33 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
If I had to sum myself in one sentence I guess I would say I'm an eccentric creative with curves and a pretty dark sense of humor. INTJ.

I need someone to accept my undying love for Law & Order(s) and crime documentarirs.. I used to like reality tv because I appreciated the Andy Warhol-esque depths behind people and their desire to have their fifteen minutes of fame via being a reality tv star, but I'm pretty much out of the loop when it comes to that now.

My love for law & order cuts deep. I have a tribute tattoo and the sound plays when I get a text message on my phone. Lately, I've been having an affair with Investigation Discovery - a channel that is 24/7 crime documentaries / dateline / 20/20. For some reason, this freaks a lot of people out. I swear, I only watch it because justice is always served in an hour, and when I was a kid I saw Silence of the Lambs and wanted to be an FBI Profiler / criminal psychologist or a writer on SNL.

I'm not sure if I'm dating nicer guys or dumber guys who read my profile and invite me over to watch the TV of my choosing before meeting me in a public place first. Stranger danger is real, people.

Oh yeah. Just to give you a heads up. I'm like marla singer, the chick from fight club. Literally. Except I don't chain smoke.

And I'm not a fan of hiking, or going to your friend's shitty improv show. There, I said it.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a UCLA Alum, writer, currently working for three magazines in the advertising /marketing department, and writing a book. I used to do some work for an online magazine and for fun I used to do a little reality TV development on the side. I think I'd like to try stand up comedy once, but not looking to make a career out of it.
I’m really good at
making awesome powerpoint presentations and bacon fried rice. Also, I got my tonsils removed two years ago and it's both horrifying and awesome that one of the side effects is that I now snort when I laugh.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm short, and I'm Asian. I also have blue hair with it half-shaved head, tattoos, a nose piercing, a septum piercing and a Monroe piercing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fight Club by Chuck P / Modern nonfiction, memoirs/sef help books.

Movies: battle royale (hunger games is just a vanilla watered down sappy ripoff.), Shall We Dance? (the Japanese version) / Documentaries, being john malkovich, lawrence of Arabia, zootopia.

Music: rock&folky-indie crap / songs with great lyrics. Old Ben gibberish stuff makes him one of my favorite songwriters but I love listening to the radio in my car to hear new stuff.

Food: I work for a food magazine so I've been around town and have eaten some amazing things. I'm less of a foodie and more like a garbage disposal. Except I have this weird aversion where I refuse to eat cooked orange colored things!

TV: To Catch a Predator (hilarious!), investigation discovery, and law & order!! (I'm allergic to Sex and the City, the Bachelor and Girls.) Derek, Luther and An Idiot Abroad are also some favorites.
The six things I could never do without
love & laughter, music, the internet, friends, Saturday nights, and my dogs waffles and sir chow
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything; nerdy boys, why I like guys with beards and glasses so much, social and psychological problems, self-improvement, and how women and men can be 1000% sure they are / aren't the father on the maury show and hoping for results that will end in one of the parties dancing. I'm also starting to wonder why the last question that comes up as I'm scrolling through profiles is if the person was born the same gender as they are today. It just seems like an important question and my guy friends have shared some experiences with that. I'm just curious how that okcupid algorithm was worked out that way. (yes, I was born a girl. nothing against transgendered people at all... Just curious about the coding plan behind that.)
On a typical Friday night I am
in West Hollywood...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I went to Spain, my tour group went to go see the Rock of Gibraltar Apes. While I was feeding them some Chile Picante Corn-Nuts (when I probably shouldn't have been, even though they seemed to love the stuff) one of them grabs my arm and bites me. I freaked out, because I thought I was going to get ape/monkey AIDS. Luckily, I didn't and just looked like a dumbass.

My celebrity crush is Chris hardwick.
You should message me if
You like to laugh and you'd think we'd have fun meeting.

This might seem like a crazy idea, but I'm on a dating site because I'm looking to date someone. Please don't message me if you're married or just want to hook up. Sometimes I have insomnia but it's easier when I don't sleep alone. Hopefully you're into cuddling. I also don't have "A-list," so I can't see who's rated me highly, so if you want to, feel free to send me a message. :)

And listen, I love having sex as a byproduct of being intimate with someone but at least have the decency and game to care about who I am as a human being. I've come to an age where sending me pictures of your dick and abs and the only conversations about me sucking your cock really get old fast. I'm more of a sapiophile.

*please, no pot smokers. There's nothing wrong with it but I rather not be with someone that does for personal reasons.