28Kelowna, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm prairie-born originally, moved to Kelowna to leave the cold and conservatism behind.
I'm an easy going individual who likes to curl up with a good book when I actually find one.
I can be very outgoing and exuberant, though I tend to need to get to know you first, so I can ascertain your "comfort with insanity" level. :P
I love meeting new people, and rarely find someone I don't like or get along with.
Traditionally I prefer staying at home and playing games, reading, researching (I am a sucker for learning), and/or watching a great movie.
I like to cuddle ladies, be warned.
When I'm in a "go out" mood I love a game of laser tag, going to movies, walks along the lake while discussing the questions of existence, and now that I'm here in the land of sun I'm looking to broaden my horizons, and someone to broaden them with.

I'm not a believer in "gender stereotypes" or "norms" and aim to smash them at every turn.
You'll stand far above others in my eyes, if you're interested in getting to know me, by making the first move yourself and saying hi.
Self-confidence is far more attractive than timidity. (Timidity not to be confused with humility. )
I promise I don't bite...unless you want me to. ;)
What I’m doing with my life
My life is sworn to the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, humility, harmony, and balance. I hope to be able to immerse myself in as many different areas of knowledge and information as possible, and believe in trying everything at least once. I just love to learn!
I believe in every being's equal, mutual right to freedom and well-being, and aim to find ways to balance these equal rights amongst the needs of the billions of creatures on this planet, and potentially beyond.
I've recently attended the Networking and Telecommunications Engineering program at the college here, and have been spending the last few years putting my newfound knowledge into practice, so as to forge it into long-standing wisdom.
Some people might say my career choice is boring or geeky, but I love it, I get to build, design, fix and, most importantly and joyously, expand upon existing systems or practices, so as to refine and perfect them.
It's so much fun!
I'm currently putting a little more effort into finding someone I can share my interests, ideals, and life with. I wanna find that special girl I look forward to waking up to every morning.
Other than all the stereotypical work mumbo jumbo, like a lot of people, I am looking to expand my horizons, to find new joys. I personally aim to help everyone have as much fun and joy as possible!
I’m really good at
I'm really great at pushing people's social boundaries and opening them up to new comfort zones.
I'm great at presenting new ideas or different points of view.
I love to play devil's advocate, and it can get me into "trouble" with those less open-minded, heh.
I aim at keeping things positive and happy for all involved.
I like to think I am proficient with grammar and diction. (Though some would say that's not something to be proud of)
My goal is always to help people laugh and to enjoy themselves in everything they do.
I'm great at analyzing problems, so as to find solutions, turning "mistakes" into lessons.
I love RPG and action/adventure video games, and am absolutely *atrocious" at shooters :P
The first things people usually notice about me
Some have told me I can come across as a little shy, though this is likely due to my belief in holding my tongue until I feel it the right time to speak.
A thousand words can fall on deaf ears, but a singular, mindful line can move the soul.
I'm a happy and positive person, I like to look on the bright side of things.
I'm really fun loving and love laughing at everything I can. It really is the best medicine!
I'm a huge goof, I like to joke around about anything and everything I can. Some people think I'm weird, though I prefer to think I've a broad and easy-going perspective, and am open to most things.
I have blue eyes that change colours from a deep ocean blue, all the way to an almost slate granite, even I'm impressed with them, but certainly do not intend to gloat ;P
My dark chestnut brown hair. It's long, it's curly, wild, and very fun to play with ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For books I love the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, a story about a middle aged leper who gets transported to a fantasy world called "The Land" where he is told he is their prophesied savior, and he wants nothing to do with it.
Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Lestat is one of the most interesting characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. Her world presents vampires in a unique light of regular ordinary people who have been thrust into the curse of immortality and having to take others lives to live.

