38Bloomington, United States
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My self-summary
Been looking for love in Alderaan places, plus, all the good chemistry jokes Argon.

( Note - this profile is well overdue for an overhaul and probably shortening, but just being back from GenCon and just before the Fall semester at IU starts, this may take me a little bit. Stay tuned. )

I am a geologist and a historian, and I just started my second year in the PhD program at Indiana University as part of a Military Geoscience fellowship. I am proud to call myself a male feminist ally and also a LGBTQ ally, and I'm in the process of helping to organize and run awareness campaigns aimed at getting men to understand the problems that those of our gender cause. I am, however, sometimes ashamed to live in a country whose ideals were based on freedom, but is often last in the world to stop discriminating against people who are "different" in the eyes of the "mainstream."

Note to guys who call themselves "nice guys" - if you are only nice because you're trying to "earn" anything from anyone - you are NOT A NICE GUY!

My life has taken many twists and turns, and I've been a little bit of everything - hockey player, photographer, musician, journalist, businessman... and somehow I ended up as an "internationally acclaimed" researcher (there's a newspaper in Israel that still calls me "Dr."). I try to take everything I do seriously, and despite echoes of my past trying to steer me astray, I'm getting my life together and making solid forward progress in my quest to become a Professor in the Earth Sciences.

If I can get the rest of my life settled down, I'm going to try and find the best way for me to get back into "hockey shape" again - I've got a bad right knee and a slightly messed-up left leg that have kept me from being active for years, but this is something I really want to do for myself. Lately I've been walking (and driving more than I'd care to admit) around playing Ingress to this end (as part of the Resistance, of course).

From back when this site required "three word descriptions" - I am a Geologist, a "Gamer" (RPGs and more), and an Overly Punny Geek!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm what you could call a "born again" student - I was at college for a few years right out of high school, but I didn't have the maturity to cut it, so I left and went into general office/business for a few years. Now, after giving college another try, I graduated with two bachelor degrees, a master's, and am now working on my PhD.
I’m really good at
"If it rocks"... er...well, if it *has* rocks, then I'm good :)

In all seriousness, other than geology jokes, I'm a photographer and a drummer - big band, jazz, and rock mainly, but I also have a few ethnic drums. Once upon a time I played college ice hockey (and am hoping to be playing again sooner rather than later). I'm a very creative person, and I have tutored friends, other students, and student-athletes in a variety of topics.

I also have an odd knack for faking foreign accents...although Scottish is my bane it seems, och.

I am also really good at being captivated by the night sky - if the temperature is right, I could spend entire evenings just looking up...

I'm really bad at figuring out how to send an introductory "out of the blue" message here on OKC and am prone to viewing a profile a few times as part of the process of trying to find the right words.

On the more geeky/nerdy side of things, I'm told I am rather good at coming up with creative ideas or out of the box directions for things, particularly when it comes to the one "game" that I keep coming back to every few years - Dungeons and Dragons. Technically, it's Pathfinder - if you know what the distinction is - definitely feel free to contact me
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my sense of humor. In my experience, there is almost no occasion where making somebody smile and laugh is a bad thing, and my goal is to do so every day of my life, regardless of if its while teaching, working, playing, or just hanging out. I enjoy creativity and wit, and trying to "think sideways" is often a fun challenge! Be ye warned be puns.

However, most people's first reaction is "wow you're tall" (even if I don't "need" to, I often duck coming through doorways...just in case),
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am rarely ever without something playing whenever possible. I enjoy a wide variety of music - with only a few exceptions, I listen to a little bit of everything, from hard rock to opera to heavy metal to classic rock to motown to soundtracks to jazz. My favorite genres are hard rock, soundtracks, and symphonic metal, but I can stray across all genres. I could fill pages with the bands that I like, so I'll let the above speak for me. (I keep SiriusXM Octane playing in my car and office pretty much all the time, if that helps define it a bit better).

Books...ah, I remember a time when I had time to read for pleasure...before the dark times, before the school... A friend got me into the "Discworld" series by Terry Pratchett, and I'm about halfway through that series. Other authors I enjoy; J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Shakespeare, Eve Forward, Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, Glen Cook, David Eddings, Margaret Weiss, Tracy Hickman, Chris Bunch, Albert Camus, William Styron, WB Yeats, Issac Asimov, Michael Crichton...not to mention many science and history authors as well. Also some rather "odd" bits - ancient Egyptian poetry, the Tao te Ching, Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Norse mythology, etc. Also I *love* XKCD, Order of the Stick, Hyperbole and a Half, Girl Genius, and a few other webcomics.

I haven't seen *too* many movies lately, but I'm still pretty good at knowing obscure movie quotes, and being able to (sometimes) recite lines from ones I really enjoyed. Some of my favorites: The Hunt for Red October, Lord of the Rings, The Usual Suspects, Serenity, Snatch, Tron, Tron: Legacy, Ronin, Dune, The Replacements, Spy Game, Hero, Star Wars, French Kiss, Harry Potter, The Great Escape, The List of Adrian Messenger (old black and white), Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, Definitely Maybe, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I'm a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil and fully intend on seeing Ka sometime! For shows, I have a wide variety that I like when I have time - The Daily Show, Mythbusters, Tron: Uprising, Key and Peele, Dexter, old-timey game-shows, and a few others here and there.

I love Japanese and Italian food perhaps the most, but, like my musical tastes, I enjoy a variety of others - I've found things I enjoy in Thai, Mexican, French, German, and even Vietnamese cuisine!
Six things I could never do without
If we're quantifying things: My family, my friends, music, intellectual stimulation, humor, and sub-70 °F weather.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why Hephaestus went after Aphrodite, and not, say, Athena...important to ponder for me, since I'm pretty sure that I'm more "Vulcan" than not (how's that for mixed geek references)?

Pondering why two friends of mine who don't know each other have both compared me to Beorn (Tolkien).

"42" (Life, the Universe, and Everything).

How "Jewish Science" or "Tradionalist Judaism" (i.e. tradition/culture > religion) are best described in the OKCupid "stats" block.

Wondering if the new Star Wars movies will draw from the Timothy Zahn novels...
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually relaxing after a long week, or hanging out with a few friends...or playing Pathfinder or Cards Against Humanity.

I'm not into the bar scene, especially not in a college town where loud drunken moronic behavior is the locals' modus operendi, so something low key is ideal, but I'm open to other ideas too.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Beyond my D&D admission above?

My sense of humor can range from fairly subtle, dry, and witty, to outright corny and punny beyond belief! Don't buy it? Go onto youtube and look up "The Quartzite Knight"...

I have more in common with Robin Williams than I realized.
You should message me if
If you enjoyed reading my ramblings.
If you understand the sort of message that authors like Styron and Camus capture so well in their books.
If you'd like to.


I'm hoping to meet someone who can see and like who I am, as I push myself to try and realize my potential. My pictures almost do me too much justice - I freely admit that I look thinner in them than I actually am. I want to find someone who can be an inspiration to me, who can see where I'm trying to go with my life and help me on that journey as I do the same for her.

I have a very light-hearted but sharp wit, and to me there is no lost opportunity to say something funny to make people smile (or groan at puns!). I hope that you are someone who can see past the times when I might be too opinionated and who enjoys me simply enjoying your company, but not letting me get too "sedimentary" too often!
The two of us