37Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
"My experience of a relationship is two people more or less compulsively playing musical chairs with each other's selected inner archetypes. My tough street kid is romancing your honky-tonk angel. I am your homeless waif and you are my loving mother. I am your lost father and you are my doting daughter. I am your worshipper and you are my goddess. I am your god and you are my priestess. I am your intensity and you are my ground. These are some of the more garish of the patterns. Animus, anima, bopping on a seesaw."
-Michael Ventura

I'll exaggerate here so you can get to know me faster.

I'll also tell you that I have and live with a fabulous girlfriend.
Maybe she'd like you too?

I'm from a small village, but now I live in the big city.
I'm always trying to be good because I'm inherently such a terrible person, lazy because I'm always busy, panicking because everything is fine, and a dim bulb who is thinking all the time. I'm a stranger that is always confiding, failing because I'm always trying, a selfish oaf who will be your best friend, and a weakling with the strength of 10,000 men.
...something like that.
What I’m doing with my life
Cooking, taking pictures, playing guitar, riding bike, yoga, meditating, and laughing in the face of uncertainty.

After 8 years, I recently joined the exodus from San Francisco to Oakland. I live in a beautiful house with a garden, fruit trees, chickens, and a few wonderful housemates that subsidize my cooking habit. They are incredibly interesting creative/intellectual/activist types, and somehow the house is still beautiful and clean. I'm very lucky.

I cook for a living, and feel incredibly fortunate to have a job where I work with my hands. Growing up, my family thought I would be a philosopher, a psychologist, or a teacher. I feel like at times I get to be all three of them. I hope to do big things, but I'd be content living a very simple life too. I can enjoy the sunrise.

I work as a chef, making great vegan food.
I’m really good at
Persistance. Cooking. Getting comfortable outside my comfort zone. Surprising people who have known me for years, and being someone that is hard to pin down. That, and I've been told I'm 'unflappable.'
The first things people usually notice about me
A lot of people have said my hands.
I have very few scars considering I've been a farm worker in the midwest, a nightclub bouncer at a punk rock venue, and now I work around open flames and sharp knives all the time.
In spite of performing a lot of stereotypically masculine work, I probably come off as a dandy. Meaning, I'm tall, skinny, I read, chew with my mouth closed, and in spite of having a deeper voice, I don't talk like a bro. People seem to think I have a European accent, even though I've never been to Europe.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Recent books I've read are Childhoods End and 1Q84
The Postmortal, and The Wind Up Girl were the 2 best sci-fi books of recent memory.
I'm a big fan of Amy Hempel's short stories, and like ee Cummings poetry as well as Sylvia Plath's earlier poems. Everyone likes Murakami.
For non-fiction, I really liked Patti Smith's Just Kids, and enjoy a lot of psychology books. Irvin D. Yalom's book 'Love's Executioner' was a good read, as well as Jamison's book 'Exuberance.'
'The Middle East Conflict for Dummies' is ironically about 800 pages, and I brought myself to read it. I've read a lot of economic literature.
Osho's interpretation of the Diamond Sutra is fantastic, and I have about 100 cookbooks.

Movies: Charlie Chaplin's City Lights is probably my favorite movie of all time. Everyone cries a little at the end. If you don't cry, you might be a poorly designed replicant.
I'm not the huge movie buff, but my tastes range from very artsy foreign films, to weird anime, to big budget movies where things explode. I like a lot of documentaries... Kumare was the last really good one I watched.

Shows: Mostly Daily Show and Colbert.

Music: Lately I've been on a Brazilian music kick, and I've been devouring any Caetano Veloso I can find. I just learned to sing and play this tune:
To make a laundry list of other music for you:
The Bad Plus, Beethoven, Bjork, Brazilian Girls, Charles Mingus, Charlie Parker, Chopin The Clash, The Cramps!, Debussy, DEVO, Edith Piaf, Elvis, Sinatra, Hiromi, Iggy Pop, James Brown, Janelle Monae, Jimi Hendrix, Joanna Newsom, Kings of Convenience, Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, Magnetic Fields, Man or Astro Man?, Modeselektor, Moondog, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nina Simone, Of Montreal, Omodaka, Outkast, Patti Smith, Pavement, Pharcyde, Prince, Radiohead, Ramones, Ray Charles, SebastiAn, Serge Gainsbourg, Sex Pistols, Sharon Jones, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, Talking Heads, Temptations, Tom Waits, Tune-Yards, White Stripes, Wu-Tang... and of course The Beatles, Mozart, and other people everyone seems to like because they are geniuses who have become acceptable.
I think that this song is insanely beautiful:
Six things I could never do without
I don't feel like filling this part out...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How much more fun and interesting people would be if they didn't stare at their phones and push little buttons every other minute.
Imagine if John Lennon never became John Lennon, because he spent all his time and energy twiddling his thumbs on a little gadget?

If Elvis had cable, would he not have become the King of Rock?

How to live an ethical life, when the resulting horrors of climate change are very evident.


...On a lighter note, I think about what I'm going to cook next, and who to I'd like to invite over to dinner. Did I mention I love my home and its garden? I feel rich.
On a typical Friday night I am
Fighting crime.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me in person. I have a lot of stories.
You should message me if
If You are a smart person who still listens to what children have to say.
You are a sensitive person who is still strong.
You think the old saying "May you live in interesting times" sounds like a blessing as opposed to a curse.
You have a vision of 'the way things ought to be' and work to make it happen.
You are willfully naive when it comes to creating, making the inevitable mistakes that are part of any endeavor, and living it up, instead of living vicariously.
If you want a running partner.
If you like to go out dancing.
If you think I'm attractive, and want to do something about it.
If you think meeting someone new is more fun than staring at a laptop for hours.
If you want to get some coffee with me.
If you feel like I'm someone you might like to get to know.
The two of us