If you ask me what movies I like we're going to be here for a while, seeing as I've seen hundreds of movies in my lifetime, and love a great deal of them.
In general I love Comedies (Romantic or otherwise), Action/Adventure, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Documwntaries, the odd Horror here and there, and probably any other genre that I've forgotten.
Why don't we start with what you like, and go from there. :P
Six things I could never do without
I can not live without my amazing friends. They're a small group of people, but that's because I choose my friends very carefully, they are the select few I've found so far in the world who aim to be open-minded, to seek the truth in all things, each in their unique, individual way.

To be a true child of this generation, I love technology. I'm a big video game fan, I got my first SNES when I was six (Best console EVER by the way) and find they bring great joy, as well as a plethora of worlds to immerse yourself in and learn from.
I'm not in love with my phone, but I find it very handy. Having the internet at my fingertips is a wonderful thing.
I'm in the process of becoming a network admin/engineer so my career relies and thrives on the new technological advances and wonders in the computer world.

Knowledge comes in at number three on my list. I love to learn, whether it's a simple trivia fact or how to completely take something apart and put it back together, I cannot get enough of new information. The more knowledge I can take and turn into wisdom, the better I feel I can share with the world and help shape life around me.
I figure if I ever stop learning I'll just shrivel up and die :P

With this list being in no particular order, I couldn't live without my loving and amazing parents. They've done so much for me all through my life, and have always been there for me when I have needed them. I have shared so many experiences with them that I am eternally grateful for, and they have helped me grow into the mature, intelligent, confidant person that I am today.
I hope they will continue to teach me for many more years to come.

To get material for a second, my feather pillow. There is nothing better than laying your head down on something amazingly soft for an amazing night's rest.

My amazing kitty cats! I've got two fantastic cats (Two others recently passed :( ) who both have very unique and comical personalities. I wouldn't trade them for the world.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Most importantly, mindfulness.
Being aware of all the possibilities and potentialities of my actions, and the actions of others, in regards to how they can affect ourselves and those around us. Whether they're justified, balanced, aimed towards equality for all, and the abolishment of ego, arrogance, ignorance, and apathy.

I love to think about what could be. I generally try to think outside the box, and not just take everything at face value.
I like to wonder about why we're here, and how we got here. I love to think about existentialism (the philosophy of how do we know we actually exist) and epistemology (the philosophy of how you can actually know that you know something).
I'm a tech geek so I think about new technological advances and different things I can try when building a new systems solution or troubleshooting something.
I'm a Warhammer 40k addict, so I'm always thinking on how I can design a new army to beat the living snot out of my buddies!
I'm always thinking about how I can better myself and help to better the lives of all of those around me, I believe in constantly growing and learning, and want to share that with the world!
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typical Friday night in my world. I like to hang out with my friends and stay up all night playing video games, watching movies, goofing around, making bad jokes, and having a generally wicked time, regardless of what is involved.
I'm not opposed to a few drinks at the pub, but it's not my "cat's meow."
I'm not a huge fan of clubs, but that may be because I just haven't found my goofy dance partner yet.
I love going to watch movies at the theatre (when there's anything good :P) but Friday nights there are crazy, though sometimes a little crazy is fun ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There aren't a lot of things I keep private, I'm a pretty sharing person. I will admit I've had some dark times in my life, and if you get to know me and are interested enough to want to stick around, I will most definitely share them with you, and how they've helped shape my mindful view on life.
You should message me if
You consider yourself open-minded, mindful, compassionate, empathetic.
You aim to find balance amongst the myriad of individual beings in existence. One individual amongst many, equal to all, master to none.

I'm looking for someone to share my life and my self with. I am on the lookout for that one in a million girl who can make me laugh, make me smile, encourages me because she actually believes in me, and wants to love me, because that and these are my goal in return.

If you are at least somewhat laid back and easy going, that's a plus, I tend to take my time with most things and am never in a hurry.

If you're somewhat of a nerd, that is definitely a plus, as my life tends to involve quite a few nerdy/geeky things.

If you're looking for a great guy who's looking to share love, wants to find someone who he wants to treat with mutual respect and admiration, and you want to do the same, I implore you to get to know me and we'll see where things go.
The two of us