36 Wappingers Falls, United States
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My self-summary
Time for an update, version 2.0, wait lets make it 2.37, everyone will believe its more advanced then a second iteration of my profile and I can charge more. Originally had a comment about how difficult it is to sum up oneself, after being on this site for decent amount of time it seems everyone astutely observes that point and then launchers into a wide range of positive complementary character traits. I guess I shall bite some of said style, regal you of why I'm so super swell. I'm an artist and writer first, although nary a bill has been paid with either. Both my art craft and pen smithing (just created phrase, copy write as of now) each cover a wide spectrum of medium and styles. Both stylized skills have been finely honed at the acclaimed S.U.N.Y New Paltz. I have a degree in English and am working on a secondary in art education. skool learnin' fun i have dun. To actually exist in this society requiring monies to exchange for goods and services I tend to work most days at a restaurant, beguiling guests with jovial camaraderie and hoping to get get some tips. I also maintain an estate in Millbrook doing any and all maintenance and landscaping... Thanks earth tilting away from sun, only one labor to attend to for the next few months!

Well its been a magical journey thus far, lets drop some of the potentially deal breaking elements of my personality. I'm a nerd, not in the way that everyone's a nerd nowadays... "back in my day..." But I'm really king of the nerds. I play dungeons and dragons twice a month. I have a twenty sided die and an xbox logo incorporated into a dart tattoo. My ringtone is the fairy fountain from Zelda, the alert, treasure discovery noise. I play a game called warhammer 40k, essentially toy solider models I assemble, paint (pretty damn well), and wage war against someone else. Its all surrounded by an incredibly rich fiction. This fiction has been etched into my skin as well, making for a pretty great piece of art on my arm. Any given weekend I may gather with a group of friends and play board games, good ones. Arkam horror, small world, ticket to ride, settlers of catan, Puerto Rico, red dragon inn, last night on earth. I've dedicated so much time to this element just because I know its not every ladies cup of tea shall I cliche? I'm not looking for a clone (ugh how creepy!?) but just know I have certain hobbies outside the lines that you would have to tolerate. (If you enjoy any aforementioned distractions, messge me. Possible proposal to follow.)

Well I'll move on, if the last paragraph didn't cause your lady parts to be sucked back into your body perhaps your still reading. I love cooking, most especially grilling. Will grill in any weather, who puts their grill away!? Steaks in a snowstorm, sounds like heaven to my. Just throw in a gin and tonic or two... amazing.

I'm also incredibly awkward at times, especially with both dating online and off. Ive been something of a serial monogamist my entire dating career. My last few serious relationships were seven years, five years and three before that, with some life experience sprinkled in between. So needless to say I have not the faintest clue when I'm supposed to start texting, calling, and hopefully eventually take you out... I know not of rules or games that must be played, I'm just going to roll with honesty, clumsily stumbling over myself until you kick my ass to blocked, or we get married and move to the shire. I'm honest, loyal, funny, and thoughtful... I know that's what every dude is going to rock right out front, I don't expect your instant acceptance, those qualities are earned through illustration.
What I’m doing with my life
I have finished off my English major with a focus in creative writing. . I hope to perhaps teach, but for now I am a lowly server at a restaurant as well as landscaping artisan maintaining a lawyers enormous property. Trying to eliminate unneeded distraction and focus on the good productive things in life, finishing education, creating, and enjoying every step of the way... sometimes enjoying things a little to much, but hey this life requires actual living.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at being creative whether its literary or crafting art in whatever medium I happen to fancy that particular moment. I'm also a good listener, or have been told by my friends and coworkers that I give good advice. I'm a planner and problem solver. Grilling, throwing darts, laughing uncontrollably when the right set of friends get together. Losing myself in daydreams and deep thinking upon nonsense.
Cheering myself hoarse watching the Giants, Mets, or Rangers at a game... less cheering on television. Knicks have me interested again as well.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have been told I have nice eyes... They are slightly different colors, one green and the other more of a greenish blue. Stupid underdeveloped photoreceptor in my iris. I think that's what happened, vaguely remember something from eighth grade biology... feel free to message and correct me, I could Google it but then I wouldn't have anyone messaging me to correct me. My forearms are both tattooed, each of which usually garners attention. Most people start in a place where it remains hidden, I started right up front and will work the canvas back out of sight. I will include a negative here (wow I'm doing a bang up job of selling myself!) I have a lower spine injury that hurts my posture. I'm looking into options to fix it, not sure what road to travel. It doesn't cause me much distress, I can still do all activities at gym and so on but it often elicits questions of what the hell happened. Jeez its like someone logged into my account and is trying to drive potential partners away! Reality of truth. Meh.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm marking this under construction. Should finish tomorrow if your visiting tonight, This is just to much important stuff here for the vague bs I had here before... In the industry we call that a teaser, check in tomorrow folks!
The six things I could never do without
My sight, so glasses or contact lenses

