50Gloucester, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
This profile is more out of date than Queen Victoria's pants!

Well, now that I've answered more questions, at least OKC doesn't think I'm 'More Cocky'. Which is reassuring.

Although apparently I'm 'Less Spiritual'! Is Atheism incompatible with being spiritual? I think not!

And apparently I'm 'Less Desiring of Sex'. Or maybe I'm just 'Less Desiring of Meaningless Sex'

And I'm allegedly 'Less Well-Mannered'; Politeness is very much underrated these days, I think. But the 'English' way of hiding complaints is self-denying and damaging.

As for 'Less Lawful', I just happen to think that the Law is meant to serve society, not vice versa. If a law is immoral, incorrect, impractical or just outdated, then work to get it changed. Well thought-out, consistent, sensible and peaceful 'law-breaking' is not wrong. Stealing is wrong (evolutionarily unstable for a society). Taliking on your mobile while driving is wrong (dangerous to yourself and others). Rape, Murder, Incest, Paedophilia... they're all wrong for all sorts of reasons.
But then so is force-feeding anti-psychotics to slightly eccentric older people who do no harm; and where does the law stand on that?
Perhaps 'Less Lawful' should just read 'Has well-considered opinions and doesn't break the law as a matter of course, but doesn't hold the Law in such high esteem that it is dogmatic'
End of OKC lecture ;-).

Less wellmannered, less lawful

I love music - all sorts except bad Country & Western. Not just in a wimpy 'I like a bit of everything' kind of way; more in an 'I'm passionate about ALL good music, whatever the genre' kind of way.

I tend to be a mass of contradictions - outwardly quite confident but introspective and very self-critical too; fascinated by science but equally fascinated by spiritual experiences; I read voraciously but also love to be outside enjoying the turning of the seasons. You get the idea!

I have a habit of waffling outrageously and often go off on a tangent suggested by whatever the current subject is. I prefer to call it Stream-of-Consciousness but there's no getting away from what it actually is.

And I tend to be sarcastic, although I prefer to call it post-irony as it's usually only with close friends who know my mischievous sense of humour and who won't be upset by it. I'd be mortified if they were!

I am Musical, Intellectual, and Spiritual
What I’m doing with my life
Studying for IT Qualifications after a degree in Philosophy & 16 years as a Software Engineer (Don't ask!)

Building an IT system for a local Forestry/eco-build company.

Building an Accounting/Client Management/Business Management IT system for my own business, which will hopefully be up & running in the next few weeks.

Studying for a Diploma in Holistic Therapies including Aromatherapy, Body Massage, Reflexology, Nutrition, Facial Massage & Stone Massage.

This seems to be the way my life is heading at the moment - I've recently qualified as an Indian Head Masseur (Trumpet-tootle ahoy - 'Student of the Year' for some reason!).
I usually get just as much pleasure from giving a treatment as my clients receive, and it's wonderful to watch a client progress from nervousness to relaxation & trust. I'm not sure I can express that one properly!

Hoping to bring these into the Mental Health/Learning Disabilities sector. Any old geezer/geezette in an office can afford a shoulder-rub that they could give themselves; some people have more need & less access.

Also planning to set up an IT business that will hopefully subsidise my more therapeutic role.

Getting back into QiGong & TaiJiQuan classes after a bit of a break. I'm no martial artist, but the internal Chinese arts offer more than some of the more obvious martial arts. And a biot of Yoga here & there when I can fit it in. I prefer the Chinese arts to the Indian, even though the Indian are older, but they're all aiming for the same thing as far as I can see!

Wondering, reading, learning, surrounding myself with good vibes wherever possible. Reflecting those vibes whenever needed.

Occasionally filling in or altering my profile here to confound the Match Statistics.

Deciding to re-answer all of the questions, just for the craic...
I’m really good at
Only history will define this, I guess.

So far I've been really good at music, reading, passing exams when I need to, being an auto-didactic polymath who can combine the scientific with the spiritual, listening to people, advising people (I'm told!), talking to people in their own language and being able to be a social chameleon without losing the essence of me.
High-brow or Low-brow - NEVER Middle-brow.
Radio 4 or Global Gathering - it's all the one; just don't give me Westlife bowdlerising 'Father & Son'. Which could lead me on to Yusuf Islam, but i only have so much space to fill...
The first things people usually notice about me
I asked.
Apparently it's my voice.
I guess it's my Welsh ancestry, but I range between a stentorian basso-profundo when necessary to a calming, reasssuring timbre.
Never intentionally put on; it's just the way I am for some reason.
But no Welsh accent I'm afraid to say, isn't it, look you,(bach).

