54Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm actually an alien on a walkabout...this I have determined after much reflection ....but somehow I don't fit into any of the ones that claimed to be here (at least what is said on youtube...would they ever lie?)

I am irreverent ...all the way down inside.... down to the core. There is no salvaging anything.
I am a liberal, Im a foreigner, of eastern European (former) Catholic background by way of Australia. Sometimes wonky, sometimes geeky, and definitely non blonde. Can fix your puter without boring you about the details (they are referred to as "non fuzzy critters") I like the idea of the "body chemistry stuff" released when bicycling. The nice change of scenery, seeing the bunnies and quail ...even newts.. frolic together *sigh*

I have numerous and diverse things I do. When life gives you lemons - you make lemonade, or limeade. Actually .... try to avoid getting many lemons in the first place. Now pancakes. Mmmmm pancakes - now we are talkin. Good coffee on a slow lazy Saturday morning too.

I also noticed on here that Im only a 99.9% match with myself. There is still .01% that disagrees with me.

Lastly two things I wont do with someone I havent met yet- one is cell phone conversations. I found they should be brief, when especially talking to someone for the first time. Simply because cell phones will conspire to ruin the rhythm of the conversation with all the lovely things they claim doesn't happen - like tunneling , unintelligible drop outs in mid-sentence, and complete dropped connections. Second is phone text conversations. I recently relearned this lesson again. No matter how fun it is at the start - it will rise up and bite you with its insidious false sense of familiarity. Text conversations are minefields - they are not your friend - Placid and unassuming until you "step" on something. I will politely decline and limit communication to time and place of meet, and if Im running late.

Conversation should be person to person and up close so there is no interference. An art form to be practiced and practiced ..and enjoyed two way in the tradition of millennia the natural rhythm of chemistry and spontaneous *magic*
What I’m doing with my life
Right now - Breathing - I would say breathing is a priority. I make things up as I go along and go from there. The cheese always seems to be on the run.
I’m really good at
Good at *stuff*. Not being roadkill. Saving the universe from the evil Zurg and his dastardly plans. Teaching a friend's six year old daughter to "rawr like a tiger". She is getting really good at it. I have ...slow..enduring... *hands*. Taking life seriously .... Dangling...~participles~.

and spontaneous stuff like this...

"I can feel it build inside.... flaring out from my fingertips and ionizing the air itself .... Im gamma ... photons to spawn in the flux that is me.... I glow from within. Im radioactive. Energy courses around like mantle, leaving traces like whisps of ether in the night.

The Sun is my one and only legacy. I skip along the wind ... until one day I return to its embrace. Leaps and bounds." (630pm 8/4/2015)

"Time is my first companion .. from before I even understood who I think... time will be there when I deem my last... second on this ground. When I decide to see what is else out there.... I am connected to my past for I am a lens of myself.... looking into the future ...wondering what I will be like... as others only think what is the next day ... I am interconnected so I cannot forget... my triumphs and my transgressions. I be bold as well as flawed in the same way the strength flows through me. Yet I know the limits of oneself.. and I exist one second at a I walk through the currents of the now." (9pm 8/19/2105)
The first things people usually notice about me
Mmmm look into my eyes... Dry (seemingly) wit. The low voice that you heard somewhere before - reflecting on life in some ballad. Being accused of changing form. Looking better in person.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies. Lots. All kinds. Time Bandits, Casablanca, Three Musketeers (the original 1960s remake with Micheal York). Blues Brothers. Baker Boys, The Triplets of Belleville, Spirited Away, to Bridesmaids. Chasing Amy.
Books - Again Lots. Bunches. Gobs. Science Fiction. Just ask.
TV - Breaking Bad, Deadwood, Daily Show, Steven Colbert, Michael Palin's trips around the world. *Kuullltoorall Stuff* Ohhh Space stuff too (geek is peeking out).
Music includes everything from classical to hard rock. Rap and country not so much.
Food - I like. All kinds *lots*. Gimmie. Currently I'm at war with pizza. Damn the pepperoni full speed ahead.
Six things I could never do without
My brain - I have a hard enough time with it.
My body - hard to get around without one. I can see my feet too.
My imagination - Without it things would get very boring. Do mindless repetitive tasks for entertainment.
Sense of humor - if I lost that - I'd stress out, chain smoke, get religion. Probably in that order.
Empathy- I lost that I couldn't talk to anyone. Forget about hygiene. Amass an obscene crapload of money. I would endlessly think "Im dead sexy"

Lets see that was... (counting) one ...three!... 42!!! ...yawp got it right.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My evil twin out there (most likely a Dark Overlord) - how do I foil his plans. Whirled peas. Why do socks and gloves, magically transform into one of each when you need them? second.. ~"Kitty!!! how do you manage to find a way onto MY fuzzy flannel bedsheets through a closed door????!!~
On a typical Friday night I am
Spending time with good friends, and laughing lots.
Storming the gates of a Castle with monosyllabic epithets.
Plotting the rise of my legions of doom (with cute animals included)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm fascinated by the "loading" icon on this site - it talks to me.

Anything else is secret, cataclysmic (Mmmm ...big...word), and hidden in a vault that I only know the location, deep below ground in a mountain complex, not near a ski resort. That includes bodies. Oops - I wasn't supposed to say the last part was I?
You should message me if
Laughing, talking, visiting, going places, smiling.
Enjoy a healthy lifestyle which may or could include but not exclusively at all - bicycling :)

Yes I included long or short term dating but .....
Realistically online stuff is an extended blind date.
Expecting anything more is well - a bit of a stretch. If it happens it is a pleasant surprise.

Things appreciated:

"Never tell me the odds" [Han Solo]
"It if you cant be shit hot least be cool" [me]

The Good Doctor says:

What happens when you combine humans and chemistry.

Sounds of Silence
The two of us