28 Cardiff, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Well OK then.

Depending on prevailing conditions I will be some combination of quiet, confident, silly, stoical, witty, awkward, hedonistic, idealistic, cynical and nice. Some of the kids I work with call me 'Doctor Who', I have yet to figure out what the connection is and they seem just as clueless.

I have a fairly philosophical disposition and I enjoy talking about things as diverse as feminism, geopolitics, consumerism, and the nature of 'self' and consciousness (that last one is particularly important to me as it informs my worldview in quite a major way). I am very much on the liberal-lefty side of things, which seems to be OKCupid's key demographic.

I am a keen spectator of many different forms of popular, and not-so-popular, culture. Musically, I'm all over the place, with an enduring love of Radiohead. As for television, comedy is the most consistent thread in my viewing habits. Favourites include Arrested Development, both versions of The Office, and most recently Toast of London. I'm also a big fan of stand-up comedy, especially Louis C.K.

I am mostly vegetarian and leaning further in that direction as time goes on. This is for reasons of both reducing animal suffering and an awareness of the ecological catastrophe that we are collectively sleepwalking into.

I have some irregular hobbies which include writing, exercising, video-gaming and meditation.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently a supply teacher. It has its perks.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just like everyone else, I am now a netflix/box set junkie. My particular poison is Mad Men, which is a story about a handsome alcoholic in which nothing happens.

I'm a bit of a film buff, some of my favourites include: 2001: a Space Odyssey, E.T., Half Nelson, Juno, Fight Club, Dazed and Confused, Blade Runner, The Seventh Seal, Fargo and The Room.

Unfortunately my reading life has been derailed by the instant gratification of the internet and an endless slew of online 'articles'. I am resolved to break this habit and get back into books. I mostly read fiction with occasional exceptions. Last year I read a lot of Kurt Vonnegut and Ralph Waldo Emerson.