26Oldsmar, United States
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My self-summary
Many will think I'm totally insane and I am totally down with that.
I think we (Earth and all its inhabitants) are on the verge of massive change, transcending to a higher dimension, a new reality where thoughts manifest instantly. My priority now is to raise my own vibration and help other people raise theirs as well. Meditation and yoga are practices that have transformed my life; I am working on the discipline to do it more often. I am a big fan of teaching plants because they give you a glimpse of whats is in store for all of us.
I follow no dogmas and believe only what truly resonates with my heart.

I am a consummate artist; I hate to limit myself to any one medium for self expression but I do a lot of photography and film making. I am writing a screen play this month, last month I was covering my ceiling in light up clouds I created, next month could be anything.

My work: 500px.com/ryanglindquist

I pride myself on thinking outside the box, asking interesting questions, and being able to empathize with views I may not agree with. Should we talk its probably going to be one of the weirder conversations you've had.
What I’m doing with my life
I am floating through life, happier than ever. I don't have much of a plan but I am confident that I am on the path I am intended.
I’m really good at
Avoiding sounding like a narcissist and being weird.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Book of Enoch, Harry Potter, Jules Verne, Chariots of the Gods, Sphere.

Nolan, Kubrick and Scorsese. I love mind bending films like Memento, Sphere, Interstellar and The Cell.

I think everyone should unplug their TV and NEVER watch the news! I do love great shows like Breaking Bad/Malcolm in the Middle (watch them back to back it's great) Trailer Park Boys, Archer, The walking dead, the sopranos, King of the Hill and House of Cards, so I do occasionally binge watch whole seasons or series.

I just Love 80s and 90s music, nostalgia is a great feeling. I don't really hear music from the radio but I frequently find smaller bands that I love. Live music is great. Check out Donna Lu, Gringo Star and Fritz.

Pizza will be served at the wedding.

They didn't ask about art but I love art. M.C. Escher, Dali, Alex Grey, David Walker, T.J. Drysdale and many other photographers deserve to be mentioned.
Six things I could never do without
I don't like this question. Instead I will answer this one; The six things I am most grateful for...

1. The love of my family
2. I have few friends who are like siblings.
3.The Internet; Being able to connect with people across the planet is amazing, we carry around libraries of information and gigs of computing power in our pockets everyday, that's cool.
4. I love my hair, some girls are envious lol
5. My Beard; I've been blessed me in the hair dept. lol
6. That cute furry animals exist and there is an infinite supply of youtube videos
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to stop thinking and just listen.
Picturing higher dimensions mathematically.
Noticing the synchronicity of my life lately.
How handsome I am.
Moving to a monastery or hiking the wilderness.
What sort of superpowers I want.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't do typical, but you might find me out shooting a concert. More likely I will be at home listening to Spotify or watching indie-documentaries about metaphysics or conspiracies or filming myself in the bathtub reviewing wines.
You should message me if
If you think you have origins on other parts the universe.
If you have undergone a sudden awakening.
If you are working to raise your own vibration.
If you need someone to talk to.
If you have similar interests

I want to be straight forward, I am reluctant to take on a romantic relationship at the moment. The karma that is tied to such a relationship is something I want to avoid . I believe sexual energy shouldn't be wasted and is more powerful than society teaches. I try to remain open minded though; great things have been happening to me lately. So If you feel compelled to message me please do!
The two of us