33 Sunnyside, United States
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My self-summary
I find the questions on this thing troubling. If I say I'll accept either answer OK Cupid deems that to me the answer is irrelevant. It absolutely DOES NOT mean that the answer is irrelevant. I just think it depends on the person. I would much rather hear from the person why they agree or disagree with me.
I was on the speech and debate team in high school, guys. I like having discussions. I like people who disagree with me, and of course I like people who agree with me. I like hearing new ideas and new sides to a story. It's how we expand and grow. I dig it. It's not black and white like this dating site wants to make it.
Pretty much, that's me, though. I'm open minded, I don't see things in black and white, but I consider myself to be a strongly moral and good person. My personal opinion is that I will try to live my life the best way I know how and you can do the same.
Even though I was on the speech and debate team and do enjoy a heated discussion, I don't like actual arguments and I don't like competition. I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who I'm constantly in competition with to see who is right.
I 'm a pretty normal girl, I can be awkward and goofy, and I love that, and I hope that I have a good sense of humor about it. I'm extremely loyal, warm, loving. People like to use the word "sweet" to describe me. I personally hate this word. Most of the things that people say I do that are "sweet" I consider to be basic human decency.
I got on this thing because I have a plethora of gay men in my life. And I love them (and if you're not down with the gays, we probably will not get along). But I need straight males in my life again. I'm really just looking for straight men to hang out with and have a good time with.
I also have realized that I have no idea what it's really like to be in a relationship, my last one of any duration being in high school. Relationships scare me a little (not a lot). So I wouldn't mind trying one on for size.
What I’m doing with my life
Well, my day job (or really my night job) is working merchandise at different broadway shows.
I am a performer, though, and I'm working pretty hard on that right now as well. The goal isn't to be famous, just to make my living doing what I love. I also do some freelance teaching.
I’m really good at
I'm an excellent performer, I write, I teach. I'm a really good friend, I'm a fantastic listener, I make people laugh, and I laugh really easily myself.
I'm a pretty good diplomatist, I like to keep the peace. I hope that I am a good sister and daughter. I can give a good massage.
I make pretty stellar faces, and I do a good Bob Dylan impression. No one else may think so, but I do.
The first things people usually notice about me
Smile. I've got a nice one.
And I'm sure most of the straight men I know would also say boobs. Well, they're there.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - well I am currently reading The Vicomte De Bragelonne, which is the 3rd in the trilogy that is The Three Musketeers. Did you know it was a trilogy? I didn't. I'll come back and add favorites sometime. I hate the favorites questions, btw. Ummm . . . I've been reading a lot of classics lately, I just recently read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, as well as all of Jane Austen. I'm also an undercover sci-fi/fantasy nerd, so I read a lot more young adult fiction than I probably should. I've read all of Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, and the Percy Jackson stuff.
I'm also a big Tom Robbins fan, Jitterbug Perfume being my favorite.
Movies - I have eclectic tastes in all things. I love super-hero movies, my most recent favorite would have to battle it out b/t Captain America and Thor. I love awesome bad movies - like Cowboys & Aliens. How did anybody who went into the theatre knowing they were seeing a film titled Cowboys & Aliens come out dissapointed? I would watch it daily. I like serious fare as well. I like romantic comedies, too (I'm a girl! You don't have to watch them with me!). And I'm from the south, so the southern romantic comedies really get me. Like Steel Magnolia's or The Devine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. Once again, you don't have to watch them with me. It's probably better if we don't have those particular movies in common.
Shows - Top shows, as I am a nerd, are Firefly, and Doctor Who. I've also recently gotten into Parenthood, I do the Grey's Anatomy thing in fits and spurts. Vampire Diaries (total guilty pleasure). I love MASH reruns. I own most of The West Wing. Well, I love anything Aaron Sorkin wrote, really. One day I'll work for him.
Music - I listen to everything. No really, I do. I have friends who have really eclectic tastes as well, and they love introducing me to new things. I love Queen, and The Beatles, I love The Dixie Chicks, I love the Nekromantix, I love Ingrid Michaelson, I love Sinatra, I love Outkast, Rufus Wainwright, Eve Cassidy, Jet . . . all of it, just all of it. I also love to talk about music. I don't take as active a role in finding music as I used to. Mostly I let the music come to me and when people I trust say listen to this, I listen. I would like very much to explore the music scene in NYC much more. Most of what I know is the theatre. I love live music, and I haven't been to a single concert since I moved here, which has been almost 3 years. I find this sad and tragic. (raises fists to the air "how did I let it come to this?!?)
Also, I listen to NPR a lot. Less now that I don't drive, but as often as I can.
Food - Ummm, I love food. And I'll try almost anything once. I love sushi (I know, so super trendy). I'll eat seared ahi tuna on . . . well, anything.
The six things I could never do without
Is this like an "If you were on a desert island" thing? Or can I say stuff like friends and family?
Umm . . . In no particular order:
1) Access to the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (I am a nerd! But such a hot nerd!)
2) Seriously though, my mom. I can't help it. She has all the answers.
3) Also, my sister. We're twins. It's a thing. (No, we are not identical, we do not look alike, squash the twin fantasy before it takes root! I said stop!)
4) Pen or Pencil or some kind of writing utencil. Crayon, magic marker, something.
5) Paper, on which to use the aforementioned writing instrument.
6) Music.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
ohhh, I'm a worrier. I do a lot of that. Most people consider me to be a laid back person. Luckily no one else is inside my head to see that this is not always true.
How to be a better person. I know it's cheesy, but I want to be a self-actualized individual. I want to be the best that I can be. I learned a long time ago that the word "perfect" is evil, and I don't want it in my life. But I do want to live my life as fully as I can and have as much fun as humanly possible. So I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to acheive that.
How to Change the world.
Sex. I'm human. I think about sex a lot.
Art, storytelling, life
On a typical Friday night I am
Sadly at work. When you work for the theatre, you keep theatre hours. So when there is a show, I'm working, and that's mostly nights and weekends. But after the show is over (which means very late Friday night into early Saturday morning) I'm usually at a bar drinking with my friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
oh, come on, you have to earn the private things!

I . . . when I was little I used to eat sandwiches comprised of mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, and banana.

I really love pickles and sometimes (most of the time) I still drink the pickle juice out of the jar.

The man who understands my love of funny socks will win my heart.
You should message me if
You find Eddie Izzard funny.
And can quote him.
In his accent.
(Is she joking or isn't she? I don't know?!?!)