28Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
So, I think Batman's hot.

Introductions are some what difficult. Whether it be from a secret identity or perhaps just a life of many names and faces. For as a someone close to my heart once said; "It is not who I am on the outside, but what I do that defines me".

I play a ton of video games. Like alot. And not in a sexy girl gamer kind of way. In a "I dont see the sun for days" kind of way.

I am one of the running members of the BZRD (Bureau of Zombie Research and defense) here in Calgary. So if you need a little (or a lot) of prep for the incoming Zed events, let me know. We can get you trained up and less likely to be killed in a Zed event in no time!

I also have a name, but I give it to those who put in an effort!
Apparently according to my OkCupid chart Im also really sloppy and not well mannered, so don't expect much ladylike behavior!
What I’m doing with my life
Whatever I want!
Whether the day is filled with photography, music, language study, napping, hanging with friends, working out, planning an adventure or some sort of studying it's been a day in making my life better somehow.

I just recorded my first EP with the best people around:

I've got a scratch map that Im trying to get a completion achievement on.

Going back to school to try and teach in an older classroom setting, instead of just making explosions, telling kids science is cool and to take the Plasticine out of there mouths another time. Retrospectively, teaching elementary may not have been the best choice for someone who doesn't like children. :P
I’m really good at
Probably the things I want to spend my life doing! Plus some other less publicly appropriate skills!
The first things people usually notice about me
My knack for spontaneous adventure,
My triforce,
And my insatiable love of Batman.
Ive also got a pretty sweet rack.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: 1984, 4 Hour Workweek, Good Omens, American Gods, Wicked, Anything Batman, Anything Pratchett, Anything Douglas Adams, Flashman, Game of Thrones. Getting into the Dresden Files.

Movies: Anything Batman, Die Hard, Kung Fu Hustle, Tangled, Love Actually, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Moulin Rouge, Gladiator, History of the Future Folk

Music: The Protomen, No more kings, Electric Six, Mother Mother, Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears (I know... Its terrible), Queen, Muse, The Lonely Island, Metric and Jonathon Coulton.

Shows: RENT, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm really not a watcher of much television but my friends occasionally fill me in on the good stuff. Love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Misfits - most BBC really, Dollhouse, Game of Thrones and then really the Batman animated series and Batman: the brave and the bold.)

Food: Meat, Sushi and things that are bad for you. Well... really just all food.
Six things I could never do without



My Camera


I spend a lot of time thinking about
Batman. A lot of time thinking about Batman.
Social issues
How to improve myself without going overboard on quantity.
Gender roles.
People and their many complexities.
On a typical Friday night I am
Living the dream.
Either planning for the next Zed Event, dancing, climbing something, singing songs, dressing up, sword fighting, drinking tea, swimming, generally being a hedonist and a ton of other stuff that would make my fingers too sore to type.

Preferably all of the above!
Also as note further in the profile (so you actually have to read it!). Invite me out for tea (or adventure) not coffee. :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
As it turns out... the only time I talk to myself aloud I am telling really terrible puns. I only feel a little better when a cat is in the room... but then i'm just telling puns to cats. If this scares you, I understand.

Also I consistently feel like I am not hip enough to hang out in the same places as half of the people on here... I am terminally un-hip.

ALSO turns out I go to sleep before most children. I really love being asleep. Early night anyone?
You should message me if
First off if you actually want to go and do stuff. Im not huge on trading 100 messages back and forth. I want to meet people for real. I have a lot of internet friends already.

-If you are literate, fun, adventurous and/or up for spontaneous tom-foolery. If you can teach me something cool, Ill teach you something back!
-If you want to vegetate and watch a netflix.
-Also if you have something legitimately interesting to say. I will not respond to a poorly thought out 4 word message.
-You like cuddling. I love cuddling.
-You can serenade me! I like that a lot!
The two of us