27Norwalk, United States
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My self-summary
First off, I hate filling these things out! XD I'd rather answer questions than write an open ended paragraph. Anyway... I was cursed with two very opposite kind of parents. A logical, down to earth, sarcastic father; and a whimsical, romantic, emotional, girly mother. I am both. You can see that they clash a lot. I'd say I'm quirky, random, and sometimes spastic. However, you'd be hard pressed to find me be dishonest, I'm just a bit more than a little kindhearted. I'm an internet geek and I'll reference memes all the time with anyone that will understand them. I'm actually a geek in general. I play a lot of video games like WoW, portal, omg fallout (fricken awesome game series.), any Zelda game makes me happy, bioshock, etc etc. I have a new found love of anime/manga/pop culture conventions. It's just sad that most of the people there are between 14-20 so it seems like I missed the best window for them but that's okay. I have a wide sense of humor. Sarcasm and dark humor amuses me, as well as goofy and stupid things. I laugh easily and besides a few buttons, am very hard to offend. I am easily bothered by idiocy though. I love, and I mean LOVE foreign languages, traveling, and cultures. ...and kitty videos. I wish I were more active. Doing outdoors things also greatly interest me. I would love to try fishing, surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc. I don't really live in a place suited for half the things I'd like to try. Nor do most people in Ohio really venture into things like that. =/

I like oxford commas. Very much. And dimples.
What I’m doing with my life
To me there were two roads after high school. Much like the board game life. Jump right into a job, make less starting out, and start climbing the ladder right away. Or go to college/university, get buried in debt, get a better job afterwards to pay off said debt.

Well I went with the former. I went into the work force for a while until just this fall. I'm working on my associates in applied computer networking. It's definitely a male dominated field but I hold my own ;P
I’m really good at
Is it sad the first thing that comes to mind is video games? Yes? Well video games.
Oh! Underwater basket weaving. Uh... making ramen. Oh yeah that's my specialty. ;)
Cooking in general I spose. And singing.
I'm good at dealing with stupid people. Not that I enjoy it but.. All of my jobs have been dealing with the public. I'm a pro. I Guess it helps that I'm good at making people smile.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. It pretty much dominates the whole upper area of my body. And I love it that way!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books? I really like 1984. Dystopian and apocalyptic subjects fascinate me. I also very much enjoy Harry Potter (gasp.)
As far as movies and shows, when I'm not on the internet and actually sit down to watch them I prefer comedy and horror. My favourite movie right now is Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Some of my past favourites have included: Eurotrip, The Hangover, The Ring, Shawshank Redeption, and Cruel Intentions. (I guess I like drama too, if it has a good plot)
I watch a lot of adult cartoons like family guy, american dad, the simpsons, the cleveland show, futurama, and south park. I'm also pretty much addicted to anime. I can really get into them.
Some of my favourite bands have been
-Tokio Hotel
-No Doubt
-Linkin Park
-Three Days Grace
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
I couldn't live without music. As I'll list below in the next question.
I have a simple life formula when it comes to food. USUALLY more calories = yummy. Everything people like is bad for them. It's depressing really. But I suppose we all die in our chosen way.
Oh and I -love- vegetables too. Those don't follow the formula.

I was raised on mostly more masculine things like Metal/Rock music, Star Wars, Video Games, Tales from the Crypt, and things like that. Like I said, my father was more down to earth and funny. I got a lot of that. I'd sit there when I was 6 and beg my dad to play Metallica on his bass, then sing along to "Enter Sandman" while I headbanged. Later on my girliness kicked in, but I never lost my love for the above mentioned things.
Six things I could never do without
1.) MUSIC. Loud, and all the time. Almost any kind too. Anything but country, most rap, and most old school rock. (except the classics. Bohemian Rhapsody? Blast that!) Even foreign music! Love love LOVE music.
2.) A refrigerator. >.>
3.) My friends. Even at times when I only have a few, they are my backbone.
4.) Uh Pasta.
5.) My family, obviously.
6.) Internet. Just... I would go insane. It's where I get my anime and manga fix.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything? In fact I've been told I think about things waaaaay too much. I'm very observant. I also know the realistic truth that everything people do is for a reason. So I spend too much time trying to figure out why someone did something. I day dream too much. "What would happen if such and such happened? How would everything be affected?" <.< >.>
On a typical Friday night I am
Oh god. Honestly? Most of my friends work all the time and/or have babies. I never get them to go out. So most nights I'm working or drinking/browsing the internet/playing games at home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm really an open book. I can't think of anything. Maybe I'm just THAT bad at being creative. But I'm sure in two hours I'll think of the perfect thing I should put here.
You should message me if
You enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners under the stars.

Or preferably if you have a sense of humour and didn't take that seriously. Just, you know, being hard to offend overall would be good.

On a more serious note... I won't date a smoker. Also, if you do not just accept but embrace homosexuality, believe they should be able to be married, and have children... don't waste your time.
If you are a bisexual woman or lesbian and are even remotely affiliated with a religion that condemns homosexuality then I already think you're an idiot. Don't message me.
Living close would help too.
The two of us