58 Albany, United States
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My self-summary
*** Important Update ***

Currently I struggle with time a little but still looking for and missing a good woman's company.
I'm sharing a house with and am a part time care taker for my 93 year old mother for now, so sometimes I can be a little time challenged.
She is still in very good health and quite independent so does not need direct care, but does need someone to keep an eye on things at times.
Also in the interest of transparency you should know that I'm still somewhat recovering from heart surgery in Jun 2015, so still working on getting my stamina back to where I'd like it to be.

The rest of my profile needs to be rewritten but is still fairly accurate and the pictures are recent. So a rainy day rewrite will be coming soon.

What I’m looking for:
Eventually I want a long term relationship (hopefully for life) but I’m not “searching for it”, on a quest for it or going to try and make it happen or rush it. I figure it will happen naturally when it’s the right time and person. Until then I’m open to pretty much anything…

Things you should know:
I’m probably a little rough around the edges and have been described as a diamond in the rough.
I probably drink more beer than I should sometimes. I know I can get a little too preoccupied with sex some times. I can casually drop F-bombs but keep it clean when appropriate. And I’m 420 compatible.

Things I like:
Closeness, touch, shared affection, yes I like to cuddle. Camping, fishing (I don’t hunt anymore), playing pool, cooking (dammed good when I have someone to share it with), live to BBQ, road trips to the mountains and the coast, photography (fits with the road trips), dinners in and out, cuddling with someone special with a movie, rock hunting, going to the races, a variety of hobbies and the list could go on and on.