33Rochester, United States
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My self-summary
I'm polyamorous and involved in two long-distance thangs with Cupcakeosaurus and awisim, who are both willing to provide a glowing reference. Looking for someone less geographically far-flung. Also up for chatting with other poly folk, and everyone who isn't any of those things.

In the event you're still reading this after that chunk of information: hello!

I'm a vegetarian with an admittedly-increasingly-benign zeal for food politics (and an unwavering zeal for adverbs and hyphens). I play guitar and would like to grow up to be The Lemonheads. I am entirely comfortable with enjoying Gilmore Girls. I think Eddie Izzard and Mitch Hedberg are/were very funny people. I have read the Hitchhiker's Guide more times than I care to divulge, though I enjoy audiobooks more than a sighted literate person generally might.

Remember when OkCupid used to make you list three adjectives about yourself? What happened to that? If you're me, nothing:

I am contentious, hi-larious, and intellectu...ous
What I’m doing with my life
making music & sound for games and stuff!, marginally freelancing, not completing my master's degree, musically regurgitating the 90s with witty wordplay, making up rap lyrics at least partially out of boredom with my more well-trodden genres, stretching the term "anthropology" to fit basically whatever I want to do
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
that I have decided to relieve my head of its hair-having duties

or in this milieu, perhaps how I gave up double-bracketing midway through the next informative section
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a.) Douglas Adams, Sarah Vowell, Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, Frances Moore-Lappe, Bill Watterson

b.) Angus, High Fidelity, Singles, Empire Records, The Blues Brothers, Bill & Ted, That Thing You Do!, Wayne's World, Back to the Future, the first Matrix, Before Sunrise/set

c.) Star Trek, Community, Futurama, Gilmore Girls, Parks & Rec, Stargate, Doctor Who, HIMYM, Scrubs, Cougar Town, King of the Hill

d.) Lemonheads, Ginblossoms, Splashdown, Ani DiFranco, Blake Babies, Dar Williams, The Hang Ups, Smoking Popes, Sloan, Pixies, late Soundgarden, early Pearl Jam, Cranberries, Sugar, Midnight Oil, sea shanties
and locally: Gonculator, Walri, The Bicycats, Sweatshop Boys, SNMNMNM, The Little Beast, Paul's Grandfather, White York, Evil Robot Us'

e.) things without meat and the cultural cuisines that accompany them
Six things I could never do without
I had six things I could vehemently do without, but OkCupid *seemed* to be magically matching me with people who liked them. Hence this straightforward if pedestrian answer:

my guitar
the Internet
open mics
other vegetarians
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what I don't eat, consumerism, the songwriting Sahara in which I seem fated to spend most of my time
On a typical Friday night I am
under the impression that it's Thursday or Saturday.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I crave attention.

Now that that weight is off my back:

You should message me if
[You don't have to be/have/do all, or indeed any, of these things, but perhaps they will provide us with some conversational fodder.]

you're cool, or potentially cool, with alternative sorts of relationships, like the sort I'm currently amidst as mentioned at the top of my profile, for instance.

you have a thing for point-and-click PC graphic adventure games from a decade and a half (or more) ago.

you're in, on, or around the Rochester area and like making silly music in an exceedingly serious way.

you have a mohawk, some sort of follicular asymmetry, or your head looks a lot like mine.

you don't drink, smoke or employ substances of any sort for purposes of recreation and it has nothing to do with your allegiance to a particular genre of hardcore music nor the will of a deity.

you want to trade sexual favors or multiple fistfuls of money for composition or sound design work.

our match percentage is a grade you would have put up on the fridge.
The two of us