39London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm a Londoner with a penchant for politics, dancing, a brilliant stout or mind-blowing whisky, travel, steak, long evenings setting the world to rights (actually, talking nonsense is equally acceptable), ice-cream, boats, burlesque, gifs, and dogs. And gifs of dogs.

Over the past few years I have tended towards ethically non-monogamy. I live with my partner who is a ridiculously awesome human (and also on OKC, we met here obvs). Life is a bit hectic at the moment so I don't have that much free time, but I'm usually open to meeting excellent people.
What I’m doing with my life
Spending as much time as possible with wild, wonderful and interesting people.

Work wise I do operations management/marketing/HR/money stuff for a tech company. I'm not tecchie at all but seem to be drawn to people who do dots and squiggles and make awesome stuff happen on computers.

Dancing at every available opportunity (ballet, swing, blues, ballroom, contemporary, commercial, burlesque, cabaret...)

Planning events and getting involved with great organisations.

Exploring new places and searching for adventures. If you're up for strapping on a backpack and just taking off, even just for a couple of days, we will likely get on.
I’m really good at
Getting myself into bizarre situations, winning at Cards Against Humanity, cooking for large numbers of people, listening, finding the funny side and getting locked in and out.
The first things people usually notice about me
I've been told I have resting mischief face. I look like I'm up to something even when I'm not.

My hair right now is very long, I'm deceptively short and I'm usually laughing or and gesticulating wildly.

Oh, and I apparently look a bit like a gelfling on occasion (update: I finally got to test this and dress as one at a party. Picture uploaded)

I have also been compared to a mogwai more than once too, so don't feed me after midnight, or get me wet... wait...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
OK...books... Cold Comfort Farm, Anything by Arthur Miller or Tennessee Williams, The Handmaid's Tale (see also TV, I'm currently doing a dance because they didn't fuck it up), The Cloud Atlas, The Story of O, I have a strange penchant for books about spies and London gangsters, Anything by Malcolm Gladwell. Currently about to diving in to learn more about change management and workplace culture.

Movies & TVs... Flash Gordon, Blue Velvet, Gross Point Blank, Almost Famous (because I never got to be a groupie), Hitchcock, Lynch (Twin Peaks dominated my teenage mind), In Bruges, Spooks, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Secretary, Game of Thrones, The Big Lebowski, Drop Dead Fred, The Godfather movies...

Music... Big mix of swing, soul, blues and indie. The King Blues, Sarah Vaughn, Bon Iver, Duke Ellington, Radiohead, The Cat Empire, Louis Armstrong, Sia, Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Mogwai...

Food... Anything and everything (except cheese - but that's an allergy - tragic I know) I'm a massive carnivore. A good steak makes me very happy. And in the right mood I like my food the spicier the better.
Six things I could never do without
Coffee, my passport, things that make me giggle uncontrollably, good company, dance shoes and adventures. Can I have a good single malt and a hula hoop too? And a comfortable warm bed.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I wonder what would happen if I...
How ridiculous/awesome/funny/thrilling it was when I...
How much I'm looking forward to when I...
Why did I....
When can I next...
On a typical Friday night I am
Actually, at home. It seems to be the night I ring fence most often for chilling out and mooching around.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Confessions are so much better in person so, for the moment, I'll confess to something strange instead of personal... I have a phobia of animated plasticine. A proper shuddering, eyes clenched tight, chills down the spine one. Yes that includes morph (though he's less bad because he squashes himself) and yes it does mean I have never watched Wallace and Gromit - in fact whenever they appear on an advert I bolt from the room.

Also I probably read your profile in a funny accent in my head. I do that since a date introduced me to the idea.

Also, for science I have messed with my age to fuck with the algorithms. I'm actually 40, not 38.

I swear a lot, don't I?
You should message me if
Rule Zero: don't be on fire; Rule One: don't be a dick (or a Tory).

You are GGG, will go on funfair rides with me, have a penchant for mischief, a happy disposition and some good stories to tell. I have a real thing about guys whose sideburns match their faces. And who sometimes wear eyeliner. And I love girls with innocent faces and dirty minds.

You REALLY shouldn't message me if we match low (so far, the algorithms have been spot on), you have no photos on your profile or just a torso shot (to quote a fabulous friend "Anyone who thinks their photo is improved by cropping it just above the waist and below the chin has their priorities all wrong"), you send one liners ('hi how are u?' messages irritate me much more than the properly crazy ones) or you don't approach life and relationships with an open mind and heart. But nobody ever reads this bit, either that or they don't believe me. Yes, I'm looking at you Mr Torso man with a 52% match messaging me 'wanna chat?' and who thinks I *clearly* can't mean you...

Oh and please understand that the 'ethical' part of ethical non monogamy is vital. No, I'm not going to help you cheat on your partner and yes, I will hold you in breach of rule one.
The two of us