39Columbia, United States
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My self-summary
I'm currently deployed. I'll transition out of the Army once things stabilize here.


Forward: I apologize for the novel and congratulate you in advance if you managed the whole read without being overwhelmed by the volume of content. After spending so many years on the move, I feel I lost touch with some aspects of self. I approached writing this little auto-bio was a way of rediscovering me. It's worth the effort. If done honestly, you'll learn about yourself. So write your profile for you. Who cares who else reads it.

A number of my friends describe me as "chill," which always surprises me a bit. I suppose the professor in me is calm and patient, but I also would describe myself as energetic, passionate, and a bit feisty at times. I have opinions and I like to share them.

When I see a good opportunity for a pun or punch line, I can't help myself. I live for laughter and silly behavior. That said, I have a serious, sensitive, and artistic side. While I cherish time spent with my friends, I also need time alone to think, process, and create.

The basic list of words to describe myself are athletic, intelligent, sincere, spontaneous, strong willed and a bit witty. Honesty and sincerity are traits I cherish. I'm very optimistic and tend towards the positives in any situation, though life's trials can get to me at times in which case I look to and lean upon you. I'm otherwise mostly cool with some corny qualities. I'm spontaneous, but not impulsive. I'm an avid reader and writer(history, literature). I absolutely love the snow and every sport it has to offer. I have a passion for art and music (you can see more about that below).

Social: I'm loyal to my friends or lover and will always be there when needed. I am very social and prefer cafes and trendy gatherings. I never need an excuse to throw a party or just have a bunch of friends over.

Career: I have been a scout helicopter pilot in the Army for the ten years. I've lived in Hawaii, Germany, Korea, various parts of the Mideast and all over the continental U.S. with two tours in North Iraq. I'm about to head back (FEB '15).
What I’m doing with my life
I moved here in August after living in Korea last year. Prior to that, I lived in San Antonio and Louisiana where I recovered from a motorcycle accident that occurred shortly after my last tour in Iraq. After some 20 some odd surgeries, a year in a wheelchair and a bit longer on crutches and a cane, I finally started walking normally. So far, have completed a mini-tri for wounded warriors, Tough mudder, the Bataan Death March and numerous fitness challenges. It's fun getting the most of legs I shouldn't have. Like a new lease in life. So training for events like the Spartan Obstacle Race and Great Wall of China marathon is my way of showing the doctors who went so far out of their way to save my life and quality of it that the effort was worth it.

Goals: The Army was only intended to be a bit of an adventure until I finished my engineering degree. The war and crash kept me a bit longer than planned. I'm currently knuckling down on and GMAT to enter a Masters program and finally getting ready to transition out after one more tour in Iraq starting FEB '15.

Since the start of the war, rarely have I been anywhere for more then a year. Moves usually took me from one side of the planet to the other. The accident and resultant injuries gave me an opportunity I wouldn't have otherwise had to slow down, reacquaint myself with family and friends and figure out what I really wanted in life.

Professionally: I’m planning to get out of the military to work on a Masters program in Int’l business and alternative energies (hopefully, in Copenhagen, Denmark, but really open to studying anywhere). My long term goals are to work in the energy field either in Europe or back in the states. I'm currently school shopping for an online Int'l Business Masters program that can be completed within a year. I intend to be in classes by next Fall (tight schedule).

Personally: I'm working pretty hard towards attaining a fixed-wing license and plan to eventually buy a plane once I settle down. I workout everyday and try to spend the weekends with a balance of studying and sharing time with friends.

Sports: Snowboarding is my passion. My father is a snowboard instructor in Aspen, Co. I go to see him as often as I can. In Texas I have taken up kayaking as a side sport with several wounded soldiers. I'm assembling a team to play kayak polo (essentially where everyone rams and attempts to drown each other) in December. I played last year against a Brazilian team with a broken leg (not one of my smarter moves). I'm also finally learning to play golf and spent the first weekend of November under the tutelage of several golf pro's in Houston.

Travel: Travel is a big part of my life. I've been to over three dozen countries and just returned from a two week tour of Vietnam (great place). I prefer to be abroad as much as possible as it gives a healthy perspective of events back home. As I write this, i'm planning a return trip to visit friends in Munich and London. I made a lot of friends while living in Schweinfurt and love going back. I'm also entertaining a detour to either St. Petersburg (maybe, depending on reltaions) or Morocco. Suggestions?

