30 Moscow, Russia
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My self-summary
My name is Regina. I am happy, cheerful, sociable and at the same time serious. I was married and I have a wonderful son, whom I have boundless love, he is 7 years old. But now I am divorced and want very much to meet the man of my dreams, which would be the best husband for me and caring father for my son, a man who is bold enough to realize my little dream come true! :))))))))))

I really want to meet a real man who can and wants to love, which is sweet and gentle, but passionate, caring and responsible and who loves kids and wants in the future, the most close-knit family!
But it is important as well that I however love this man!!

My interests: show business, skates, campigns, PR, marketing...
I want to learn many things, sach as: surfing, drive car,...

Also, I write poetry AND SONGS
(Here are some of them, they are in Russian!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Я - женщина и значит, я - актриса,
Во мне сто лиц и тысяча ролей,
Я - женщина и значит, я - царица,
Возлюбленная всех земных царей.
Я - женщина и значит, я - рабыня,
Познавшая соленый вкус обид,
Я - женщина и значит, я - пустыня,
Которая тебя испепелит.
Я - женщина, сильна я поневоле,
Но знаешь, даже если жизнь - борьба,
Я - женщина, я слабая до боли,
Я - женщина и значит, я - судьба.
Я - женщина, я просто вспышка страсти,
Но мой удел - терпение и труд,
Я - женщина, я - то большое счастье,
Которое совсем не берегут.
Я - женщина, и этим я опасна,
Огонь и лед навек во мне одной,
Я - женщина и значит, я - прекрасна,
С младенчества до старости седой.
Я - женщина, и в мире все дороги
Ведут ко мне, а не в какой-то Рим,
Я - женщина, я - избранная Богом,
Хотя уже наказанная им.

About me!!!

Нежность и Страсть. Чёрная масть.
Леди с обложки. Девушка-Кошка.
Чувственный взгляд. Ласковый яд.
Жгучая смесь. Лучше не лезь!
Милая девочка,дерзкая сучка,
Лапочка,но с коготками на ручках.
I'm ONLY for VIP...!!!

I am good, amicable, and russian
What I’m doing with my life
my son and I go into the woods, skating and skiing, cycling, fun in the park attractions, and much more ......
and most importantly that you have a chance to join us !!!!!!
I’m really good at
PR, marketing and journalism.
I graduated from university, and I'm PR manager. In addition, I graduated from high school journalism. Previously, I worked as a model. Now I working as a PR manager in "Teletrade" and sometimes singing in nightclubs. I have an album of own, because Earlier I was engaged in singing. Just say that all songs in the style of POP or R&B!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
My big brown eyes, beautiful smile and leaping laughter! ))))))
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Napolion Hill, Helen Grephorn, Djim Dornan, Djon Makswel, D.Karnegi, D. Merfi, Zig Ziglar, Bodo Shefer, Alisa Night, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechtet (Rich dad, poor dad), Jim Rohn - the master of success................. I like books about buseness,PR and contacts.

movies - "The secret" parts 1 and 2

music: POP, R&B, SOUL.
The six things I could never do without
Family (my son Andrey)
without driving forward force, which is called a dream
I spend a lot of time thinking about

The older I grow the more and I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom!