30Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm here to meet new souls whom are seeking chats, adventures, or more. I dig sharing views, creating memories, and experiencing this funny old life as meaningfully as can be. I appreciate that people are complicated beings, each of us with our own different histories, beliefs and tendencies. But I find it beautiful that no one is perfect. It makes life rewarding. The chance to learn, to grow, to better ourselves... through engaging each other... It's cool.

Let's keep it real. and kind.


I am a friendly 20-something (post uni, pre career), grounded in nature, but revelrous in spirit. I consider myself open-minded, modest, an over-thinker, and an under-doer (Breaking Bad taught me to take 'no half measures'... but I'm still learning).


▪ I can dance like no one is watching.
▪ I buy more books than I read ▫ ▫ don't we all?
▪ I value correct spelling & grammar ▫ ▫ but won't be a nazi to others.
▪ I'm terrible at sleeping in ▫ ▫ but great at early starts.
▪ I appreciate TV show episode titles ▫ ▫ and despise TV commercials.
▪ I'd rather listen to new music on community radio or online ▫ ▫ than listen to Top-40 bs.
▪ I don't enjoy shopping for clothes ▫ ▫ unless it's tees from online.


For what it's worth... my personality type is: ISTP / ISFP
(Take the test HERE, explanation HERE)

[last updated 27/4/14]
What I’m doing with my life
Working a full-time city job far removed from my (cinema studies) uni days. I don't love-love my job but it's meaningful, not sales, and makes a difference to people... I'm still working on an escape plan.

I've never traveled overseas (!!) (... I know), so to compensate I play out an exciting existence here in M-town. I love watching new and old films at the Nova, ACMI, and The Astor (RIP Marzipan). I enjoy checking out one-off festival events, screenings and other talks. During summer I may sometimes be spotted on the State Library lawn after work (yay for nanna naps) ... during winter I infrequently browse inside.

On Tuesdays I attend a pub choir out in Brunswick with some real nice folk. I love to sing and though I don't consider myself a good solo singer (karaoke aside).

On a whim I'm soon to start a short course in group-based improv (after seeing some at the Comedy Fest). I find the dynamic of entertaining others, and in a group, can be pretty thrilling. (update 24/7/25: 8 weeks in it's sure fun but a tricky challenge nonetheless!)
I’m really good at
"Absolute Balderdash" (the board game)
Spontaneity in conversation.
Giving others the benefit of the doubt.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Some FILMS I like
● Into The Wild ● Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ● Blue Valentine ● Housu ● Enter The Void ● Grizzly Man
Also: Misc Docs, Abstract animations, Crafty music videos

Some SHOWS I like
● Louie ● Rocky & Bullwrinkle ● In Treatment ● The Wonder Years ● VICE

Some MUSIC I like
● Air ● The Beatles ● Beck ● Belle & Sebastian ● Bob Dylan ● Bon Iver ● Damien Rice ● The Decemeberists ● Fleetwood Mac ● Eddie Vedder (Into The Wild OST) ● Jens Lekman ● Jimi Hendrix ● John Frusciante ● Radiohead ● Sufjan Stevens ● Tallest Man on Earth ● The White Stripes
Also: Post Rock, Folk, Classic Rock, Ambient and more

Radio wise, I'm a convert to the new station Double J.
I've also been digging Spotify, namely this playlist: Deep Focus (It's mostly post-rock)
and started listening to Silver Mt Zion.
... My profile is HERE
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why people are the way they are.
why we do the things we do.

and which song i'd like to sing next time at karaoke.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either shooting the breeze with colleagues at after-work drinks, catching up with family, or a quiet night in reading or watching something decent.
You should message me if
If you appreciate the value of honesty and respect.
If you seek a companion for adventures, gigs, etc.
If you understand a profile can only scratch the surface of understanding anything about anyone.

Or just if you made it this far, it must count for something...
The two of us