28Lucknow, India
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My self-summary
While visiting/browsing if you really like my profile or me or something over here which is of course mine then please don't forget to hit Like button ;) Facebook Addiction lol

IF YOU'RE OK WITH INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP then let's get connect on Whatsapp (IM App) for best chatting. For friendship connect on Facebook please.
I am searching for friends or Love Across the globe.
__ Few Answers so, that you should stop asking me.
As it is already answered in My Details, Though for some of you who still asks..
NO Drugs
No offense if you do, but not my cup of tea.
One more thing I've No Criminal Record or Illegal involvement I abide laws no matter what my view are for Government / Politics.

AGE & Re-location is NOT AN ISSUE for me , incase if Someone is Genuine
I think it sound desperate but I've expanded my level of search not bounding myself to any particular country or race.

If you really wish to be connected regular with me so, better you come to Whatsapp or any other better IM or Whatsapp

Update :: I'm not looking to jump in relationship I like to take it naturally. Just like going with the flow.
I beleive hoping in relationship results a super fast break up hurting both or either person.

Well my name is Ayan.
• I am currently working as a Manager.
• Man of Moral & Values.
Honesty is the best policy
that's why I am Still SINGLE because I don't play with others feeling & emotions.
••Top Secret:: I am one Woman Type guy :)

• Sometimes, I sound like a writer or poet because of my thoughts.
• Sometimes, A kick-ass Gamer.
• Sometimes, Life of party or Occasions.
• Sometimes Emotional
I can be bad boy on bed :*
• In-short I am still searching myself.
I respect and admire all Religions and believe that. God is only one but due to our upbringing society we get a label.
I respect every religion but follow mine.

If its a deal breaker then a really big sorry we can never be a pair.
if you understand the moral of above lines then I'll love to listen from you :))

• My Hobbies & My Interests are full of Variety.
Same for Qualities too.
Moody,Quirky, Determined, Creative, Logical, Jolly, Ambitious, Art lover, Dork, Compassionate, Lazy, Curios for History,Science (How things changed), Crazy, Chivalrous, Intelligent, Nature Praiser, Smart, Family Oriented , Kind heart , Honest , Passionate, Optimist,Humorous, Geek, Kid at heart, Mature, Movie buff, Nerd, Upfront, Music Lover, Old fashion thoughts, Modern looks ;)
"Colorful as Different shades of Colors"

So many Shades in me, Come and explore them
• Sometimes Deep Dark Mysterious Like CHOCOLATE
A Gentle Man's Soul in a Bad Boy ;)
• Gentle for Nice & a Bad Ass for Bitches.

♥ I want to be friends first and if something serious comes out of the friendship, then it could turn into a serious long term relationship, even a life long Marriage.♥
Love will find a way ♥:)

♥ I would prefer someone who is Loyal and Honest ♥
♥ Can have lots of fun but also knows when to get serious. ♥ ♥ Someone who would understand me and I could trust her ♥
♥ Someone cute and down to earth ♥

I don't Like Arrogant people, A little is okay but too much of it, better you keep it yourself

► Do you remember Newton's Law of Motion?
Let me remind you ↓ ↓ ↓
→ ''For every action there is equal or opposite Reaction".
So, ↓ ↓ ↓
The way you will treat me, the way I will treat you back.
I am the result of your Action

I love to get dirt while using tool box for house chores. I'm multi tasking
I love Music and Guitar specially ;)

__Better you remember this and don't show me too much of Attitude or Arrogance.__
The Physical Beauty Fades with Time but, the Beauty of Heart remains forever.
If you understand the above lines then you should message
me at-least as friend :))

Update:::: I have taken the test and find myself as
The DGLM in Dating Persona
The Romantic Lover in Lover Style
The Provider ESFJ in Long Scientific
The protector ISFJ in Quick & Dirty.
I think its only fun don't know anything more about these popular tests.
and I need The Counselor INFJ type partner.

