29Bloomington, United States
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My self-summary
I fluctuate unpredictably between intro and extrovert. A few things I love are writing computer code, reading, debating, trying different cuisines, meeting people from different parts of the globe and travelling, trekking, hitchhiking and the whole 'not-resisting-the-unknown...'

Currently working towards a master's degree at IU.

According to Myers-Briggs I am an INTJ ( I am not sure how seriously to take a test based categorisation of personality, a part of me is fairly certain that it is bogus, but if it serves as a data-point to someone reading this then so be it)
What I’m doing with my life
Maximizing my utility
I’m really good at
numbers and remembering precise facts. I give people who bullshit a hard time :D

I have been told that I'm pretty good at chess and poker. I know i enjoy them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Atonement-Ian McEwan
Song of Ice And Fire Series-George R R Martin
The Mahabharata- Ramesh Menon
The Reader- Bernhard Schlink
Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance-Robert Pirsig
Saturday- Ian McEwan
A case of exploding mangoes- Mohammed Hanif
To kill a mockingbird- Harper Lee
Maus- Art Spiegelman

INFLUENCE: The Psychology of Persuasion- Robert Cialdini
City of Djinns- William Dalrymple
SEX AT DAWN:The prehistoric origins of modern sexuality- Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha
Stumbling on Happiness- Dan Gilbert
The Argumentative Indian- Amartya Sen
A Citizen's guide to the world economy-Thomas Sowell
The Code Book-Simon Singh
The Big bang-Simon Singh
Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman- Richard Feynman
The Red Plenty- Francis Spufford

And I'm going to throw in a fan-fiction here, namely Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality, the characters are way cooler than those Rowling created (And Ron doesn't exist :D); Tell me if you think otherwise after reading it :

Blogs I like to read- Slate Star Codex, Less Wrong, A Measure of Doubt, Overcoming bias.


Movies in English-
Shawshank, Schindler's List, Scent Of A Woman, As Good As It Gets, American History X, Pulp fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, Lincoln, Requiem for a dream, Annie Hall

Non-English movies-
Oslo August 31, Mephisto, Der Untergang, Das Leben Der Anderen , Pan's Labyrinth, Auf der anderen Seite, Life is beautiful, Gangs of Wasseypur 2, Aligarh, The Lunchbox, Dedh Ishqiya2 (This last one I like as a mindless fun movie with some beautiful urdu poetry and the fact that it pays tribute to a homo-erotic novel called 'lihaaf' written in the 1940s which was then deemed obscene by the courts)

Shows- Black Mirror, Westworld, Boston Legal, The Wire, Yes Prime Minister, Coupling, Mad Men.

Music, too many and too varied. I listen to most genres if not all, but I like to listen to Trip-Hop and Chillout when I am working.

Food- Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, Thai

~Although ever since I drastically cut down on my sugar consumption, my baklava enjoying days are over.
~I tried being a pescetarian for a while, and failed. I have now pinned my ethical eating hopes on lab synthesized meat.
Six things I could never do without
Any six things that can put me in a state of flow: music, books, a good movie, some competitive sport, or just a good conversation generally does the trick.

There's also the early morning gym. Makes my day significantly better.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Rationality and biases of the human mind, sciences in general, psychology, morality, politics.

And lastly in 'what I often think about', I'll let Mark Twain drive home the point.
"[Man] has imagined a heaven, and has left entirely out of it the supremest of all his delights, the one ecstasy that stands first and foremost in the heart of every individual of his race... sexual intercourse! It is as if a lost and perishing person in a roasting desert should be told by a rescuer he might choose and have all longed-for things but one, and he should elect to leave out water!"
On a typical Friday night I am
There isn't a typical Friday. I could be out with friends, playing video games, staying indoors and reading a book or my favorite- travelling to a weekend getaway.
You should message me if
You love to read and travel.

You like going to the movies and plays.

You think openness and honesty are the most important things in a relationship.
The two of us