37Winnipeg, Canada
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My self-summary
I enjoy being around people who are fun and spontaneous. Always looking for new adventures. Dining out, movies and comedy clubs. Weekends we're clubbing or just hang out for a game of poker with buddies. I like to meet some one for hot and steamy sex or gut wrenching laughter and fun. Ok maybe the steamy sex part should be left out it's a bit forward. Where's the censor dept when u need them?
What I’m doing with my life
Dedicated most of my time to influence Dr. Seuss to write lickable picture books. The rest I just waste.

OK I do spent a few minutes a day picking up snail else would I get my picture books??
I’m really good at
Swimming. Martial Arts. Sports. Cars. Poker.

When I swim people call me a fish and I am proud. When I play poker people call me a fish and I spaz..#$%^ short you see why I lick picture books.

I took martial arts 'cauz too many #$%'ers call me fish while I play poker.

I am great at finding the best in people.

I'd like to say sex but my friends never buy it. What do they know. If they would just try me once they'd never go back to animals.

Cooking and entertaining.

Licking picture books.
The first things people usually notice about me
maybe...'he has all his appendages'?
'capable of making muffled and slurry noises and grunts somewhat resembling speech patterns'
'almost capable of walking upright'

Don't know...never asked them.

something I notice a lot is people point at me and whisper to their get me a picture book.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read anything from Dr. Seuss and Piers Anthony but only on Mondays. Other days any picture book is good. Tom Clancy is also cool.
Movies like Inception, Fast n Furious and Kungfu Panda.
All food is deelicious...especially when a loved one prepares it.
I love watching any show or listen to any tunes where I am a paid critic with the exception of National Film Board of Canada or CBC.
Six things I could never do without
Not in any order...

Picture books.
Food...long as it doesn't crawl out of reach after you pound it.
My family...except for the adopted prick..oh wait they say that's me.
My friends.most of least the ones that call me back and asks for money. #$%^! the ones who don't call back.
More picture could never have enough.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where is the pizza guy? Have I ordered pizza? Has the pizza guy been here?
How to influence Dr. Seuss to write a book with lickable pictures.
On a typical Friday night I am
thinking it's Sunday night 'cauz I spent the last three nights partying and I am sure I have to get up for work sometime soon.

Hey!! Keep your hands of my stash of books!! #$%@ how am I to finish this profile with all this distraction?!

on a typical night I try to keep track of three things to make my night enjoyable...
Order pizza. Pay for pizza. Eat pizza.

some nights the pizza guy never show up. some nights he shows up twice.

Hey you ever get Deja Vu like you just finish tipping the pizza guy go to sit down and he's at the door again with the pizza?

One of these nights I am going to crash with my cash stuffed down my pants 'cauz #%^#@ buddies keep on emptying my wallet every time I sleep.

I consider it a bad night when I get Deja Vu with the pizza guy but don't remenber eating pizza. I usually wake up with my wallet empty and hungry.

It's an ok night if I sit for a long time waiting to pay for pizza and no one shows up. I wake up hungry but I still have some cash.

It's a hit when I call for pizza someone shows up and I remember eating pizza. I wake up with an empty wallet but not hungry. Waking up hungry sucks..especially when there's no food within reach.

Oh Right!! we're at 100%. Didn't think this dating thing was so much work.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a crush on Dr. Seuss.
You should message me if
have picture books but I'll settle for pizza.
Could handle ordering pizza.
message me please...pretty please?? I have money :)
do you really need a reason?
did you really believe there's a guy out there like this?
The two of us