♥Love Conquers All♥
I don't like Traitors (Mind Games, Conspiracy)
Friendship is beyond Age &
What I’m doing with my life
I am doing masters & job as a HR. Yeah, I do recruit people. But right now there's vacant position in my heart ;) Want to apply?
Simply chat and see what we can upto.
I am Ambitious in life.

Seeking someone to be friend than like to go with flow.
♥ Love will find a way♥
I’m really good at
Technical Assistance
Passion for editing Pictures
Huge Movie Buff
Music is in my blood
Trying new recipes in kitchen ;)
I love Art & creative peoples.

Loyal towards my words & commitments.
Giving 110 % to the task/anything which I do.
And few Random things.
Giving Shoulder to the friends when they need it.
<<If I say something or commit then, I mean it>>
<< Otherwise I don't say or mislead people.>>
<<I don't back off from my words no matter whatever it will be resulting (Gain or Loss)>>
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know :o
why don't you tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have only read few Comics,Story,Science books in my childhood days.
As a student we all have to read Course books So, I am reading my Master's Program Books.
Bible,Geeta,Ramayan,Mahabharta, Nicholas Sparks books William Shakespeare's plays.
Movies I would prefer are
Epic Adventure
Like Listed Below :p
Bruce Almighty
Harry Potter
Mr & Mrs. Smith
Captain America
X-men Series Specially The origin of Wolverine ♥
Expendables series
Transformers series
Matrix series
The Avengers
The Dark Knight
Kung Fu Panda ;)
Johny English :Reborn
Yes Man
Your Highness
The Lord of the Rings Triology
Rambo series
The Beauty & the Beast ♥
The Great Gatsby
The Notebook♥
Fast & Furious Series ♥
The Mask ;)
The Transporter Series
Day After Tomorrow
Jackie Chan Movies
Gone in 60 Seconds
The Italian job
Shaolin Soccer
The Tourist
Universal Soldier
Snow white & Huntsman
Twilight Series ♥
Hulk series
MI Series (Specially MI-2)
Don't mess with Zohan
American Beauty
A walk to Remember
The Hangover
The Dukes of Hazards
The Proposal
Source code
Romeo Must Die

Few Bollywood Flicks All time Fav.
Sirf Tum
Dil toh Pagal hai
Veer Zara
Don Series
Chalte chalte
Chak de India
Tere naam
Ek tha tiger
Salaam Namaste
Qayamat se Qayamat
Andaz apna apna
Dhoom series
Jab we met
R..Rajkumar ♥
Few south Indian movies dubbed in hindi.
And many more I don't remember names right now so, I'll Update names later ;) Lol
Is it long list :p

The Vampire Diaries ♥ How I met your mother, True Blood, Two and a half men, Dexter & few Food Factory, Discovery Channel & Indian shows.. I Miss Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.

I love MUSIC ♪♫♫♪♫♫♪ ♥♥
My favorite are Somebody's me (Enrique), Why not me (Enrique),

Show me the meaning of being Lonely
Is this is the feeling I need to walk with ?
Just Gonna stay there & watch me Burn
Why Do Why Tell me why not me ?
This is the end hold your breath and count till ten
Keep the earth moving
I love the way you lie (Rihanna), Show me the meaning of being lonely (Backstreet Boys), Skyfall title track (Adele), You wanna touch me (Akon ft. Nivea) and mostly Soft Romantic (Blues) Bollywood Tracks a very very long list so mostly Romantic, Soulful, Sad, Sufi & Specially Pakistan's Singers like Atif Aslam & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab. Indian Music Maestro is A.R. Rehman

I like to eat Mughal,Indian & Continental.
I prefer eating Spicy food.
And Ice cream ♥ Indian Desserts.
No pork/ ham.
Six things I could never do without
Dedication & Compassion
Tasty Food
Juice,Soft drinks.
Entertainment (TV & Internet)
Music or Creative stuff.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Love ♥
Is there Someone who will my Love???
Where is my Love & when I'll meet her ♥

I believe I've a soulmate somewhere and she is waiting & searching for me as hard as I am looking for her. I'm not going to give up unless I'll meet her. The one who can make me & my life complete.
I'll not waste either of us time if I'll feel that you're not the one whom I'm looking for. Sorry if it sound harsh actually I'll not like to play with someone's feeling so, better to say bitter truth inspite of misleading someone.
I request same from you be honest whatever you say and be prepared to hear truth.

