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My self-summary


Please, for the love of whatever, take the time to read this before messaging me. If you don't, I'm going to assume you're only messaging me because of my photos, and that doesn't put you in a positive light.

I took the time to elaborate and give detail on who I am because I want you to read this. If you expect me to take you seriously, or to even bother, you can at least take some time out of your ((probably)) boring day to get to know me before hitting on me.

I recommend reading this in a non-chalant, mellow, airy attitude with the idea of dry humor. That's my personality. Otherwise you're going to probably assume I'm being snarky or arrogant... When we know I really just don't care. I'm trying to save us time. Lol

Thank you.

I'm your best example of a wallflower.

Your best ideal for an introvert.

#1) I live in Pleasanton, TX -- Google this instead of asking.

#2) Sexual interests? -- the answer is automatically no.

"No" does not mean "yes" nor "try again later."

#3) I do not drive.

#4) If you have a problem with me, I do not care. I'd much rather sit and stuff my face with cake. And I hate cake. When it comes to an argument, I'll dance circles around you while looking for my "bucket full of fucks." I lost the ability to care a long time ago.

#5) If you think I have a personality problem, then in most instances, you probably have one yourself and shouldn't bother judging me. A low self-esteem is honestly the last thing I have.


Decided to rewrite my profile. I figured it made me seem too picky or angry, even though my mood is naturally mellow & modest, and often enough I'm very flexible with my decisions. But as you can see, every time I rewrite this, it's always the same. I have a very harsh view on life... but if you've experienced any of the problems I have, you should find it very easy to relate and maybe even humorous.

I redirect people to my profile on here because over the last few years I've literally spoken to hundreds of guys across the net and near my homestead, and I think you can understand I don't have the patience to explain myself time and time again. I'm tired of dealing with their drama and having to explain part of my life story, only to have them finally figure out that I'm not their type. I don't know if you will actually understand this, though.

First things first, if you are reading this or talking to me because you are sexually attracted to me (and that's all that fuels you to speak to me,) please leave this page and cease to talk to me.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction & gratification, I don't care, I don't want any part of it most of time. Don't even bother bringing it up unless I speak to you about it first. This does not mean to message me about it, like it's some retarded reversed psychology practice, as if "I want it because I say I don't." If you figure that, I'll take you for a fool. I'm more than happy with porn while in and out of a relationship.

When challenged, I will hardly ever back down from a dispute. By challenged, I'm referring to something that I feel strongly about and absolutely know that I'm not wrong. If you are the type of person to sit there and argue about everything or to try and cause problems because you're bored and want something to do, please do not message me.

With that being said, I avoid almost all confrontation unless it is through text (messaging.) I won't argue on the phone, I won't argue in person, or anything like that. If I have a problem, I'll politely speak to you or address it without causing further commotion. Anyone who does not I find to be extremely arrogant, rude, and obnoxious. If you cause a scene with me or have some type of emotional outburst, I won't be afraid to just walk out the door and maybe try again later.

I'm the kind of guy who almost ((almost, meaning, depending on who and why,)) always turns his phone off when leaving home to hang out with friends or to spend time with someone outside of my own home, or even if I have company over. I find it to be common courtesy. Have you even considered that idea for yourself? Now would be the time to question it. People are too attached to their phones and other material possessions. I understand that you get bored--but if you're on your phone immediately after you meet me and I'm trying to talk to you, it's really annoying. For long periods of time, that is. Don't take this too much to heart.

I'm honestly pretty picky when it comes to a person's intellect. At least, when it comes to grammar and spelling. I have a thing where if someone can write in complete sentences, spell correctly, and use most of the correct punctuation, it's almost a turn-on. And by that, I mean, it's a huge plus if I'm looking to be interested in them. Bluntly, if I see "u/ur" for "you/r" any other shortcut for words, I will most likely not respond or have any interest. You might look pretty, but that's just irritating to read. :/ Yeah, I know I sound arrogant, but Im just trying to keep this short without sugar coating anything, man.

This is especially important if you plan on speaking to me over text or online more often than not.

Let's see, here...

I'm tired of guys messaging, acting like I can shit out gas money and a car, and a job, and an education. If you don't understand that I don't have any of that, you need to re-read these last two sentences immediately. I can't work because of an issue with my lower back & my spinal cord; also possible scoliosis. If you don't know what scoliosis is, please look it up before assuming it's some form of contractable disease. No I'm not bedridden or paralyzed. I can get up and walk and do whatever needs to be done, but manual labor is generally impossible for my body.

