62Winnipeg, Canada
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My self-summary
Annina: Monsieur Rick, what kind of a man is Captain Renault?
Rick: Oh, he's just like any other man, only more so.

Casablanca (1942)

Welcome to Rick's Café Américain

First.. let me seat you near Sam.
Now.. to set the mood.. watch this..


But before I take your order.. let me remind you what's NOT on the menu..

You don't post pics and won't send private pics with your first message. Mutual physical attraction is a must.
You are looking for a cyber chat buddy to engage in endless & pointless messaging.
You have children under 16 yrs living at home full-time.
You posted a pic of your car or Harley without you in it ! It's OKCupid.. not AutoTrader.
You posted a pic of your pet.. without you in it ! Even your pet knows OKCupid is a dating website.. not Facebook.
You can only afford to pay the minimum monthly payment on your credit card .. but you've got 40 pairs of shoes in your closet !
You have more than three pets.. and they all sleep with you in your bed.
You have more than four tattoos.. and joining a circus sideshow is on your bucket list.
Your ex just got out of prison.
You just got out of prison.
You want to be "friends first". "No man can be friends with a woman he is attracted to." When Harry Met Sally (1989)
You have scoured the innermost secrets of your soul to describe yourself.. and the best you could muster up was "I like trucks."
You crack a fingernail and it ruins your day.
You start most sentences with "I" eg. "I am self-centered."
You have "Must love dogs", "Must love Jesus" or "Must love ballroom dancing" in your profile.
You are unwilling to quickly move communication from OKCupid to a phone call.

A little bit about Rick
Born & raised and currently living in Winnipeg.
Graduated university & lived in Toronto for 20 years.
Worked freelance in TV production and founded successful marketing company.
Now semi-retired.
Spent the last 6 winters in Arizona.
Willing to relocate for the right woman.

My Interests

unconventional wisdom
joie de vivre
spending winters in warm climates
critical thought
shiny happy people
strong coffee
lazy sundays
ayn rand
guilty pleasures
natural wonders
unexplained mysteries
random acts of kindness
daily workouts
the great outdoors
afternoon liaisons
stock market
hotel sex


My collection of the least enticing comments from women's profiles.. verbatim.. and unedited..

.. i can f- up your day on so many levels, if u piss in my cereal, so let's be smart n keep it friendly.... love is the word of the day.
.. I dont like guys whos only interests are pornos work drink beer oh ya and watch more pornos play video games save up all your money while you live with your girlfriend then move out.
.. I am looking for the man that will heal the scars of a 23 yr marriage that should have ended the first year.
.. One of the things I really enjoy is touring lighthouses.
.. I want to enjoy the sexual tension for a couple months.
.. My dog, zoey, takes up a bit of my time, but i will always make time for the right guy.
.. Am extremely busy so I do not have a lot of time but will take time out for someone special.
.. If you tell me you love dogs, but don't want to touch mine, there won't likely be a second date.
.. I guess you would call me a New Aged Tibetan Buddhist.
.. I'm sure that God has a fantastic sense of humor; we should laugh with Him daily!
.. I am not 'religious' either....I don't believe in man-made doctrine, but in the Word of God.
.. I am a Christian and Live my life for God and what he would want me to do.
.. Something keeps me breathing as I sleep .... I call that intelligence GOD!
.. I have found that I'm (truly) like a majority of the profiles out there - whether those are all true, we know they are not always.
.. I Expect You to Meet Courtship Standards.    
.. I expect you to lead the courtship with traditional values.
.. Anything you need to know about how to treat a woman can be found in a Cary Grant movie, go rent one.
.. I don't have time or the patience to groom you into a grown man that you should already be.
.. My kids are still a big part of my life, which means I am available around their schedules and needs.
.. I work evenings 3-11...I have tues/Wed off.... so would be nice to meet someone with the same.
.. I'm not saying I would never date a man who doesn't have kids, but it would have to be a serious discussion.
.. I love a man with a good sense of style and nice footwear!
.. Always had a soft spot for a man with stylin footwear.
.. Ya a bit quirky but shoes say a lot about a guy.
.. I have sacrificed vacations, relationships and hobbies for YEARS in pursuit of my professional goals and now its finally time for ME!
.. I don't want sex, even after we marry.
.. I am a dirty girl and need someone who can embrace (and hopefully exploit) that in me. Not looking for hook ups.
.. I would like my man to fix my truck and know exactly when I'm ready to f**k.
.. I am LDS, that means No sex before marriage, PERIOD.
.. I do not know; if I will ever marry again and that; I will never know the answer to... unless it were to actually happen.
.. You must like cats and be willing to move.
.. If you can tolerate a bit of cat hair, and don't mind folk music...send me a message!
..Tank top and jeans kind of girl who grew up in a Ford family. Currently starting to save for my dream truck.
.. In Loving Memory of Midnight Our Cat Angel In Heaven April 22 2013 We Miss You Dearly.
.. Oh and you MUST love dogs & Morrissey (my dog in particular) if not, he has a keen sence of intuition & will piss on you!!!!
.. I bore easily.
.. I'm selfish, impatient & a little insecure.
.. I make mistakes, I am out of control, & at times hard to handle.
.. I like history ( thanks to Glenn Beck )
.. I am currently living with my ex-boyfriend & we get along great as friends & roommates, but it's akward at times!
.. THE PERFECT MAN...A man who has patience, as I can be a pain in the ass...
.. My goal is to find a fellow my age, get remarried, travel the world with my husband, and settle down in my mansion.
.. First Date.. Take me out to dinner at the Olive Garden. Then take me to a scary movie, next lets go window shopping.
.. I believe the chivalry in a gentlemen will determine what the first date should be. What will you do to impress me?
.. I DO NOT like HAIRY face........that will be a delete ......can not stand the texture..
.. I love to travel and one of my goals is to visit all the lighthouses in the United States.
.. I used to operate my own business for several years, self teaching myself about taxidermy and competing in competitions in the USA and Canada.
.. If u know how to handle a tractor and stack a hay mow u will definitely impress me for sure !!
.. I hope to find this..the man who calls you back when you hang up on him.
.. When I wake, the devil says "CRAP, SHE'S UP"
.. I have 3 kids Jefree 29, Bill 29, and Carla 25. I have 4 grandchildren. Harriet 4, Mason 7, Jill 6, and Maddy 2. I have 3 parrots Crackers, Cookie, and Coco.
.. I enjoy playing the bagpipes.
The two of us