32 Vernon Hills, United States
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My self-summary
"A change of life is hard to find, when there is no piece of mind".

Interests include but not limited to:

-Expanding my culinary skills
-Craft Beer
-Being active/Basketball/Leading a moderately, healthy lifestyle
-Valuing family/Maintaining the friendships I have established back in high school. Such a rare thing nowadays
-Finding new things that I enjoy each and every day. Each day is a gift.
What I’m doing with my life
Achieving my goals, one day at a time. Attained my BS in Healthcare Management and transitioned to the Aurora/Warrenville area in June 2014 to accomodate for my role in Lisle, Illinois in the medical business/change management field. I also still work sporadically part time, in downtown Chicago for a wine and spirits company handling wine tasting dinners and some light distribution.

Been quite a whirlwind this past year and a half looking back on where I was, but with that harbors great perspective and an even more profound sense of accomplishment with a newfound appreciation for the journey. "Live for today" has never rang more true in my world.

*Recently relocated to Vernon Hills. Working for Humana located in Oakbrook, illinois.
I’m really good at
Completing online dating profiles....and sarcasm obviously.

But in a more serious sense.....Im fairly proficient at writing, being analytical yet practical and realistic, accepting of everyone, navigation, basketball, and of course recommending amazing craft beer to newbies of the genre.
The first things people usually notice about me
eyes, physique, genuine nature
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Enjoy stephen king in terms of authors, jurassic park also one of my favorite books, big history (civil war) buff as well.

Tv shows... Friends, Seinfeld, classic shows on netflix binges mostly. Also enjoy forensic crime shows....ID channel is quite interesting.

movies....long list....enjoy pretty much everything....some favorites are shawshank redemption, training day, stand by me, man on fire, dumb and dumber, the bourne series, the dark knight saga.....etc.

culinary ventures are becoming more common in my life, eclectic ethnic foods. Big fan of cajun, italian, and mexican dishes. Also huge into the craft beer scene as previously stated.

Music....very nostalgic most of the time...such as the beatles, 90s alternative, etc. Also enjoy some rap, country and classic rock.
The six things I could never do without
Materialistic aspects aside.....

-a sense of adventure/exploration
-exercise/staying active
-a pet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
life and its purpose......also random things such as:

-What if for one day, in an entire 24 hour period, everyone committed a thoughtful, selfless act for another human being?
-Lastly, why there is all this subtle and sometimes not so subtle pressure in dating. "Online dating" for example, has dehumanized us in a sense from organic human interaction, taking away the ability to form our own opinion of someone face to face/eye to eye, and determining compatibility naturally, has now been replaced by forming an opinion on information a person CHOOSES to input/divulge about themselves, thus taking away the element of genuine chemistry. Yet, here we all are. I get it, its conveinent, but like most conveinent things, it shouldnt replace what truly matters. Also, another aspect of dating I find fascinating. This is based off a conversation I had with a friend a short time ago in which he expressed concern after a few failed dates. I offered the following advice (I will be paraphrasing from memory obviously, but recall my advice rather in detail)......
"Its your approach Mike. You want to "change" your results in dating, then first you need to change your mindset about it. Instead of being hopeless, dateless, and stressing about it, take a moment to consider a few of these points....

....That before meeting someone, instead of worrying whether or not they'll like you, you could wonder if you'll like them?

....That instead of feeling the need to impress them, you could wonder if they'll impress you?

....That instead of sitting there silently wondering what to say next to make them like you, you could sit there silently wondering what they will say to make you like them?

...That instead of waiting around for a phone call or text, you could find something else to do while they wait for your call/text?

...That instead of worrying if you're tall enough or good looking enough or skinny enough, you could decide whether she is to superficial to recognize your great qualities?

...That instead of trying to come up with a perfect date, you could decide that someone who truly likes you for you doesn't need a perfect date?

...That instead of looking for a conversation they'll enjoy, you could discuss something you'll enjoy?

...That instead of feeling insecure about how good you are in bed, you could wonder how good they are in bed?

...That instead of looking for their approval, you can decide to give yours?

...That instead of becoming upset about why they dont want to be with you, you could decide it means you probably wouldnt want to be with them?"

Reading this back to myself, and recalling how I said it to my friend....it may sound a bit selfish. But, in fact, its called having strong boundaries and high self esteem and truly the paradigm in which I view dating now.
On a typical Friday night I am
drinking the week away (insert sarcasm since this seems to be taken literally)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I were to admit a certain aspect about myself, then how "private" would it really be?
You should message me if
You're sane. You're at a place in life where your secure with who you are and are confident in that fact. If you're over the games and desire something, real, genuine, and of substance. Most importantly, if you the have the ability to stop, take a breath, step out of life's chaos, and appreciate the moments you create........every day.