The second thing tends to be that I have far too much energy for one of my advancing years. It must be all the healthy living :-S
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Anything from the Narnia Chronicles & Harry Potter to 'Mystical Verses of a Mad Dalai Lama' with a smattering of biogs, far-fetched fiction, books on the correct use of English, popular science, and I just LOVE those 'Holy Blood & Holy Grail' type books; endlessly fascinating but utter drivel! Oh - and Jasper Fforde (Thursday Next rather than Nursery Cryme for preference), Terry Pratchett(although I loathe 'Pratchett bores' - they're only entertaining books after all!).
And I've recently discovered the OUP VSI series - "Heaven, I'm in heaven...."

Movies: Anything with Audrey Hepburn; sneaking respect for Johnny Depp & his quirky characterisations; "The Princess Bride" (inconthievably funny); "House of Flying Daggers" (stunning use of colour sequences). Oh - I don't know - all sorts from Rom-Com to B&W Classics - but not a big fan of the "Die-Hard"/"Rambo" style of action movie, nor the "US saves the day" brand of disaster movie. Oh - and I've just remembered - I LOVE 'The Silence of the Lambs' - Anthony Hopkins gives a stunning performance of someeone in whom genius & madness are so inextricably linked! Odd choice maybe, but fascinating personality there!

Music: Well, here goes....not a comprehensive list but..... My record collection runs from Afro-Celt Sound System to ZZTop, with a bit of Bach & a choice of Chopin, a gallimaufry of Gallic songsters, focusing on the incomparable Francoise Hardy, a fair old proportion of late sixties/early seventies folk-rock, especially artists from the Witchseason stable & other folk-based acts (STOP calling it folk - it's just acoustic!), Bob Dylan, Bob Marley (no Bob Monkhouse, I'm afraid), a little laid-back chilled Ibiza dance style music, and a fair bit of good old-fashioned dippy-hippy bullshit! Oh, and a bit of Sinatra occasionally.

Food: Veggie (because I am). Especially Thai food - it's that initially innocuous taste and warmth that gradually build up into the full-on flavour and fire. Gets me every time!
Six things I could never do without
Apart from the obvious necessities, I could probably do without most things.

However, if stranded on a Desert Island, I'd like to have (in no particular order!):

1) Music & the means to listen to it (How frustrating would that be?!?!!? A huge catalogue of all the great classics of our time or any other time and no MP3 Player/CD Player/Gramophone/Wax Cylinder player).

2) Any stringed instrument. Cello would be good - one of the most soulfully expressive instruments & one that I haven't had the chance to teach myself so far.

3) Books. (is that just one thing? Or could I have a whole library? Preferably the latter).

4) A companion with whom to pass the time. Anyone who can hold a conversation on the stratification of cloud-formations would do. Or failing that, discussion of the cod-Latin roots of Harry Potter's spells. Or maybe just someone who could build a raft for escape purposes.
Preferably female.

That's only 4. But then I guess I don't NEED much. If only the question asked for the six things I would RATHER not be without. Ho hum - I guess you'll just have to ask...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Right now, the disgusting human rights abuses happening in China & Tibet. But also saddened that self-professed buddhist monks can commit violent acts against their oppressors. Come back Gandhi!

Whether the (now obvious) climate change that is happening has been exacerbated by humans (i think so!) I'm guessing that, we're going to have to be a little more adaptable over the coming years, stop whining about moistened Freeview boxes & start thinking more about Haitians.

The hypocrisy of the Chinese regime in staging the paralympics.

The hubris of Boris Johnson as he bestrode the globe while determinedly flapping the flag for London 2012.

However, when I'm not thinking topically, I tend to think about anything that pops into my head.

When shall I do the washing-up?

How do you refer to a VBA code module in a Project that is open in a session that is different to the one from which you intend to call the code?

How much does a first-class stamp cost these days?

Can a Platonic vision of Idealism ever be shown to correlate with reality?

What's the difference between a duck?
(Many thanks to Ygerna1 who confirmed my suspicions on this one. Now I'm stuck with finding a rhyme for 'month'... grrrrr!)

Is the mind just a correlate of brain chemistry & neural activity, or is there some other non-physical entity (soul/spirit) that communicates somehow with the brain?
* I think I've answered this one for myself - isn't any dualistic conception ALWAYS going to come up against an infinite regress?*)

How long can I continue writing this nonsense?

Feel free to answer any of the above - it'll free up my mind for more interesting lines of thought...
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, until recently, I've generally been giving an Indian Head Massage, and very enjoyable it was too.
But otherwise, my Friday nights are usually TBC, unless they have been C, in which case, I'll try to move heaven & earth to honour the commitment.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
All my books & CDs are in alphabetical order. No - it's not an OCD thing, but if I want to find a selection of Tom Lehrer or the new Robert Rankin, at least I'll know where to find them.

Oh - and my 30th birthday celebration. But I'm not willing to discuss the events in public.
You should message me if
You can sing like Francoise Hardy, look like Minnie Driver, speak like Keira Knightley, discuss life, the universe or anything like Germaine Greer (or Stephen Fry). Or if you'd just like to disabuse me of my idealistic notions of the possibilities of perfection (within a given subjective context).

Or you just fancy a chat sometime.
The two of us