In short, if you ever want to see me, there's a... VERY STRONG chance that you would have to pick me up, and rarely can I help support the gas. I'll do what I can, but I seriously can't promise anything. You've been warned. And no, I'm rarely ever in San Antonio; and when I am, I cannot come see you, because the only time I am in San Antonio is when someone else comes to pick me up to hang out with me.

If a 45~60 minute drive is too far for you to handle (if you live in the city,) then it looks like you're barking up the wrong tree once again. I know if I had a vehicle, I wouldn't even be home right now because there are a lot of interesting people I would want to meet who live upwards of 6 hours from here. If traveling distance is honestly a problem to you, my opinion is that you need to get some better ideals. If you're too lazy to drive, I'm too lazy to let you visit me or even consider talking to me. If you just lack the gas money, maybe we can work on it.


On the flipside, I rarely message anyone myself. If I do, consider yourself one of few I want to take time out of my day or attention span to care to do so. In the past, any time I had ever messaged someone, it just turns into something unwarranted or a nasty situation in general, so I try to avoid it now. Maybe I'm just asking for too much. But, eh.

If you're interested in Nintendo, Computers, or electronics in general, definitely major brownie points for you. It's rare I can find anyone to match wits with when it comes to this.

As for what I have written down, and why I'm able to, it's because of my past experiences with border-line full-retarded men (and women; women due to friendship, derp.) I'm pretty convinced I know what I'm looking for and what I expect a decent human being to be like. Be honest with me 100% of the time and consider my advice, and I don't see us having many problems.

This is all long and blah now, so I'll just stop.

P.S. -- don't ask why I don't have a job or why I'm not in school, it's probably the most annoying question you could ever ask me / one of my top pet peeves, aside from "What are you doing today?" which is always replied to with "Nothing different than yesterday."

What I’m doing with my life
Moved back to Pleasanton on May 24, 2012.

In the coming months I hope to gain my State ID (success!), maybe a driver's license if I'm lucky. Then to uptake a small bit of studying and get my GED. I dropped out during the middle of my senior year due to medical complications and having to move to Texas.

After getting my GED, I plan to take on college, and because I don't want to be that person who has to work and go to college at the same time, I'll be living with my mother (which I currently do.)

But to be completely honest, the idea of me getting my GED or going to college in the near future is slim to none, mainly due to family and medical issues that prevent this. Until I move out, which could be years.

Since I can't work any of your traditional "away-from-home" or "at the workplace" jobs, if you have any idea of online openings of something I could do online from home, or wherever I travel to, I would be more than open to taking a look and possibly applying.

I'm just looking for friends and a guy. Much easier said than done.

Beyond, my life is white slate. I don't know what I'll do.
I’m really good at
I give advice to many people because I tend to be the person who's always the mediator. But if you're my friend, I'll most likely side with you; that's a given. The rule of thumb is to never do anything that would promote ill-will toward yourself.

Repairing computers via software is something I've been doing for a few years, but I'm pretty new to building and repairing a computer when it comes to their hardware-- although I'm willing to give anything a shot. Desktops are much easier to work with in comparison to laptops, and I've grown to accept that over the years.

**If you need any computer help, let me know. :)

I'm an online gamer and I enjoy Action / Real-time battle types of MMOs such as NEXON's DragonNest, Vendictus, Continent of the Ninth, and very few others.


Via Guild Wars 2, I'm a Level 80 Air Elementalist, with the World Map and Game 100% finished to a T, ignoring the Achievements.

IGN: Rukario.1695 , Server: Maguuma USA


Via Maplestory, I'm a Level 16x+ Luminous and Evan as my two classes I play with for the majority.

IGN: Lucariouzu & Rukariouzu , Server: GAZED Alliance (Galicia)


Console gaming is okay, but I really enjoy the classic Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and Pokemon games. I'm not a big fan of Sony or Microsoft simply because I never had the money to pay for such systems besides Nintendo. I do like Final Fantasy, love Dissidia Duodecim, and a bit of Halo, and some other games however.

I don't often play First Person Shooters because of my heart condition that causes me to have an arrhythmia and anxiety attacks; that on top of the adrenaline isn't very fun. I come close to passing out and my hands start to spazz. I get to the point where I fear I may start screaming for all I know... though I have never started screaming, I'm glad to say. >.>

I also have plenty of back pain, so over time I've grown to understand where most of the typically-tense muscles in your back may be. So I tend to be pretty good at quick massages.

