35 Gladstone, United States
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My self-summary
**update **
I'm getting back into training for the Spartan Race next year and a few mountain to climb this year. You'll have to do my drinking for me when we go out.

Love is a simple thing. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy... we spend far too much time worrying about the trimmings. We all have our "List" but the reality is it is just our safety blanket. A safety net to tell us that this kind of person won't hurt us, will chase away our loneliness, and bring us a light heart. The problem is it is all bull. We all have our types, but some of the best relationships I have ever had were with women that caught me off guard. Love can strike anywhere, like lightning it can strike or slowly sneak up on you and drag you away without warning. For me the pursuit of life, love, and happiness is not just a right but a personal goal I challenge myself with. Lists are all fine, but I tend to enjoy what I have while I have it, because you never know when it will be gone.

Despite all this, here is a little tidbit about me:
I am not trendy, but nothing. Just not.
I am not a bar hopper, but I love having a certain haunt.
I am not a gym rat, though being healthier is always important to me.
I am not a couch potato, though every now and then it's nice.
I am drawn by your perfections.
I stay for your imperfections.
I am divorced (no kids).
I am a veteran after 6 years Active Army.
I don't do form messages, each one has some thought to personalizing them.
I am actually outdoorsy. The actual outdoorsy.
I am generally unflappable, just don't mistake it for apathy.
I am tech-savy and crafty, and an avid reader.
I will survive the zombie apocalypse and your mother's meatloaf.
I am old fashioned and will always pick up the check, open the door, say my P's and Q's, and the like...
I love being a knight but my armor doesn't shine and I lost my horse in Vegas to a guy named Vinny Two Toes. Besides, my princess seems to be in another castle.
I am smart and funny and charming with more than my fair dose of confidence. If you don't believe me, ask my mother.
I am deathly allergic to cats, but my current allergy meds seem to rock it.

*Updated: June 2016*
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working at embracing my inner viking, enjoying my outer pirate, and occasionally beating my hypothetical knight into submission.
I'm a gamer, to a degree, but also the crafty type. Woodworking is a passion of mine, though I'm only really dipping my toes in, and making my own cider (and eventually my own liquor) ranks right up there with it. Generally, on the weekends I'll make at least one road trip or day trip. Family and friends are why, but sometimes I crave to see something new.
Learning the German longsword, various instruments, sailing, and being a general maker are what I'm expanding most on.
I’m really good at
Some things I enjoy, but not exactly great at: Chess, Cribbage, Go, Yoga, Tai Chi, being Mr Fixit, non-linear mathematics, various martial-arts, creative writing (I have stories I have started, but can't seem to quite finish them the way I like), and partner dancing though I enjoy it a great deal (particularly swing-dancing lifts and aerials) I would love to branch out into other styles of dance.

Things I am bad at: Movie quotes, the "Name that Song" game, being distracted by shiny objects, I sometimes have that internal filter for my mouth turned off. I'm not very good at being sensitive and my humor can be rough at times.
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh or voice if I had to guess, its a bit loud, and I would say rich. Either that or my shoulders. I've always had solid shoulders.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love a little bit of everything, be better off if you just ask if I like this or that than me trying to list it all!
* Some of my favorite Book Series (fictional) would include: A Song of Fire & Ice (George RR Martin), The Saga of Recluse (LE Modesitt), Sword of Truth (Terry Goodkind), and The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan). Other more classics books include Count of Monte Christo, Don Quixote, and a mess of Robert Frost poetry. I used to read a LOT, though now I only read when I get the time.
* TV: beyond GoT and Walking Dead and perhaps whatever Marvel is putting out? Whatever catches my fancy on Hulu or Netflix
* Movies: The list is huge. Any of the Marvel films, Disney does it right, actions films when I'm in the mood to be mindless, comedies most all the times, and rom-coms when I have a girly curled up with me.
* Music: Mostly anything but rap and most country. Right now I've been on an 80's hair metal kick, though blues is generally one of my go-to's. Also anything from my mid 80's to late early 2000's in the rock or punk genre is solid by me. Greenday, Nirvana, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, and basically any of their unplugged stuff.
The six things I could never do without
Because people are so serious and even existential about this question...
* Toilet Paper
* Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
* Something new to explore
* My amigos, brothers in arms, comrades, musketeers, or quite simply the best of friends.
* My integrity. Most valuable thing I have, and I can't say I've ever compromised it.
* Chocolate Chip Cookies (okay, a little sarcastic but I couldn't figure a 6th that fit)
I have been without a lot of these things at one point or another, but it turns out a man can deal with anything so long as he knows there is a chance for better.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sustainable living, off-grid lifestyle, and my desire to dabble...
The difference between a nice guy and kind man.
My next adventure.
My next project.
And how parents tell their kids to keep their fingers out of their noses, but seem to dig for gold every time they get behind the wheel.
What is my spirit animal?
On a typical Friday night I am
I work myself to death during the week to make sure I can enjoy my weekends. Friday night is usually my guys' night, but the rest of the weekend can be anything from on the road out of town to the beach or mountains, comedy club, dancing, going to a casino, on a flight out of state, or (my favorite) chilling in a buddy's back yard making s'mores over a fire pit. All are equally awesome. And failing that, playing Mario Cart, Borderlands, or Halo with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am not nearly as vanilla as I appear, and I am sex positive. Just a different kind of adventure, but one I'm more cautious about. If you would like to know more feel free to ask. I do believe I fall into the switch category though.
I used to be ridiculously fat... I mean bad. I am still a bit on the chubby side, but it doesn't bother me so long as it doesn't impact my life or health (which it doesn't, don't worry).
Oh, and one of my few serious buttons I have is being blown off. Irks me more than... anything.
I have a thing for old school pin-up girls... Classy without it being like modern models... I dig women with a little curve!
I have three weaknesses when it comes to women: the Italian language, red-heads, and long hair. If I ever find an Italian ginger with long hair, I am so very screwed.
When I do something, I'm all in. I don't believe in half measures. From dating, to hobbies, to work out projects... I may be patient, but I don't believe in wasting time.
And finally, I actually enjoy romantic comedies... Feel free to judge.
You should message me if
... you aren't a princess in need of rescuing.
... you don't care if I see you without makeup (because I will prefer you that way).
... you realizes sex isn't the goal of a relationship, just one of the more fun parts.
... you are more inclined to fix something, than to go find something new to replace it.
... you managed to catch all the geeky jokes hiding in here.

I'm looking for my happy medium. Being pretty is nice, smart is better, and knowing yourself trumps them all. Some that makes coming home something to be excited about, I can spend the quiet moments with, curl up before a fire with, conquer the world with, make a life with, and of course dance in the rain with.

I'm in training, so I'm more than happy just to find someone to train with even if you don't want to jump my bones.