40Maidenhead, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'll be visiting Moscow soon, would be good to meet someone who can show me around.


Now-a-days; I'm mainly here to irritate people (I get laid all the time, what do I 'need' you for?)...... or more accurately, to irritate idiots..... because I hate idiots.

I do not give a shit about your feelings (because I don't know you).

... Are you getting the hint yet?.... You morally and mentally week dipshits seriously need to not read any more.

Stop reading, go back to your echo chamber and die in obscurity, because that's all you're ever going to do anyway, why waste your time annoying me as you slowly die; ridiculed, and unloved.

Go away!

You have been warned.

You have been warned several times, thus I have exactly zero sympathy for any morally inexcusable butthurt that may follow.

And, just to head you off before you waste my time with your moronic messages: yes, I do think I'm better than (most of ) you... I'm actively seeking the slim minority who aren't worthless pieces of crap (you know, the one's who agree with my drunken ranting).... I have standards


If you're such a pointless, directionless, empty vessel who is so immune to nuance and so incapable of thinking outside of your echo chamber that you feel it necessary to identify yourself with your childish, bullshit ideology in the first paragraph of your bullshit profile (e.g. "I'm a feminist/communist/anti-fascist* etc)

..... yeah? just jog the fuck on, I already think you're worse than worthless (literally, your ridiculous, propaganda based bullshit ideology is destructive to you, destructive to anyone around you and completely and utterly, arse rapingly horrible to society in general... you're just too indoctrinated (a.k.a. 'retarded') to see the damage you're doing)

it's probably best you piss off before you hate me too.

(Yeah, I know... already too late, but why not keep reading?, you might actually learn something... something about how truly awful you are)


I had to do jury duty the other day, as such I was forced to interact with 'regular' people.

11 complete dickwits and me stuck in a room for 3 days repeatedly going over evidence those dipshits simply would not let into their conscious, let alone actually consider.

But nope, it's a rape case so (even tho he quite clearly didn't force her to do anything) they all just wanted to hang the poor bastard based on nothing more than the fact that he was accused.....

....... accused by a childish simpleton. A sociopathic cunt of a girl who is more willing to send a man to prison for 5 years and ruin his life... his whole fucken life (literally all of it... the next 40..60 years of it, he will never shake this crime that he did not commit), the dude (in his early 20s) has an engineering degree, but he will never work again... because of this obvious bullshit.

Yup.... that's right, this poor bastard fucked an arsehole girl and now his life is over... because she is more willing to ruin a life than admit that she cheated on her boyfriend.

Yup... that's all it was... that fucken simple!.


Fucken regular fucken people... what a bunch of arseholes!

And holy crap do I hope I never get accused of any shit like that, there doesn't seem to be any way to win unless you've got completely irrefutable evidence at your defence.
I've been on two juries and both times it's been me vs. a string of irredeemable morons, both times we've put innocent men in prison because the majority of the jury use their feelings to make decisions not the fucken facts!

So, yeah... I aggressively dislike most people, so don't waste your time or mine unless you're either unusually intelligent or are also somewhat a misanthrope.

And likewise don't waste your time or mine if you're a fisher-price feminist. You know, one of those idiot teenagers (intellectually if not chronologically) who understand so little about the human condition that they actually think feminism is about equality (whilst simultaneously being hugely sexist, racist and generally discriminatory, bigoted arseholes (but you know, it's only being aimed at able-bodied, heterosexual white men.... and that's fine, right? coz, we're just the worst, right?, every single one of us is sexist and racist, right?.... you know... despite us being the group of people who; historically speaking, were literally the first group of people to end slavery in our nations, give women an equal vote... and equal (or better) standing in law... and a privileged social position, made it illegal to discriminate against people based on their race.... or sex... or gender... or disability.
Yeah, all the truly liberal, egalitarian principals.... ALL of that came from us heterosexual white male devils that you fuckwits love to malign.... god damn are feminists and social justice wankers re-fucken-tarded))

Ya know what's really 'bad'.... I'm a better 'feminist' than 'you' are... and I fucken hate feminists.

News flash: 'feminism' is not about equality, it's about accountability and independence (and never, NEVER trying to hide behind 'just being a girl' [because that shit is pathetic])
You've got to take the rough with the smooth, you don't get to pick and choose which bits of 'equality' you want but ignore the rest, if you're 'equal' then you're fucken equal.

Brendon Burns says it best when he says "Real feminists are the best, they pick up the cheque and say 'sorry' when they're wrong".

And if you're wondering why it's not about equality?.... simple!... you already have equality, the only people who don't think you do are a tiny fraction of (typically very old) dickheads (who are too old to change and thus not worth the time (coz they'll die soon anyway)) and the aforementioned fisher-price feminists, who are so desperate to be able to play victim they are willing (but thankfully not able) to drag the whole gender back to the 1800s.