^ But please don't get any ideas.

**Diehard Zelda Fan
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually my eyes or my extremely mellow and relaxed attitude.

I'm an airhead and I find it hard to pay attention.

I forget names unless I say their name to them often.

I smile and a laugh a lot, even if it's for no reason.

Things rarely excite me. And sudden loud noises scare me.

I hiccup and belch. More or less it's part of my character.

I sometimes make weird noises out of self entertainment.

I sleep for very very long hours, usually 10~13.

I'm not ticklish at all, generally. Even in those "secret" spots.

I won't actively text you to start a conversation, unless you're my active date or someone I am highly interested in. Remember this.

I can't watch people embarrass themselves. This goes for videos, movies, or in person. It drives me absolutely insane. Basically I feel like all of their embarrassment is thrown at my face. :s
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
No books or movies (besides Sucker Punch,) and my genres in Music do not really matter as long as it's not hardcore screamo or deathmetal that sends nauseating signals to my stomach. Metal is okay in general, it's just not one of my favorite genres.

Music that has a good beat and clear lyrics. Techno/ Elec/ Dub. A lot of mainstream hits on the radio (AT40) fit into this niche.

I hate vegetables and I'm no fan of raw food. I love meat and most cooked (boneless) fish. My all-time favorite is shrimp, also crab.

My diet is fairly simple. I can live on canned soup and ramen.
Six things I could never do without
There isn't typically anything I "can't" live without... but the things I use the most and think about every day would have to be...

- Internet
- Games
- Interaction with People
- Time to Think
- Distractions
- Everyday Food (Ramen/canned soup), Arizona Green Tea. Lol
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Anything and everything. You will always see me spacing off because each thought always triggers another one.

Like I said, I'm very airy. I take my time to think about things and situations. My imagination is pretty wild in some aspects... and tends to be very funny to me.

When it comes to a relationship, I'm essentially thinking about everything. In most cases, I'm always going to be worried about some specifics. The first things to set off my paranoia alarm are clubs and bars, or actively drinking or smoking around people who I'm not familiar with.

Other things like avoiding to reply to certain texts, or texts at all, will definitely set off a red flag.

In short, I'm experienced and I'm going to be looking at a lot of things. Unless you're 100% serious, commitment-ready, and understand everything you've read so far, it's safe to assume we might have problems within the first week or two.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sitting at home, trying to come up with ways to leave the house.

This is actually every day of the week, not just Friday.

If you are actively messaging me and I reply one day, you can assume I have nothing to do that day and you're free to ask if I want to do anything. Seriously.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Again, anything and everything. Just ask me what you want.

I know what I want when it comes to whom I would like to settle down with. I want someone like me, as in, someone who can understand and accept me, not asking for me to fix aspects of my life because they view it as unhealthy; I already know this.

All I truly ask of a person is to get along with me and to spend time with me. Don't go spending money on dates or buying gifts. Someone who's sexual demands are very easy to manage or to have next to no demand, as I want to focus on a relationship instead of how "great" sex is.
You should message me if

If you want to be friends and to hang out like typical people do.

All I look for is ...

- Hygiene (If you disgust me or weird me out, self-explanatory)
- Personality
- Interests
- Small Habits

** Can hold a conversation, being random.
** Aren't flakey and ditch peers.

If you think you can clear those and you're NOT looking to fuck me later that afternoon, (and you don't mind anything I've said in my profile,) then I think you're well enough to pass. Haha.


If you're looking to date to see if we're compatible, I require you to at least be a friend first. Beyond that, try not to be...

- One who has barely any free time.
- Requires constant care and attention.
- Overly Assertive or Pushy
- *Extremely* Talkative
- Irritable and not easy to satisfy.
- Rude for no reason.
- A person who jumps to conclusions without facts.
- Judging.
- Obsessive and Controlling.
- Easily jealous over split attention.

**I don't find black or asian guys very appealing.
**I hope you have a car, because I don't.

And for the above ethnicities, I apologize, I just don't. Maybe 1-500 individuals I'll find one that is attractive. As for a vehicle, I don't even have my license or anything. My mother doesn't drive, either; that's all a story for later because it makes me very frustrated.

Everything comes in moderation though, but I just want a normal guy with normal tastes, has a nice face.

The two of us