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My self-summary
British, mixed, thick n curvy who loves Death Metal, Industrial music and blood...Mmmm! πŸŽΆπŸ’•

Thought I had found what I was looking for but I guess not since I'm back here(So I wasted 2 1/2 years of my life on a complete mooch who enjoyed living off of me, never again).. I'm a Taurus and yes I believe in zodiac compatibilities, so if you are a Scorpio, Aries or a Sagittarius just move along because it would be a waste of time for us unless you can prove me wrong..lol 😝

There really should be a section for our relationship status.. because mine would be "extremely complicated". πŸ˜‰

My account is kind of empty atm, It was full before but I am to lazy to re write everything I had before, besides a lot has changed since I was on here a year ago..

So I am sorry that my long arsed entertaining profile has now gone. Besides if you want to know me it's better to just ask me. Right?πŸ˜‰

Also...Don't put much faith in the scoring system here...I think it adds a lot of variety if it says 45% friend/55% enemy...Can make for an interesting outlook...who really wants perfection? It is the little flaws/irks in one another that can make for a non boring relationship...I like a little bit of flavour, don't you?

Edit: Looking for friends to go to metal gigs with at the moment \m/

Edit: Still looking for the above, but before you waste your time and my time, certain things that I like in a man; Trust, reliability, compassion, strong family values, pride, confidence(not to be confused with arrogance, a little is ok but too much and it's a big turn off)Open mindedness and PDA, Dominance is a big thing for me, I love a guy that can give me that "look" that sets my skin ablaze, where I know I need to sound proof the room and that there is going to be some serious trouble in the bedroom later >.> I am a very sexual being and no it doesn't mean I am going to shag you on the first date, it means I am comfortable in myself, my sexuality and my abilities to pleasure my man..Move along if all you want is to get in between my juicy thick thighs, because right now I am looking for friendship and then maybe more ;)

BTW...If interested I am looking for a room mate...
What I’m doing with my life
Living it! Working, entertaining and enjoying watching my daughters grow into lovely young ladies(very proud mum here). Going out in my spare time when I'm not busy picking men's bones from my teeth haha
Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse ;-)
I’m really good at
Being a mum, a goofball, tickling you until you beg for mercy hehe

Overall I make an awesome πŸ™† friend, lover & your worst enemy if you treat me bad 😈

Blade & Soul, level 50 hm9(Google it)

Zombie hunting
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ask me...but right now I'm loving symphonic death metal. Been to a few Septic Flesh shows and have gotten to meet them backstage and hang out with them and some other bands....so yes yes yes loving to experience different styles of music in my old age lol. Love Carach Angrem, Anti Christ, Black Crown Initiate, Necronomicon, ZombieSam, Rob Zombie, Obituary, Deicide, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Rammstein, MM, Silke Bischoff, Lykke Li, Lana Rey..lots lots more, lets compare notes. Ok?

Also big into industrial music but that is another whole lot of names which I don't have time to share right now 🎧🎢

Movies:too many to name on here. Anything from b movies,horror, thriller and SciFi.

Books:Omg don't get me started πŸ˜‹
Six things I could never do without
My daughters πŸ‘§ πŸ‘§
Love ❀
Make up
Music! 🎢


Ok and a few more because I can..
Whips n chains, my play toys, porno, toothpaste, my toothbrush(floss too!)blood and my fangs Vv-vV
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Goals and ambitions, owning my own tattoo studio/Vampy underground club

Why, oh why am I so damn attracted to Aries men? They will be the death of me, I swear...such a delicious combination of sexuality oozing from their pores, mixed in with a splurge of Dominance, but yet....so wishy washy! lol

Daughters educations

Moving back to England


Twizzlers and Scampi Fried Crisps! Lol 😹

Why my cat 🐱 is so evil and adorable Edit:(bless him he died on the 20th November, so my hearts broken at the moment)

What came first, the chicken or the egg? 😜
On a typical Friday night I am
At a metal show, or maybe snuggled on the couch with that special someone or possibly out with my daughter at the movie theater catching a new release.

Sometimes just going out by myself...πŸ’ƒ
You should message me if
Don't message me for dirty pics.. I only pop on to moderate & clean out the "filth" and maybe see if anyone has caught my interest

Definitely message me if you are into Metal, i.e Death and Black Metal, if you have one of these or all of these characteristics above and below, take that as you will haha... You have long hair, beautiful eyes, a bum I can grab onto, kinky or open minded ;)

Don't message me if you are not into thicker girls with a smart mouth, a sense of humor(Think British)Not into Bi racial girls with wicked mouths who love Death Metal.

Defo do not message me if your an arrogant "arsehole" who only thinks with his "dick"..

BTW...I prefer White meat, Light Mexican meat or any other European meat mwahaha..Sorry you guys have your preferences, us women have ours and I like, what I like. I am not racist, I am just as black as I am white and I love my kin and my ethnicity..
I just am not into African/Indian or any other Asian men.

Always looking for new friends to go to a metal gig though, male or female as long as you're head banger I don't care πŸ˜‰. Not too many people into metal where I live πŸ‘Š Keep it loud and proud! \m/ (><)
The two of us