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My self-summary
~*Looking for cool, fun, lively friends!! Girlfriend opportunities, BFFs & GREAT NEW ADVENTURES!*~

Loving suggestions on fun group activities, music, vocal, Holistic, Metaphysical, Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi, Crystal Grids & Class Meet-Ups, Drum Circles, Channeling Classes, Mediumship, Etheric of all kinds, Spirits, Aerial Silks, Pole Fitness, Hot Yoga, Bike Riding locations, Best Hiking Spots, Acroyoga, Exploration, Etc... please shoot me a message!! :D <3 <3 <3 s

New friends are welcomed!! :D
NO HOOK UPS messages! I use this for friends only.
I enjoy the outdoors, Hot Yoga (hook me up w/Studios here!), staying fit, cooking like a boss in the kitchen again (healthy and raw preferred!)... In the past I've attended and performed in different noise and rave shows for fun... learning to sing w/help from spiritual partnerships, etc :) ~♡~

I'm currently pursuing my career more and more in alt. healing such as Massage Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Theta Healing, adv Aura Clearings, Psychic Readings & Hands on Healing and so much more! Attending BPI in Boulder at this time.

Interested in learning any and all forms of dance! Curious about fire dancing, poi, all forms of belly dance, liquid, pole; anything that makes you move! :D ~Did West Coast Swing in Denver in last yr. Lots of fun! <3 s

I love to learn about this world... Plants, gardening, different religions and how they all correlate. I'm that hyper, fun loving gal and at times can be very much down to earth, enjoying my peace and serenity here under a moon light sky. :)

I have varying unique hobbies which are not suitable for everyone. Just ask/share your own to see if we match here :)

I'm looking for more outgoing & friendly individuals. Those that have a fun open mind, a good sense of humor and aren't afraid to speak their true heart's desires. *In general, a wonderful lively spirit to be around!* :D Someone to clearly enjoy my time with and share common interests as well.

*I'm NOT looking for a hook up! I'm looking for company of luke minded, fun friends along my many adventures here. Long term relationships that are built on honestly and trust, those that take time. I'm willing to take this road in hopes of making real connections here, nothing fake or sex based. If that's all you desire, sex, than you've come to the wrong place.~

Also please don't waste anyone's time here. Writing me simple "Hello letters" will be deleted due to all the thoughtless "Hey baby, do you like what you see?" messages I've received. (Already blocked several here from the blatant disrespect of not reading the profile request first.) Try something witty, fun &/or kind to get my attention, said like you mean it! :D You'll stand a better chance with those guys/girls your interested in if that's what they'really seeking here, but I'm not so no thank you! ☆ Personal experience too from when I was looking long ago.

If your profile lacks a picture, please include one in your letter. TY! Talking to bots are no fun :(

Ideal friends & gfs here: Happy, full of life, fun loving, can laugh easily, down to Earth and is of like mind (Life's too short! Learn from your mistakes and move forward!). Athletic, not too shy, believes in chivalry, takes care of him/herself, considerate of others, health oriented, understands and agrees with The Law of Attraction & The Law of Allowing, spiritual, supports themselves on all levels, ENJOYS ADVENTURE & EXPLORATION OF NEW THINGS HERE IN COLORADO, ETC
... Would love to get to know you more!

Don't be afraid to be yourself!! It's your life :D
"An' it harm none, do what ye will"~ Wiccan Rede
❀ ❀ ❀
What I’m doing with my life
*Furthering my education (CEUs even though CO isn't as strict as FL)

*Attending BPI upwards of 6 days of wk!! :D Monday evening Avatar class, Tuesday & Thursday Healing Clinic, Wednesday & occ Sunday Minister class w/Sacred Ceremonies or Church Services there Fridays if you're curious to come up in Blouder, CO.

*Exploring Colorado more°•~! Give me fun ideas please! :D ♡♡♡

*Getting my private practice going. Learning the rules & less strict regulations here <~~ Surprising!!

~Overall still adjusting to this new Colorado life!~

From St. Petersburg, FL which feels like the PEOPLE of Nederland+ Boulder high energy + Denver busy city life (all in one, -mountains, +3 sides water/beaches instead). I left for a boy AND a chance to grow outside of my comfort zone. Boy was much more into himself. Parted ways & moved forward with my classmate & best friend instead :) ~♡~ Far more appreciative of what I offer him :)

Update: ~July 2017~
Said late partner I came here for took his life in December, 6mo after we separated. Was heavy into his own world but I wish he could still be here ~°•♡•°~

RIP Geoffrey Brian Widdel

^^^ Anything fun here to do to help me past this grieving loss would be wonderfully appreciated!! Still coming to terms with this loss clearly.

I’m really good at
Playing Altosax
Making kitten noises, *Meow!*
Making you laugh! YOU SEE?! I win XD

And apparently picking out really bad screen names at 3 in the
morning, then wishing I would change it the very next day... Oh
well! LOL! (It was based off of an old character of mine I used to
play often from Soul Calibur 2-3...Guess who!)
The first things people usually notice about me
My quirky sense of humor and smile! ~Say cheese!
And my butt. Being honest here! :p
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fav. Book= HELLSING! Ok, it's a manga though it still rocks! XD
And "The Big Book of Stones" for all you crystal collectors :D

Fav. Movie= Does "Foamy the Squirl" online/ DVD episodes count?

