25Mobile, United States
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My self-summary
To help everyone get an equal chance at my friendship I have created this profile. I simply find myself too oblivious to notice any of the dozens of women who flirt with me everyday. As for men, I greet them on the street with a gentlemanly nod then stare them in the eyes, 98% of the time they yield and look away, the other two percent go on to form wonderful and enlightening friendships with me.

My sudden cravings for adventure has led to multiple outcomes including but not limited to; Laughter, Good times, An engagement made with washers stolen from the bolts of a statue, ruined white undershirts, tree climbing, breaking into forts, exploring abandoned facilities, skinny dipping in the public pools of beach side gated communities(without a life guard!), rekindling old flames on the beach (literally not mentally, metaphorically, or emotionally), 13 Stitches (and unpaid hospital bills, take that Knollwood Infirmary!), empty bottles of Jack, Sunrises mostly obscured by clouds, picking cotton out a strangers farm, seeking shelter from rain, playing in rain, and romancing.

I can run for miles so if we every get approached by someone you know get ready for an awkward situation.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I'm a music major at the University of South Alabama with emphasis on classical guitar. I can also play piano terribly and sing in choirs with enough people to drown out my deep bass 2 voice.
I’m really good at
My main passion is in music. I play it, I write it, and often perform it.

My second passion would be stabbing people, not with knives, but with swords. No, I'm not one of those guys who buy swords at a flea market, but one of those Olympic styled fencing suave motherfucks in Knee high nickers and a mask that makes you think I'm man enough to mess with wasp. Michal Phelps swam fast and he was a national hero. I stab people of different nationalities while chanting "USA!" at the top of my lungs. Now who's your hero?
The first things people usually notice about me
My casual demeanor, followed by my rambunctiousness.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books, those lovely things that cause me to say just one more chapter until 5 in the morning, I'm terrible at picking them out though, fortunately I have friends that are true literary nuts that I can borrow books from that will engross my mind in a world of adventure when I feel the outside just isn't good enough for me that day/night.

Music every other thing on this page involves me bringing up music. I have a small record collection I've been throwing together along with an extensive collection of music I've borrowed from the internet for an indefinite period of time for personal study. I have no distinct favorite when it comes to what I listen too, I would say my favorite artist was myself, not because I'm cocky, but because I'm sure of my self, and kind of cocky. Music genres that interest me the most are Jazz, classical, Baroque, funk, pop, rock, indie, ska, and well I could go on but I'd rather post sounds that I like to make it more interesting; a crackling fire, coffee brewing, train sounds, movie dinosaur sounds (especially the pterodactyl), splashing, dropping a ripe tomato, squeaky chalk, and sizzling bacon.
Six things I could never do without
New places to explore for when I've exhausted all of my usual.
Cotton fields
On a typical Friday night I am
My regular Friday night is filled with my job a courier of life force and energy, also known as parading my Honda around town and trading pizza for currency while telling fat people sorry for the weight. Fortunately I'm blessed with the ability to nag my bosses into hiring my close friends so I can turn pay time into play time. Followed by midnight runs to Steak and Shake with a coworker to unwind and make dirty jokes about the waitress usually involving crossing a Peacock, a Raven, and a Wolff.
The two of us