26 San Antonio, United States
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My self-summary
New edit that is clearly needed now: my profile says I'm overweight. Which means I'm aware that I am fat. I do not care to be reminded by random unattractive or old men. I own a mirror. If I was in denial of my fatness I would mark myself as a little extra or curvy. I am not one of those feminists who are pro obesity who is proud of their body, but I'm also not going to deny what my photos clearly show. So for the love of Odin, please stop sending me messages to hit on me. Then see that I went to ur profile to see if I liked it, ignored your message, and then you proceed to say "never mind just saw that your fat". Please stop beginning messages with "you're fat". What is your purpose? Filter your results to not include women who mark profiles as overnight geez. Ok rant done.

I just activated my profile this past week (last week of May 2016) after I think 3 years of having it de-activated. A friend gave me a push to re-activate it so I figured it wouldn't hurt. I've since updated my photos to make sure they're as accurate as possible since I'm obviously large and as you see, (minus the Halloween makeup) I don't really wear any makeup anymore.

I went to Texas A&M University first in Galveston and then in College Station. I was studying Biomedical Science. Came back to San Antonio and studied Biology and Criminal Justice. I now work for Apple (not VMC or a vendor site). I'm libertarian.
I used to do barrel racing (rodeo event) and was on the varsity rowing team at A&M. I used to golf. I don't do much now a days and enjoy being a home body but do leave my home to hang out with people since my home is not a hang out spot so don't ask lol. If it's 3am and your bored and I'm smoking my hookah, don't invite yourself over because it's gonna be a no. Ummmm what else...oh yea I'm a hookah connoisseur of sorts and it's my daily, non sharing, bad habit lol. I used to work and manage a hookah bar and just got snooty about it so it's hard to enjoy when it's made by someone else. I enjoy whiskey, absinthe, and Guinness and will rarely....and I mean RARELY drink anything else. I'll probably judge your taste in alcohol if you drink but it's all in good fun. I can be a bit of a dude so I do bust people's chops a lot so I'm not for sensitive people. Oh and I occasionally go to concerts and shows in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and recently flew to Dallas for one. Mostly something in the rock genre such as my most recent ones: blaggards, drop kick murphys, flogging Molly, orgy/filter, and coming up I'll be seeing Manson and slipknot twice. Once in Austin and then I'm flying to Wisconsin for Rock Fest. I go to a lot of shows alone because others aren't into the same thing and I'm comfortable doing so. I go to the Tobin and the majestic often for things like the nutcracker, river dance, Celtic nights, comedy shows, and other random stuff. I guess this is getting close to way too much reading for any of you so let's wrap this up shall we?

Fair warning now, I do not have sex. No, not being coy like "I'm not looking for casual sex" or "I don't have sex on first dates" etc. thanks to a TBI I received, I now have PCS and simply don't want it and I'm not trying to waste people's time. I'm realistic. If ur patient enough to deal with that and care to converse, then by all means, send a message. Not that half of you will read this before sending a message. It doesn't mean I'm only looking for friends. I have friends. I AM interested in dating and am just making sure I make this clear now since most people expect sex while dating. Eventually I may be comfortable enough doing that but I can't make any promises so this is a fair enough warning.
What I’m doing with my life
Working or wasting time not being productive
I’m really good at
Talking too much, too loudly, and sending long text messages. Apparently I live to annoy.
The first things people usually notice about me
Currently, my hair I guess. It's green. It's usually red but for a year I've been playing with color. I'll be back to red in a few months.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
New books constantly, favorite so far is and has been His Dark Materials (the golden compass trilogy)

Music, movies, and shows depend on when you ask me.
The six things I could never do without
Food, water, clothes/shoes, hygiene toiletries, shelter and the ability to make a fire

I spend a lot of time thinking about
It varies constantly to avoid mental fatigue
On a typical Friday night I am
Nothing that I can't do on any other night
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not secretive. If asked, I'll answer honestly or politely decline to answer.
You should message me if
Just please don't send a message saying "hi" or "how are you?" Or any combination of the two. This is me saying "hi" now to get that over with. And just always assume I'm doing well because even if things aren't well, I'm not going to spill that on the first conversation I have with you.

Also if you have a blank profile and only have photos, I may not take you seriously. If you have NO photos though, don't bother. I don't want to hear stupid excuses about how ur job doesn't allow it, or you want privacy because when I end up letting you send photos elsewhere, it's always someone I'm not attracted to and let's face it, physical attraction will always matter. Your excuses are just a cop out for physical insecurities and it's just annoying.