35Aberdeen, United States
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My self-summary
i don't like to summarize myself.
i don't fit in a nutshell.
but that's okay, because no one does.
what's up :)
i'm katie.
i'm unsure as to why i keep trying these site thingies...and yet i still do.
no, i will not have sex with you.
but i WILL get to know you.
well, provided you're not a serial killer, stalker, asshole, a general prick, think that no one else's opinion could possibly be right but yours, or wear mc hammer pants to walmart.
or lie. don't do that.
i have two children.
they are my heart. have saved my life, simply by existing.
i love reading. a lot.
i love photography. macro is my favorite.
i love dancing. a lot. but never get to do it much anymore.
and did you know that they phased out breaks music? how do you do that? what is wrong with the edm people? very upset about this. kick the president of techno in the knee cap.
i love climbing on stuff.
i love sarcasm.
i love easy flowing conversations that make me smile.
make me smile.

yeah, i'm done with this nutshell thing. hit me up! :) if you would like to know anything else. or if you're bored, that's cool too.
What I’m doing with my life
treading water.
I’m really good at
reading (yes, that's a thing...possibly), dancing, climbing on shit, making my kids laugh, making people in general laugh...well, if you understand my humor...i don't know...what are you good at?
The first things people usually notice about me
how am i supposed to know this?
do people get informed of this kinda stuff?
i'll start asking random people to find out.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) jacqueline carey- Kushiel's Legacy; juliet marillier- The Sevenwater's Trilogy; michelle west- The Sun Sword; sara douglass- The Wayfarer Redemption; melanie rawn- Exiles, Dragon Prince, Dragon Star; elizabeth haydon- The Symphony of Ages; ken follett- The Pillars of the Earth, the list is finite but long so i'm done here

b) my cousin vinny, boondock saints, any good action, any good MA, don't like movies that take place in space...veto

c) don't get to watch follow shows anymore. but the walking dead. i make time for that.

d) metal, apparently christian metal, which works out, EDM but not right now, they are jerks; other random music that makes me like it

e) pizza rolls...nope, not sophisticated with my palette over here. but i will try anything once. within reason. bugs are not food, i don't care what anyone says. animal balls, also does not need to be food.
Six things I could never do without
this is excluding things that no one can do without, yes? (ie: air, water, food, lungs and heart and that other shit...etc)

in no particular order:

my children

some sort of book


my journal (a journal, somewhere to write)


my sanity
I spend a lot of time thinking about
all the things. all the time. its awesome and never annoying.
hard to shut this brain off.
On a typical Friday night I am
Stay up late night with the kids. :)
would not be averse to missing a night sometime.
You should message me if
you want to.
you're interesting
i could talk to for long periods of time.
you're witty.
you can make me laugh in 30 seconds or less.
you're sarcastic. (the fun kind) (okay and sometimes the mean kind.)
you would climb a tree with me. right now.
you would be willing to use an alternate form of communication because you can't have a conversation via the messaging system thingie they have on here.
you know the words to "Ice Ice Baby".
to elaborate on the if you want to thing...i'm not messaging anyone anymore so...please do, hit me up. i will always answer. because, i believe, i am not shitty...
The two of us