28Madison, United States
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My self-summary
[March 2017]

Start here: my relationship is an unusually-shaped polygon. Echo_location is my life partner and through him, I have one metamour with whom I'm not currently involved. Our tag-team profile is e_and_r.

I'm in the long process of deciding (a) what else I might want, and (b) items in the prior category that are also a good idea. I work full-time and I'm in school full-time, so I encourage you not to expect much right now.

About Me
I'm 27. I moved from Pittsburgh to Madison via FedEx five years ago. I have the capacity to find almost anything fascinating, which has rendered my career largely unpredictable up to this point. After five years of exploring, I've finally settled on law. My day job revolves around patent law, science, and technology. My second shift is in the MATC paralegal program, where I'm enjoying learning about the things that I don't get to do between 9 and 5.

My life outside of work consists of scuba diving. I love absolutely nothing more in the world; I wish you good luck in getting me to talk about anything else. I've been certified since 2013, hold Master Diver rating from SSI. This year has involved expanding my horizons into the near realms of technical diving: ice diving, wreck penetration, and (hopefully soon) sidemount.

I also enjoy sea kayaking, paddle-boarding, and I want to start hiking sometime soon. However, don't confuse me with an outdoor living enthusiast. I am also a couch potato and enjoy playing StarCraft, studying second-language acquisition theory as a user of Duolingo, and keeping up on current events in the news cycle.
What I’m doing with my life
What I've done: I have a B.A. in Applied Linguistics (morphosyntax and SLA are my main research interests.) I have variously planned to be a diplomatic interpreter, international security analyst, luxury hotel manager, or to research multinational workforce development strategy.

What I actually do: I'm a paralegal and I work primarily with biotech parents around the world. The bleeding edge of science is a fascinating place to be, and is a surprisingly rich multilingual environment.

What I might do next: I'm taking my sweet time to consider the temptations of an MBA to follow the dream of researching effective management of multinational work teams, or to get a J.D. and become in-house counsel for a tech company.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I read primarily non-fiction these days, and have a preference for things that are research-oriented. Malcolm Gladwell's books, Freakonomics, current events and political theory, etc. FWIW, I read the news constantly. My fiction reading is primarily oriented towards soft to medium science fiction.

Movies & Shows: I was not really a movie person until I took a well-curated film studies class in college - I had to be taught how to appreciate the form, but that's translated into me enjoying more TV serials than movies. I like Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, Firefly, Numb3rs, Star Trek: TNG. Highly dramatized and deeply unrealistic police procedural shows are my guilty pleasure.

Music: I hate to break out the canard that I listen to anything but country, but it's largely true. Despite having a B.A. in Linguistics and having gotten over most of my language snobbery, I can't get past twang.

Food: Food? I love food. I will eat just about any food, the more complex and unusual the better. The first time I visited Madison was ostensibly for the food, but I charmed my way into Echo_location's bed and have now been there for several years.

Our favorites include Eldorado Grill, Umami, Bunky's, Eno Vino, Paul's Pelmeni, Short Stack Eats, Cento and Fresco, Surco, and Porktropolis. I'm an omnivore (former vegetarian) and can very happily eat vegan-friendly menus.
Six things I could never do without
* Pet cats (see profile photo),
* A fully loaded spice rack from Penzey's,
* Flooded mines and shipwrecks to explore,
* Happy hour on Friday,
* Relaxing with a video game or a book, and
* Cuddling.
On a typical Friday night I am
For the first half of the evening, I like to go out with friends for drinks and food to catch-up on the week. The later half of the evening is a wildcard: spending it at home, out for fun, or doing something special like scuba diving under the summer stars.
You should message me if
(1) You are also trying and failing-and-or-flailing at making friends in Madison;
(1a) We go to the same gym;
(2) You have determined what I mean by special interests and would like to ask questions or become involved in that world.
(3) We have some other friendly point of interest in common.
The two of us