Fav. Shows= Not a big fan of TV, though I do watch True Blood, that occasional Zombie series and of course **GAME OF THRONES!!** Oh, and who could forget Archer? :)

Fav. Music= Too many to choose from... German Hard Rock, Techno, Dance, Drum and Base, Psytrance, Dupstep, Darkwave, Celtic, Rock, Alt. Rock, Experimental music, electronic music of all sorts, meditation works, classical... anything BUT rap and/or upbeat! I've attended multiple noise shows from St. Pete to Gainesville and I enjoy making my own music as well. I've played altosax sense 6th grade for concert band, jazz and marching ensemble. Some keyboard for fun/started on the light up one, lol! Bass clarinet back in 8th grade for concert season and loved it!! Ahh, the good old days! :) *Wanting to purchase a sitar!! Needing lessons here!

~I used to highly enjoy singing to Amy Lee's work with Evanescence. Self taught and could mimicked her tone beautifully back in my HS days! <3 my musical days :)

*As listed above, just did my first official singing lesson in Denver! Needing to schedule my prepaid session #2! Wishing everything wasn't as spread out compared to what I'm used to :( I'm adjusting though and loving the scenery here :) <3 ~Had never seen Mts or snow before & am told it takes 2 yrs to adjust overall? What's your story?

*Current Favorite Artist: Lindsey Stirling, dupstep violinist! Woot!

Dark melodic tones are another fav of mine! I'm strange like that. ;P I love classical, than again I also love hard rock... weird, aye? I'm eclectic in many ways, taking bits and pieces here and there and making it my own style. Creative outlets are wonderful!

Fav. Food & Drink= Goat cheese, eel sushi, Thai tea and ice cream of course :) *Yummy!*
Six things I could never do without
1. ICE CREAM!! :) I'm a sucker for a simple chocolate ice cream cone w/chocolate sprinkles on top... *Nom nom!*

2. Music and dance! (Learning new pieces and dance moves :D)
Examples: All forms of belly dance (Gothic Tribal
Fusion Bellydance/ wanting to learn more! HOT!! Lots of
freaky isolation moves that'll make your jaw drop! *Drools!*)
~I'm hoping to learn all forms of dance. May it be salsa, swing, you name it!! If you're a dancer hit me up!! I would love to hear from you and maybe pick up a few moves! :D

3. Open minded friends and having a good time with them! <3

4. <3

5. .... I rather not say..... :X

6. Being socially and physically active. I cramp up when sitting or staying still for too long, so physical activity and the random need to jump up and exercise is a must for me.

~I'm also looking for an activity partner/ someone to possibly work out with.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Human nature and how we interact with one another...
~Blowing up roses!! (BPI students will get this one)

Improving thyself (You must fix YOURSELF before you can truly heal/teach another). Learning to take care of me more before another... Not putting my needs aside anymore for the sake of a partner, family, etc. I learned the hard way that if you drain yourself, you'll have nothing to give anymore. It's ok and NOT selfish after all to say no to someone when you really don't have the energy or time to do so. You'll just be sacrificing yourself from when you may truly be needed... You're not responsible for the rest of the world. They got them & you need to lead by example by keeping your own "sh*t" together. I'm too much of a caregiver at heart... hence nursing school & wanting to healing everyone but in reality, we are all here to heal ourselves and blow up our matching pictures on all lvls. Heal thyself & the rest will come!! ~ <3 s ~ Experience life!! Personal Growth & better self awareness... cosmic knowledge, etc.

What's Colorado's special thing here?

The lessons I'm learning here...

What's next on this adventure? :D
On a typical Friday night I am
Nothing typical about this night...

Exploring Colorado's beautiful land & lifestyle!

Occ. TransMedium fun w/my partners class :) ~♡~
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm into more mature men and women. Not much of a secret, though I prefer intelligence over immaturity. Typically, biologically speaking, females my age are ok & men I prefer to be a few years older. It's just an old preference of mine :)

I know how to use a bastard sword if/when Zombies do in fact try to take over!! Had to throw some humor in there. :D ~Not as proficient in quarter staff, though wanting to learn more!~

...stix & stones... Looking to find some aerial fun!! :D <3 s
You should message me if
You're within my age bracket and are looking to make new friends or have great places here in Colorado for me to explore! :D

°•I love meeting happy new faces ~°•♡•°~

I look forward to hearing from you! :) Again, I'm not looking for a hook up! If you are, sorry but just keep moving along!

Thank you :D

*I've discovered from meeting with others here from Okc, that 83% + matches make great friends & possibly more! Anything lower than that, has yet to prove itself eventful.* Just FYI for those searching.
~°•Only seeking friends at this time•°~

Awards: (OkC is retiring them)

1. Shecky_Molotov gave me: Friends In Real Life
Awarded May 7, 2011
“This woman is awesome and a friend of mine in real life!”

2. Rachael_T gave me: Friends In Real Life
Awarded Jun 1, 2011
“<3 this girl! She rocks! Any of you would be lucky to spend time with her!”

3. JoeMonso gave me: Friends In Real Life
Awarded Jun 1, 2011
“The most amazing woman ever. How do I know this? Well probably because I've been with her now for over 6 months going strong and I've loved every moment of it. She's definitely someone that will be your friend forever as long as you treat her well.”

~Side note: I'm no longer with Mr. X (comment #3). He was a great man, just not right for me long term :)
The two of us