42 Flushing, United States
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My self-summary
I'm athletic with a variety of interests, as well as being slightly goofy with a playful side. A softy deep down with a good heart that is a Godfather to two beautiful kids (currently I do not have kids of my own).

In the end, I'm just a simple down-to-earth guy brought up with a strong foundation of values and morals whom you would feel comfortable and secure around in your life. I also have the bad habit of trying to make the special person in my life laugh and smile as much as possible. (Warning - If I make you laugh, and you pee your panties, I shall not be held accountable).

Oh, and I'm looking for something along the lines of serious in terms of relationship. I'm not much of the frivolous type. (I hate wasting other people's time as well as my own).
What I’m doing with my life
Fighting the eternal battle between the foodie that resides within me versus my pant's waistline. Since the holidays just passed, the pants look to be losing at this point.

I don't think the following should matter (in my book, a person just needs a good education, a decent job, and a bit of ambition) but if curiosity has gotten the better of you, I have an MBA in Finance and currently employed in commercial banking.
I’m really good at
Being faithful, entertaining, thoughtful, charming, and sometimes silly? (Ok, more often silly than not).

Looking cosmopolitan armed with a three piece suit, cuff-links, pocket square, and attache case when required (Mon - Fri), and then looking like a disheveled hobo when not (Sat - Sun).

Activities I enjoy and I'm somewhat proficient at include:
- Full contact muay thai kickboxing and heavy sparring in the ring
- Surfing, snowboarding, and ice skating
- Swimming (or floating due to my fat butt, but hey, close enough?)
- Mountain biking on single track trails
- Skeet, target shooting, and archery
- Working on cars and motorcycles (I grew up as a mechanic as it was the family business).
- Track days in said cars and motorcycles on various race courses. (My dad was an old school racer so the influence runs deep in the family.)
- Sewing (I shit you not. I can edge or hem stitch that ripped seam like nobody's business).
The first things people usually notice about me
I look ethnically mixed and in shape (probably more slightly round now due to the holidays). Or more commonly as my female friends lovingly put it, I'm "one big ass asian guy" <- meaning I'm of large/tall frame and not that my derriere is enormous.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
- Yo Yo Ma
- Various Classical
- The Philharmonic
- Exhibitions at the MET, MoMa, and Guggenheim
- Attended various operas and ballets at Lincoln Center (along with a number of black tie galas for work that I don't care to remember).
- Lindsay Sterling and the convoluted genre she falls into.
- Obscure alternative such as The Rasmus, Digital Daggers, Apocalytica, H.I.M. and random bouts of EDM.
- I barely watch TV and it's only on in the mornings for the news and weather when I'm getting dressed for the office.

Yes, I realize I have diverse tastes in music and hobbies. I've been told by close friends that I'm one strange, eclectic duck. (Yes, duck as in quack quack... not an auto-correct error you dirty minded person. Ha!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- Finding that special someone to passionately embrace the quest to discover delicious dishes!

- Contemplating if anyone actually reads these profiles or just flips through the pictures? (I realize I'm no Daniel Henney and that I will need to rely more on my super fantabulous personality than my looks.) =oP

- Curious after the comment above, how many girls will now go google "Daniel Henney" (Ha Ha)

- And if you read this far, at the very least I hope I was somewhat entertaining.
On a typical Friday night I am
Wondering if I should cocoon myself in my nice warm blanket and pop open my netflix, or if I should be dragged out by my friends for a night on the town. (The warm blanket can be extremely persuasive during winter).
You should message me if
You wish to meet a kind-hearted guy who wants to try his best in treating the special person in his life well. What can I say, I'm a guy and every so often I'll make boneheaded simple mistakes, but my heart and my intent will always be in the right place for the person I fall for.