I am a broken musical note,
Upset with myself,
Why do I think that, I am an empty path,
I am that voice which is hidden in heart,
Listen me without saying,
How long Silence heart can bear ?
Or Shall I quit this Site ? Why I am loving Love ?
Like a Hopeless Romantic .

Some Social causes:

Like there should be a proper fast track Court System for Females in every city to stop Criminal activities in World.

Why foreigners or rest world think India is a slum?
Media/Movies plus trips to India for Charity or Social Causes.
But there is much more than this as, India is a still developing country so we have mixture of everything Variety of languages, variety of food,variety of traditions,epic history, lots of historical & wonderful nature places.
In short India is full of vast variety in everything.
Incredible India.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Don't Laugh at me :P
I wish I could get some powers like Wolverine, Vampire, Superman or Hulk.

I am sucker of Wolverine & Vampires.
I love watching cartoons since childhood days like Dexter, Superman, Alladin,Tom & Jerry etc..etc

I have a wide range of Aviator Sunglasses ♥
I love to cook ;)
I have a writer in my soul :)

Let the River Flow & see where it goes.
You should message me if
>--> Don't message me if you are looking only for sex chat.<--<<
♥ If you're a professional because I've a soft spot for proffesionals. Specially a cute female dentist or teacher. It show that they've done or doing to achieve something. ♥ Hope you understand it's not compulsory.
• If you like my profile or me ;)
° If you're interested in Interracial Relationship.
• If you need a friend or lets chat & decide where it will flow.
•You need a Nice & Honest guy to chat as friend or more :))
I have some Morals & Values which I strictly Adhere.
"I believe in Humanism"

+ A Bonus for Females who is
• Honest & loyal.
√ Wear Nose ring ♥
• Old Fashioned or Like to be Quite Traditional ♥
• Have some Moral & Values.
• Distance Don't matters her.
• Compassionate.
• Put Red lipstick or wear red color dresses.
• Shorter than me.
• Wear Tank-tops ♥
• Belle Piercing or Tattoo
• Wear Sexy shirts ♥
• Match percentage is above 69 %
• You are DGLM

Can do Long Distance Relationship
♥♥ Because Either You can come to me or I can come to you ♥♥

If Any of the above point is applied to you or you like to talk feel free to message

Please stop thinking these points as Condition its a BONUS POINT only. ANY OF ABOVE POINT is not mandatory so, just message me.

Thanks for Visiting & Reading My page.
If, I have messaged you that means you have selected Located Anywhere

Those who believe in Astrology or Zodiac here is compatibility chart with Libra (me).

Aquarius Compatibility Score: 89%
Pisces Compatibility Score: 78%
Aries Compatibility Score: 73%
Taurus Compatibility Score: 69%
Gemini Compatibility Score: 93%
Cancer Compatibility Score: 69%
Leo Compatibility Score: 97%
Virgo Compatibility Score: 79%
Libra Compatibility Score: 91%
Scorpio Compatibility Score: 87%
Sagittarius Compatibility Score: 96%
Capricorn Compatibility Score: 78%
I don't believe in this Zodiac system but its fun.
IF YOU ARE FAKE Leave the page now or Don't DARE to message me
Sorry for Being Rude Please continue. I don't Bite.
Have a good day :))
Thanks If you have rated me :)
The two of us