31Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm pretty sure I can do anything in life if given the time (except write a paragraph about myself, that's impossible). But I'll try. I'd describe myself as mildly pleasant. I'm quite aware that that's not a compliment (especially since I very much enjoy being the life of the party) but it's true. I'm ridiculously disciplined which I think comes from some deep seeded belief that life is a very serious endeavor (hey wait, don't go!) but what I'm most serious about is being in touch with the kid within - us disciplined people can tend to lose sight of the kid. So balance is really important to me, as is unconditional love and a desire to be true to your deepest self... all without taking yourself too cereal.
What I’m doing with my life
Well this is a question I probably ask myself every day. I started off as a tax accountant at a fancy schmancy accounting firm doing all of the things that you're supposed to do to get pats on the back from society and be considered successful. I knew though that I had lost sight of the things that I care about in a big way so quit and joined AmeriCorps which was incredible and then went down to South America for a year of soul searching. While I was down there I realized that I don't want to stop having fun and soul searching. So naturally I came back and became a software engineer. What's not fun about that? Well ok I see your point but to be honest, my brain loves that stuff (maybe it's an outlet for the discipline) and the hope is that it can give me the freedom in the future to take longer travel trips and work, or be a stay at home dad, or whatever. Or maybe I'll ditch it and join the circus, I don't know.

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying Portland. I play indoor soccer at a place where you can go up to the bar afterwards and watch a replay of the game over a beer so we can all thoroughly make fun of each other. That's usually my favorite night of the week but I do some meditation, suicide hotlining, tennis, and am taking an anatomy and physiology class just to have a base knowledge of how we were made (well ok I know HOW we were made but you know what I mean).
I’m really good at
being overly inquisitive about personal topics. I mean, that's where all the good stuff is, right? I'm also really polite and can get along with anyone since I'm (maybe overly) cautious not to piss people off.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like books that have a spiritual journey kind of an undertone to them like Life of Pi and The Alchemist. Movies shows and music tastes are pretty all over the place. I don't have a TV (but who needs those anymore) and pretty much only watch it if it's a social thing. Recently I've been watching a bit of Louie and of course Game of Thrones. Live music is not something that I make enough time for but when I do, I wonder why I don't go to shows/festivals every weekend. It doesn't much matter what kind of music although I'm not really one of the cool kids that likes Drake and Kanye, etc. I'm more of an Avett Brothers crossed with Caravan Palace kind of a person but love it all, really.
Six things I could never do without
1. Being honest, playful and loving toward yourself and the rest of the world.

And if you've got that then you can do without most anything. Although I am currently eating my 5th pound of blueberries for the week which I know I couldn't do without either.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well other than how I'm going to find the love of my life, I think a lot about personality and why people are the way they are. Why we elected Trump. What are the hidden ways in which him being in power are affecting our psyches. If I should do something about it in a big way or to not sacrifice like that for something so tainted. And of course the big questions like if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully on my way out of town for a weekend camping trip or something. I'm not a big drinker or partier so am more often at a chill bar, playing tennis, or relaxing at home with my roommates.
You should message me if
you strive to be honest loving and playful.
you care about your health.
your name is Scarlett Johansson.
The two of us