To sum up: I am in a transition period. At least three years of school and campus life are ahead of me until i'm reacquainted with the professional sector...wherever that might be. During this time, I do intend to continue to travel a great deal.

Why am I here?
I wasn't sure about writing this section, but i've been asked several times why i'm not married. As I said, I've been constantly on the move since the war started. I've met wonderful people that helped shape me into who I am today, but never had a chance to develop a relationship beyond the first six months. It's hardly fair to ask someone to give up everything just to wait around while I went off to play hero. I now have the stability to offer you more than a simple card and gift on Xmas and realize that's what i'm truly missing in my life. I simply function better with a lover/best friend that I can bounce ideas off of and challenges me to be my best.
I’m really good at
Solving problems. Putting others before myself.

Other skill-sets include: Making excellent smoothies, massages, putting together awesome travel plans, and entertaining friends.

I'm very good at reading people and anticipating their needs or challenges. I'm patient as an instructor and love to teach.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, smile, and confidence.

...Side note, I’m told often I look young for my age. Trust me, those are current pictures. When I was a platoon leader, the Warrant Officers used to joke “Hey kid, get off the flight line…. Oh, sorry Sir!” It’s been my curse.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Three Cups of Tea (something I wish i'd read before deploying), The Alchemist, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (pretty funny), Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Outliers, Packing for Mars, Boomerang, the Grand Design, and the nerd in me likes pretty much everything by Arthur C. Clark, Steven Hawking and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I'm currently reading Steve Jobs biography. He was far from a model person, but his business sense and ability to build exceptionally creative and effective organizations is something to be emulated.

Music: A wide variety. Personal favorites: Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, Killers, Tori Amos, Moby, ect. I also listen to a variety of lounge and jazz music, but tend to steer clear of country (i'm yet to fully assimilate into Texan culture).

Movies: My old favorite is still Master and Commander, but i'm a closet lover of a lot of romantic comedies. others include: reservoir dogs, Always (the movie that first inspired me to be a pilot), and several others i'm not thinking of right now.

Shows: I don't watch a lot of television, but am into the Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, and Family Guy for the laughs. I prefer to watch documentaries on the science and National Geographic channels and am often listening to NPR or on it's website.

Theater: I love going to live performances. Whether its local productions, traveling broadway shows or the occasional opera. I recently saw STOMP at the Majestic Theater. A few years ago, they performed for my neighbor's little girl at their house in New York (where I grew up) as part of the make a wish foundation. Part of the band was tied with flight cancellations, so they had to throw together a new routine on the spot. The Majestic was nice, but they're show in my neighborhood was excellent. A few of them even cried.
...One of my dreams is to see a Russian Opera is St. Petersburg. Does that sound pompous?

Food: Sushi and Wine. I occasionally prepare sushi, but really like to make all kinds. Always more fun cooking for friends then alone.
Six things I could never do without
1. Family, friends (they count as 1)
2. My passport
3. Laughter
4. Reading/Learning something new
5. Sports/exercising
6. Sushi and smoothies
7. Flying (I couldn't stop at 6)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future: Career decisions, what kind of dad I would be (I still believe kids are the perfect excuse to play with the next generation of toys), what it would be like to actually own a home and wondering how difficult it is to learn landscaping.

At times, the past: Regrets of dedicating so much of my life to the wars and the desire to flush everything I learned from them.

I'm at a crossroads where I have the flexibility to do anything I want. Tough choice to make when you have so many options.
On a typical Friday night I am
I prefer to be out with friends downtown, a comedy club, traveling or sitting exercising my nerdum by sitting at home, reading.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Wouldn't you like to know?
You should message me if
I feel fortunate to have lived an extraordinary life until this point. I have no interest in slowing down. Travel to out of the way places and giving of yourself to accomplish things that really matter should be a passion of yours. You have to be an individual, strong, independent, with your own professional goals. You should also be well educated, witty and have a great sense of humor. I like to work out, and look for that in a partner. A little geekiness and affinity for snow is a plus. I would like a partner who challenges me intellectually and inter-personally. Be someone who is comfortable in your own skin, optimistic, and outgoing and most importantly, grounded!

...we each have our own ideas of the perfect combination of characteristics or traits that add up to the right match. Truth is, all it takes is the chemical compatibility that makes you forget yourself. So if you do not fit anything above, but convinced your it. Write anyway.
The two of us