43Omaha, United States
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My self-summary
I just reset all my questions - it's been a few years and I figure I should reanswer to make sure they show me as I actually am.

OK, first thing to mention here - I'm a dad and still struggling to balance kids and other priorities. Kids pretty much always win. I love to meet new people but scheduling is a challenge.

I moved to Omaha in late 2014 so I still don't know the town that well. I'm working full time, going to school full time, unpacking, fixing the house, and trying to find some time to spend with my kids. In other words, my availability is pretty low pretty much all the time.

I’m a kinky vanilla, queer hetero, political, apathetic, radical pragmatic, hardworking slacker, redneck geek (but not the sideshow kind). I may not be consistent, but I try to be principled.

I enjoy many kinds of gaming that involve real people in the same room, not faceless opponents a continent away. I enjoy film, theater, and books, and talking about all three. I enjoy quiet gatherings, but will occasionally go out to the bars (I especially enjoy karaoke and pub quiz), and I like to get up to the mountains. I don't do enough of that last, but I'm working on it.

I’m poly, and interested in expanding my circle of friends and lovers; honestly more friends than lovers right now. I share a home with my partners Gunpowder_Rose and pagani27; they are awesome and well worth the time to get to know.

What’s with the nick, you ask? I’m ordained in the Universal Life Church, an outfit that I respect for their policy of ordaining anyone regardless of qualifications or even faith. This is how religion ought to be – home-grown and personal, not hierarchical and calcified.

I am thoughtful, easygoing, and genuine
What I’m doing with my life
That's a good question. I'm currently working at an administrative type job, going back to college for another degree, meeting new friends, and spending time with old ones. I’m trying to get less political in my conversation and more so in my actions. I have a four year old and an infant, so don't expect a lot of free time this year.

I try to find time for fun stuff, and I am thinking about trying my hand at cross-country skiing this winter.
I’m really good at
I'm a jack of all trades and master of none, but a few things I think I know how to do at least slightly better than average are handyman stuff, prose writing, arithmetic, and picking media products apart until there’s nothing left but memetic chum.

I like to think I'm a good gamer – I learn quickly, keep my fellows entertained, and exercise good sportsmanship.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes; hazel that ranges from smart to warm to passionate, depending on the moment. Or my beloved fish print shirt.

But I figure you’re asking about personality, not appearance. When I'm in the right mood, people notice my sparkling wit and confidence. Other times, I am more reserved; more of a watcher than a doer. At least, until the right person approaches me to bring me out of my shell.

I’m trying to be that first one as often as I can.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
No matter what I put here, I’ll forget some of my favorites, but here goes:
Books: The Baroque Cycle, The Invisibles, Guns, Germs, and Steel, Freakonomics, Transmetropolitan, Sex at Dawn.
Movies: Rancho Deluxe, Metropolitan, My Dinner With Andre, The Princess Bride, Brazil, Secretary, The Life of Brian, Cronenberg’s Crash, Big Trouble in Little China, John Dies at the End, Fantastic Mr. Fox. I moved from Denver, where I fell in love with Alamo Drafthouse, and I'm enjoying the Omaha Drafthouse too.
Music:Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, Richard Cheese, Nouvelle Vague, Leonard Cohen, John Prine, Little Feat, Mojo Nixon.
Food: I like it all, and rather too much. I suppose a few favorites are spaghetti with clam sauce, good backyard charcoal-grill burgers, and fresh apples.
Six things I could never do without
It seems everyone either answers by talking about relationships or listing basic physical needs like air, water, and food (and basic emotional needs like conversation and sex). I'll be honest - when I do this either the list is way to short or way too long, depending on how I do it. It's a work in progress; updates to arrive later.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics, philosophy, economics, culture, history, religion. Not that I'm an expert in any of those – think of those conversations we had as 20-year-old university dilettantes.

Things I need to do, things I still want to experience.

Lately thinking about how awesome maker culture is; I'm not a maker, but I could easily become a maker groupie/assistant. Looking forward to check out Omaha's makerspace.
On a typical Friday night I am
Right now, doing homework.

Usually, spending time with my children, working on the house, going to some arthouse flick, to the bar to sing karaoke with my friends and/or partners, or hanging out playing You Don't Know Jack or Chez Geek with those same folks. Or going to sleep early so I can work or play all day Saturday.
You should message me if are a geek, and proud of it. You know what you like, instead of waiting for the TV, radio, and newspapers to tell you. You can appreciate high as well as low culture, and can see the importance and the fun in both. You believe heated disagreements and hot sex are not mutually exclusive. Or, if any of my hobbies or interests sound interesting to you.

If you want to play some games. current faves are Pandemic, Gloom, Chez Geek, and Fluxx.

If you are also a parent of a toddler - trips to the park are more fun with a grownup to talk to.

Message me if you want to get together and hang out and game, or do stuff in the city. Or, I suppose, if you think I look like fun — you just may be right.

Also, message me if you know what this is without having to look it up:
GB d-@ s+:++>+ a C++ W+(--) w+(---) !M PS+++ PE++ Y+ PGP- t 5++ X++(--) R+ tv+ b++ DI++ G+ e++>+++ h---- r+++* y+++**
The two of us