49Tel Aviv, Israel
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My self-summary
I am an Artist!

I am a free soul!

I intend to remain a free soul.........

Update 6/23/2014

Defining our personal terms is important. In this profile you will see some generalities. Specifically the words "free Spirit".
Clarification is definitely necessary. I am a free spirit which means I enjoy life and I am spontaneous. I live by my impulse in nearly 90% of my interactions with life. I trust my intuition infallibly.
I am free of drugs and alcohol. I intend to keep it that way, including my interactions with others. My lifestyle does not support them, and my career does not either.
Other than that one small absolute line in the sand. I welcome any and all life and lifestyles. After all the learning curve of life can only be truly enjoyed at full throttle. So don't be fooled by the long hair tree hugging hippy look..... It's a personal success story to look and be the person I am after a lifetime of struggle against those who would put me in a box represented by steriotypes
Update: 6/10/2014

When we search for love outside of ourselves we find exactly that. Love outside of what our self truly desires and truly wants us to give ourselves......
Update. 4/14/2014
I desire a free spirit like myself. I'm not at all looking, seeking, desiring a boxed in conventional relationship.
I am open to a true universal connection with a woman of divine appointment that fits my lifestyle and my destiny.
Universal spiritual truths are both faith based and science based. Anything and anyone else whom may contact me understand, I am absolutely certain of both what I desire and what I need in a woman. I am sorry if most men are not so assured.
With this update please be my guest and read on. I will have the connection I desire. There are 7 million souls on this planet. I have as good of odds of meeting the person I desire as I do of any who contact me to refute the posabilities. All people are blessings to our lives, yet only one is meant to be our life partner.
The rest are either tests or testaments to our faith and conviction to higher universal spiritual truths. It is my hope that everyone in life learn to not just be good people, however to strive to be good stewards of their lives as well.
Single moms need not apply. If your children are grown awesome, love to move on to the next chapter with you. I am not step dad material.

Life time adventurer....... Traveler. Road
Travel has been my life for about 27 years. times of settled locations but no clear "this is my home". I am in love with life in all of its various flavours and colors. Life itself is my passion, and how to live it.....
What I’m doing with my life
I am living it.

The struggles. The triumphs. The happiness. The sadness.

I prefer laughter over seriousness.

However, I'm in the middle of a lifetime transition. I wish I could say I am living my dream; however the reality is I am living a universal destiny; sometimes a charmed life and sometimes a nightmare.

Current hopeful and directional change is. I realized recently that I have loved and lived a full life; however not even a microscopic piece of a global life that I desire.

Further education and massive travel to absorb as much literary and literal knowledge as my mind and soul can contain.

International finance and international law are high on the interest list. However so is international journalism.

I have many inventions I would like to bring into reality to help mankind. Healing modalities and ancient systems long forgotten that I will put into use under one umbrella at a healing facility. Be that on a grand scale or just on a social interaction with immediate environment.

Israel is my destination, along with Australia

I have spent the last 14 years between living in Hawaii ( Maui) and Costa Rica ( playa Grande).

Now the soul desires new vistas. New roots. Actual home; Where I truly belong and to use all of my knowledge to create an amazing life in a community that I belong in and have much to contribute to as we'll.
I’m really good at
Astrology. ( I read charts ).
Finding the road less traveled
Living with less
( I have a list that makes my own head swim......)

Lets just say what I'm not so good at is a much shorter list.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am invisible actually to others, unless I choose to engage them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sepher Yetzirah ............... 1. most important book I have ever studied.....

I enjoy anything educational...... not too much into fantasy novels....

Movies: It has been so long since I cared to see a movie.... however old school list is
man on fire
the matrix.... 1,2,3
anything with matt Damon
anything with Robert De Niro
Anything with Kevin Spasey
love Sci fi....
Loved Loved Loved Avatar...

Shows: anything survivalist or educational on nature........

most of the others seem like a trite waist of the mind, and my time processessing...... though Dexter was kick ass for a while; until it became predictable....

Depends on my mood............ the environment....... and what I am doing.
I love blues for dancing
cuban jazz band with sax and trumpet live
from Bach to Street trash hip hop and rap and everything in between................

Food............ Fish, Foul, Beef, Venison, bison,
.................................. bread is a not a food .................
protien shakes
Six things I could never do without
1. Hope
2. Change
3. Growth
4. Self love
5. Mindful positive people
6. Amazing people to sojourn life with
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The qualities in a woman that I have grown to love....

My next photography project

how to manage money better

planning my next trip to an exotic location for photography

Being financially free and solvent

Retiring with class

The times life has granted me solace, and the gratitude in my heart and soul for all the times I have both overcome impossible set backs and also all of the blessed moments of love and friendship I have experienced.

Why once we have tasted heaven on earth nothing ever seems to measure up against our personal experience of it

How to be a great steward of my life; not just a good person

Lol. I think quite a bit.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am writing a book on relationship patterns and outcomes. It is a new technology that I have written and covers the gamet of inter relations between any two people or group of people. Families, co workers, and business partners.
I am excited to be gifted such an awesome new technology to help the world focus in and save time in human relations
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
hmmmmmm............... that answer is for someone ........... not everyone.
The two of us