49Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a scientist, artist, entrepreneur, jack-of-trades - and master of some. I work with my head, heart, and hands. I'm thoughtful, considerate, self-aware, and usually bold. I love deeply, laugh heartily, dance joyfully, and sing soulfully. I'm well traveled and care about the world - nature and humanity. I'm well grounded, sensitive to social and environmental justice, and against violence, avarice, ignorance, and indifference. I am resolute in defending vital causes. I'm at once optimistic and realistic. While I am an intellectual (geek / nerd) and decidedly "white-collar" regarding income, I am committed to blue-collar issues, and "work in the trades" non-professionally. And I am a chivalrous romantic.

This is supposed to be a summary, but I don't fit into a short summary without overlooking much. So... Perhaps consider this a woefully incomplete introduction.
What I’m doing with my life
At present, I'm working in both the life sciences and earth science. I'm presently serving as Chief Technical Officer / VP of Engineering for two woefully underfunded startups, so life is challenging, but has lots of upside.

I will never be too busy for a Lady in my life, you; I will always make time for you. There are two sides to "you", each a reciprocal of the other - "we"; draw me in, grab me - physically, emotionally - kiss me, show me your desire, lead me, my hands, my heart, to where you want them, engage me in the aspects of your life you want me engaged in, ask my opinion, ask for my help, and give me yours. And, I will turn my attention to you, your intellect, your sensuality, nothing will please me more than pleasing you, sexually, intellectually, to help you overcome your challenges - to guide when guidance is wanted and needed, and to follow down the paths you choose to lead us.


By the way, OkCupid broadcasts when we are online; please note that this information is useless for figuring out whether or not I am online because I never log out. I have a large server-scale system I use for my "desktop" computer - it's an 8 CPU, 24GB monster running five monitors. To save time, I just leave it - and everything - up and running 24 X 7. ...If OkCupid shows me _not_ online, then the network is probably down, or the web browser has crashed.
I’m really good at
Everyone says I'm a good cook. I'm a sharp thinker. And many people say they like my writing, both fiction and non-fiction. I have a lot of technical skills. Examples including welding, design, writing computer code. I love art and work in various forms, but how good I am at creating it is for others to judge, and is very subjective.

I'm pretty good at knowing myself and improving. I'm pretty tough on myself, I expect a lot. Sometimes people think that I might project this kind of thinking onto others, but I'm only in competition with myself, to become the best me I can be. Sometimes people say, "you don't have to be perfect", but I'm not striving for perfection, just improvement.

Woody Allen famously said, "The world's greatest lover probably isn't." However, I am committed to the effort of being _your_ greatest love - please see the test results from this OkCupid test:

The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, my smile, confidence. ... I have heard several times in my life that I have a real presence when I enter a room, though I'm not entirely certain what that means.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As a native New Orleanian, I'm deeply connected to music and food. Two examples: my friends the Neville Brothers played at my 19th birthday party and Deacon John sung at my father's memorial service. I am friends with a great many New Orleanian artists. And, as I describe elsewhere in my profile, I cook New Orleanian, Cajun, and some creole cuisine - I learned to eat in New Orleans, I learned to cook when I left!

I created a "home cinema" with a top-end DPL projector and an old fashioned silver-screen. To feed it, have a Netflix account. I removed television from my life when I took on raising my niece (I was her legal guardian) beacuse she got lost sitting in front of it, and I have never looked back. (Whatever I want to see is on the web.) I prefer live performance over recordings in most cases, but, unhappily, have been attending few performances of late.
Six things I could never do without
Love, friendship, companionship, empathy, compassion and grace.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can best apply my talents to the needs I see around me - including the world at large.

Also, while I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it - as opposed to trying to actualize based upon its principals - it's worth mentioning that while not at all religious, I have what you might call a spiritual side - Zen and some perhaps Celtic ideas of Gaya, shamanism, and nature, of substance but not form of the ancient druids. In short, we are a part of the whole and in a sense one with it. We are the universe getting to know itself. We have an ethical obligation to be respectful and not tread heavily, especially on other life. These ideas manifest themselves primarily in my focus on living the old adage, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" - in that order - and in fighting for the environment.
On a typical Friday night I am
Every night is special - every day is special. I (usually) am able to control my schedule and don't feel any need have any particular days be exulted over other days - or nights.

I do like to go out and have fun, it could just as well be a Monday night as Friday. When I step out, I prefer either places where people can meet and talk (low ambient noise) or where there's a performance or something to see where talking is irrelevant. Moonlit strolls with you on my arm are welcome. I am ready to spring for expensive tickets for great venues, but on the whole I prefer lower-cost social activities because spending money does not equate to having a good time. I like receptions, parties, etc., and am not afraid to host them or help others do so.

I'm also comfortable not going out at all - snuggling in front of a fire seems like a grand way to spend an evening to me.

I tend toward simple elegance. I have three dress modes: elegant, sharp-casual, and what I call "grub clothes" - for use when I'm working in the workshop. I have never been interested in fabrics made of man-made fibers, but for shirts, I have eliminated cotton (except for my beloved Jazz Festival T-shirts), and instead stick to silk and linen.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm willing to admit quite a lot to the people around me, though I won't put something in public and call it private. ...Ask anything...
You should message me if
you like my profile and think we might have fun together.

I'm looking for the right someone. I don't know what she looks like yet, or what her muses are. I have various "preferences" but have learned it's important to be open, so I am.

I formerly had in this space a nicely written, polite, respectful statement that "I am open to all body types from petite and unhealthily thin, to tall and 'curvaceous'," and cited for comparison my own 6'1" to 6'2" frame with 36" waist. While allowing that what's inside is most important, it indicated that obesity is a huge turn-off for me, and advised "we won't work at a physical level" if your waist is larger than mine (proportionally), so lets please not waste our time. However, I've slowly come to realize that even people whose waist's diameter matches their height don't know they're obese, apparently, as amazing as that sounds. So pervasive is this problem, I won't stand for it any more: Take the diameter of your waist and divide by your height. If the resulting number is over about 0.5 (my own is 0.489), please refrain from dating me; hereafter I WILL WALK OUT on any date who shows up with a ratio in excess of this guideline. Rejection is never fun, it's perhaps better here than in person.

...Looking forward...

I have found that the universe often rewards boldness, and in this context the cost of being bold is just a few minutes of outreach ... I'm looking forward to hearing from you; if you've made it this far, why not write?
The two of us