34 Cornelius, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a wee bit little of a woman with a colossal heart, born and raised in NY under an Aquarian moon by two young musically gifted parents, into a most badass family :). I'm stoked to be me. Im obsessed with all things pertaining to the human body and keeping mine function top notch. Anything outside makes me come alive and I prefer it hands down to some stuffy alternative. However, I do like to glam out, show out and wow when the moment calls for it. I enjoy most anything that expresses humanity, living it, surviving it, thriving and growing though it in art, music, poetry etc. I believe life is a challenge and to some, one that doesn't come easy but proves character, heart and strength. Id rather earn and work towards an awesome life and cherish it, then be handed one and take it for granted. I'm old enough to know what I want and young enough to chase after it. If I could be an animal id toss up between a wolf or a lion. I believe in fearlessness and living with a ferociousness for life. Lets be real.. Our life can end tomorrow. I stand for what I believe, I go after what I want and don't you dare mess with my family! I prefer to hang with people who share similar interest. Birds of a feather do flock together and I'd like to gather with the bunch that prefer soaring high on the currents of hope and possibility, not self destructive behaviors, massive amounts of drama and self inflicted misery. Life's to short for that shit. ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Teaching people from all walks, shapes, ages and sizes of life to relax a friggin little and be more like Gumby! Just bend with it!! I'm a promoter for a nutrition supplement company and when contracted, I teach dentists how to run their practice and lead an office full of cackling and dramatic females. In my free time, soaking sun, running through the woods like I'm being chased in the moon lite, surfing, working out, camping, hiking, trying to catch the biggest fish in the pond (fish not men) and advocating for Pitt bulls rights, and pushing for freedom from breed restrictions and stereotyping. My Pitt is my homie and he only bites when I tell him to but he attacks people for belly rubs..he's a Gluttonous mongrel really.
I’m really good at
Being the most bodacious me I can be while I'm living, breathing and loving the journey. But I'm also pretty nifty on a surf board, snowboard, at twisting my body into pretzels, clobbering a heavy bag like my life depended on it and motivating people to be their best even when they don't always feel it.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and my eyes
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fav Authors/Books.. Wayne dyer, Elkhart tole, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dan Milman, The Art of War, into the wild, healing with whole foods, Eragon Series, Power vs force, anything on Herbs, religions of the world, anatomy and physiology, exercise science, yoga, strength training, bio mechanics, martial arts, tai chi, acupressure, joint manipulation, interpersonal communications, psychology, philosophy etc.

Fav Movies: Alien vs Predator, Brave Heart, Hancock, I am Legend, The Goonies, Never Ending Story, Bridesmaids, Resident Evil, The Protector, Kung Fu Hustle, The Sword In the Stone, Alice In Wonderland, Lady In The Water, Fourth Kind, The Happening, The Sandlot Kids, Stand by me, Constantine, Kill Bill, The Devils Rejects, Monty Python And the Holy Grail.. Etc.

Fav Tv shows.. Duck Dynasty (I'm there #1 fan), Spartacus, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, nat geo, animal planet, Fringe. Not a massive fan of the tv but I have my select favorites.

Fav music.. Reggae, funk, classic rock, metal, electronic, blues, some hip hop, old sckool rap, etc forever.

FOOD!! I kinda like it all except brains, testicles, tongues, hooves, fins, fermented and aged brains, testicles or tongues, no squirrel, chipmunks or rats.. No vermin at all actually.. cats or dogs or horses. I'll pass on frog legs too but everything in between especially breakfast feasts any time of day is totally my thing. I like protein a lot. I dig cooking feasts to eat the feasts and I do so often :) I like food, we've never really had a problem.
The six things I could never do without
Friends and family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If its possible to communicate with my dog telepathically ha
On a typical Friday night I am
Random. Could be home in front of the fire, trashing some guitar strings with friends, an open mic night, movies.. The only constant to my Fridays is food and a cold beer to wash it down.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I would say I'm a massive dork. However, I recently discovered that "dork" is slang for a whales penis and uh, yeah that isn't what I was going for. Not even close.
You should message me if
The one and only reason I prefer single is because it allows me to control the drama I let in my life. My parents say I'm too picky, I say I have a propensity for specifics.

So, my specifics..
Feel free to drop me message if..
Your honest (seriously)
Dependable (yeah.. Seriously lol)
Open minded
Love living life (In both life's sunshine AND shit storms)
Considers your conscience (just assume "seriously" across the board from here out)
Know how to think twice
Don't sweat the small stuff
Have goals and aspirations
Take care of yourself (health, fitness, hygiene)
Sober minded and balanced in the brain
Must like music
Must like anything and everything outdoors, sun, snow, sleet, monsoon, tidal wave (you better have surf board) wind storm whatever, I'll probably want to be in it or near it)
Understands the concept of moderation
Can appreciate the differences in people
Warm and cuddly body. (Please run a constant 98.6-9 chest to feet. Mandatory actually) ha ;)
No marrieds, no insaneoo bible thumpers, no baby momma drama blah blah, no anti gun nincompoops, no polygamists, barefoot and pregnant believers are liable for a punch to the nose, no alchy's, no pill poppin's, no chemically dependents, no snorters, or chronic steroid abusers. No abusers of any kind for that matter and yes that includes players among the more heinous. Cripes.. Any one left?

Thanks so much for reading! :)

**an up to date** I love you guys.. I really do! That's why I'm on here, havent moved to a cave or become a buddhist munk if I wasn't female like i wanted to.. But please oh please for the love of mercy don't send me messages like this:

Him: so do u work out? (read my profile!! maybe even be shallow and just scan my pics before you message me, I won't mind)

Me: lol, no, hate it

Him: u have good genes. U'll probably make great offspring. So how is your cardio?

Eerrrrrrrr... Pause, rewind... Um.. WHAT??!! Haha

Probably?! I aughta.. ;)
So yeah.. The cave?!

For the record.. Assume my cardio is far better then yours, so ya best get steppin :)

No harm no foul, just don't wonder why I don't give a response. Always peace and love to ya and I hope you find what you seek. Unless your a dick, then you get what you deserve and Holmes... that for sure ain't me ;) lol.. NEXT!!! Ha

Ps. You gotta love spunky if wanna love on me :)

*hey beautiful!
*hi !
* what's up sexy?
*what up?
*what you doin gurl (spelling on purpose)
*your hot
*wanna drink?
*your gonna break your back
*can I make you a baby?
*I want to impregnate you! (uh scary!)
*marry me?
*can I snuggle on your breasts? (really!)
*can I give you a cardio? (ugh)

These sorts of messages don't get a reply.. 1. Give me something to work with .. 2. If the little you give me proves tool bag status, no reply ever.