[This of course is only in reference to the western world, most of the world is indeed sexist as all arseholes..... but again, fisher-price feminists never do anything to help women in other countries, nope, they're far too busy being all butthurt over micro-aggressions or the [non-existent] wage gap.]

* Antifa?: Jesus facepalming christ, these people are literally the worst of the worst, they are so stupid they honestly think anyone who disagrees with them is a 'fascist' or a 'Nazi', even though there are, what? like two dozen fascists/neo-nazis in total left on the fucken planet?
(yes, that is intentional hyperbole, point is, I'm confident enough in my evidence based understanding of humanity; to be pretty damn sure you've never actually met a 'fascist' (I know I haven't)... and most of you?... yeah, most of you don't even know what that word actually means... you're just a reactionary fuckwit, and you moronically believe that your feelings are more important than actual, verifiable facts)
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to get my graphics company up and running properly.

"Hey buddy, you want buy picture?, I have picture in back of car. It perfect for you."
I’m really good at
Noticing that Will Ferrell is not funny.

I mean, I'll give him a few points for the Oblongs (the fact that you don't know what that is, is a clear indicator of how much you suck).... but nope, nothing [else] he has ever done is in any way funny.

I totally respect the dude, he's clearly smart enough to have worked out how to manipulate idiots, doing painfully low brow horse shit so the plebeian masses will give him lots and lots of money, good move.... but not funny.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Whatever you watch/listen too?..... yeah, probably not that.
Six things I could never do without
- Duct tape (yes, it is 'duct', not 'duck'... only idiots call it 'duck tape', even in reference to the products of the company 'duck', who make tape).
- Epoxy resin.
- Soldering Iron (and solder).
- A decent bed.
- Someone to share that bed.
- and, Idiots..... I do so enjoy having a good bitch at some grade A idiocy (See the Q+A section)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether or not it's worth the effort to stop bitching about how much all your bullshit irritates me.

I mean, I know it's just going to scare off the emotionally weak majority, anyone who cant deal with having their pre-conceptions challenged, anyone who wants to get away with talking shit and never be called on it...

Idiots and blinkered Ideologues.

But, I don't want those dicks in my life anyway.... so I'm thinking this is better?

Sure, I'd get laid more if I pretended to be 'nicer'.... but.... is sex really all that important?. After all, it's the bright, intellectually robust girls/women who fuck best, and they're not going to be chased away by something as weak as me having a little rant on the internet to entertain myself.

Still... It's tempting sometimes.
On a typical Friday night I am
Being incredibly boring, sitting at home working on some 3D graphics crap.... Friday is not an 'out' night in my current regular schedule.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Boobs do absolutely nothing for me. Yeah, I play with them [because I know you like it] but they are largely just fleshy bags of glands and fat... I simply don't get the fascination.
Sure they're not as comfy to cuddle up to but give me a nice little tit any day. Not that they float my boat either, but they are more aesthetically pleasing... IMO.... and wont give you back problems.
You should message me if
From past observations: You want to call me an idiot/arsehole/similar or try (typically moronically) to prove me wrong.

Please feel free to do that if you like, my opinions are far from set in stone and it wouldn't be the first time I've been convinced I was wrong (being proven wrong is after-all how we (as adults) learn (at least, those of us who are still capable of learning)).... just don't be upset when I use properly backed research studies to utterly dismantle your ridiculous, feelings based, bullshit opinion.

Oh, and I guess.... you know... if you're interested.
For that, you pretty much must be either non-monogamous/poly (I'm already seeing someone), just interested in casual sex... or just looking for someone to chat too for the hell of it.... or some combination thereof.

(Yup, that's right... someone already loves me (and is also happy for me to fuck anyone I want! (best GF ever!!))..... hence, me not giving a flying fuck about offending the various and myriad dipshits the world has to offer.. I don't 'need' anything from you..... but maybe, maybe, if you can make it through this drunken ramble of an essay.... maybe.... I wont think you're a worthless piece of crap......... maybe.

And if you want to be sure I don't think you're worthless?... maybe try writing a whole sentence?... ask a question, point out an error, tell me how you like to be fucked, anything!.... just don't say 'Hi' and expect me to carry the conversation..... remember, I 'need' nothing from you... I might 'want' it, but nope... I'm good... the whole thing where pussy has all the selling power?... yeah, that's nothing to me..... suck the egalitarian cock and actually _be_ equal for once...... instead of waiting for a man to do all the leg work, suck it the fuck up and actually say what you want...... it's how to be a proper fucken feminist!

If you're not too scared?

(yes, I'm ringing the irony bell as hard as I can.... if you're not retarded, you'll get what I'm saying)

[You know 'that' guy who pretends to be all lovely and sweet on his profile? and how he always turns out to be a complete prick?..... well... extrapolate!]

Oh, and if you're wondering what my astrological sign is?.... It's a middle finger, aimed right at you... you idiots are not helping either.
The two of us