Regardless of who you are!
Aslong as you're not a man (Unless you're a extremely pretty one like Kanon Kun!!! XD) or person that brings others down, You're lovely to me <3 You read to the bottom of my profile! You deserve a reply regardless!!! XD I don't always get to reply tho :c but I extremely likely will!!!

I'd also love to make friends who have thier own dreams and passions aswell so there is also that, I love indulging in everyone's craft X3 the more ambitious the better!
So Talk to me about your self and we'll go from there :3
The two of us