Ipod, music and podcasts oh my! I'll reverse engineer this one with hearing.

blank surface and writing utensil

meat. I love it.

Isn't family mandatory? I'm not so sure... I think my mother and father are more proud that they sculpted me into such an independent being when I was young, rather then needing them to support me through late teenager-hood. Moved out at 18, friends across the street still living at home at 32.

laughter and friends to share it with.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I really want to do with this existence. Both realistically and whimsical daydreams. Why procrastinating feels so good. How can I please all of the people, all of the time. Will my nightmares always be about work for the rest of my life, I miss the monsters of my youth.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working. Easy one. Friday night equals busy night at restaurant. But I assume question intent referring to "night off". Dive bar with a Touch tunes jukebox, dart board, atmosphere definite go. Exploring a new restaurant of whatever variety, hopefully something containing one or more of the following in its description, Spicy, garlic, curry, or rare. Movies are great, theaters OK, curled up on the sofa better. Best viewing at drive in, double feature, sitting outside car, libations at the ready. Board games, or on a special occasion even a drinking game. Crowded club really not getting me super excited but I do like to dance so I'm in, just in moderation. Musical shows always a joy, local band or huge ass concert, If the music is right lets get tickets. Baseball game anyone? Enough of listing, if anyone decides to contact me what are we going to talk about?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Most frequently used statement in this portion of profile, envelope please... "I'm an open book, just message me and ask!" *hearty applause from crowd*.
*"Message me and find out"scowls noticeably.* I'm not sure anyone should characterize themselves as an open book, maybe that 50 Shades of Grey lady, her "book" seems pretty open (definitely not hating, seeing the written word proliferate always a deep sigh of relief, regardless of subject matter) but lets back off the open book metaphor everyone. Wow I'm being surprisingly judgmental. Apparently that's what I'm willing to admit. at times I'll be a cynical, judgey, innuendo laden fountain of sarcasm.
You should message me if
My elaborate ruse to have you message me worked! Your interested in just learning more about me. You have explanations on a bunch of your questions, often I feel they paint a bigger picture of what the question is actually asking. Not a necessity, I just think its a better way of getting to know someone. (as much as this electronic computer super system can do. Whats with sending me a quiver match with some girl in Istanbul Turkey!? agreed we have a lot in common but 4,000 miles? A bit of a hurdle.)

One final caveat, everyone seems to add a "don't message me if" portion, probably not a bad idea for them to implement on the actual site. I feel often that these ultimatums are often either incredibly obvious "No chainsaw wielding serial killers please." Or incredibly dismissive "If you have ever even seen a rap video out of the corner of your eye or happened to hear one in a car next to you don't bother." This leads back to my dating a clone point, its good to have differences in interests, a conjoined twin style relationship sounds like a recipe for disaster.So maybe we don't like one genre of the same music, look at all the other crap we sync with. The biggest thing with me is honesty, I'm a firm proponent of it. We all might embellish a little here or there, but please let the foundation of a potential relationship be constructed on basic truths about ourselves. I'm not requiring a specific body type, education, hair color, income, procreation status... I'm pretty much looking for someone to enjoy life with. Of course attraction is important, I'm just saying the sum is greater then the whole... the whole you, sense of humor, stuff in common, chemistry.. .. Just looking to meet someone who is honest enough with themselves to be honest with me. Lets go from there.