55Vancouver, United States
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My self-summary
Hey Guys, I need to say that I am on the regular part of OKcupid and the Deaf dating part of Okcupid. Hearing guys...I can hear.
Deaf guys...I can sign well! I am fluent in spoken English and American Sign Language and use them on a daily basis in my work. I can date hearing men or Deaf/H-of-H men. So for any of you hearing guys, that is what the sign language stuff is about.

About me
I was 18 years old when I took my first beginning level ASL classes. At the same time I was meeting Deaf people out in the community. I loved it immediately! I knew I needed to find a way to be able to be with Deaf people and sign. A few years later I graduated from an interpreting program. I have been a professional sign language interpreter ever since.

Fast forward to now, 2013...For the past few years I have spent the majority of my time raising my awesome kid and working on my professional life as a sign language interpreter. Now most of my parenting work is done and I have more time to invest in past, present, and future interests. My life is full of things I enjoy but I want to eventually find man that I can share both deep friendship and passionate physical attraction with. I hope that we will be a great match including many similarities and complementary differences. I am hoping that when we are together we will relax, be playful, smile and laugh. I hope we can be ourselves with each other and that will bring out the best in each other.

I believe in God. I practice my faith in a more casual comfortable way. I am respectful at a church but services that are excessively formal without the feeling of warmth or acceptance are not much fun.

I am a night person. However, my schedule varies due to my freelance interpreting profession.

I enjoy the city and the country, both at all times of the year. I have slept under a star filled sky on a warm summer night with nothing but a sleeping bag, a pillow, and a flashlight. I have camped in a cabin in the mountains with drifts of snow, a kerosine lamp, a wood burning stove, an outhouse, and board games for entertainment. I have stayed at 5 star hotels with 5 swimming pools with poolside waiters and fine dining restaurants. Other times I have stood outside a Dairy Queen with my bicycle as I licked a melting ice cream cone in the warm summer sun. I have traveled in the USA and overseas. I have a current passport. Do you like to travel? Fun comes in a variety of packages. I am hoping to repeat these and more versions of fun.

I am goal oriented. I have professional certifications and a degree on my field(s) of work. Over the years I have worked as an interpreter, teacher, and mentor. I know myself well. I have an analytical mind. I am a thinker and a doer. I like my ducks in a row but I like it balanced with spontaneity and play also.

I am easygoing when it is time to relax yet driven when I work on my goals. Balance is the key. I asked people to describe me. They said, You are: sweet, bubbly, loyal, positive, snuggly (physically, verbally, emotionally), hardworking, independent, capable.

I prefer to exercise and be physically active in different ways and I hope to find a guy who is the same. I prefer to participate in sports, not watch sports. Living room football and kitchen soccer are fun as long as we aren’t too serious.

Most of my eating habits are generally healthy but I enjoy a snack sometimes.

I am an interpreter so I am use to a variety of people, cultures and perspectives. I like interesting conversations about many topics. I like random new information and out of the box ideas.

I value: making and keeping healthy boundaries, healthy communication, honesty, and a positive attitude. No sarcasm supposedly disguised as humor. Mean and degrading words or behaviors are not funny. I prefer to build people up, not drag them down, even while being playful.

Someone told me I should talk about my favorite place like the beach, the mountains, a city or country. My favorite place is with my son, and other people that I love, anywhere!

Focusing on you....Ok, so I know that this additional part below makes my profile a bit long, but if I fail to describe the kind of guy I hope to find, I get the wrong on if you want to.

To make it easier I made a list of the qualities in a guy that I am attracted to and ways that we might interact. I am explaining what seems to work for me. When describing my potential guy I am also describing things I do already or things I strive to do. I know no one is perfect. We have to be willing to blend our lives with each other.

Friends or someone special? I can be friends and hang out with nearly anyone, except people who are continually mean and abusive. I am hoping to date with the intent of finding a great guy to have a relationship with. Eventually it could become a long-term commitment. Please just be clear about what kind of connection that you want.

I have always been more physically attracted to guys that are 5’ 10” - 6’ 3”, average to athletic build (trying to be fit and healthy), dark hair, tries to keep healthy and fit (on our own and with each other). If there is going to be sex there has to be physical attraction! I know this sounds blunt but you will be attracted to me physically or not. We all like what we like. Nothing wrong with asking for it! If over time you have become bald or just choose to shave your head, show me your gorgeous smile, your positive caring attitude, and your fit body. (Smiling)

You are age 40 - 50 years old. I prefer a guy my age or a couple years younger because I enjoy the energy and playfulness. I would consider dating someone older as long as we have things in common, and we can be playful and be comfortable. Matching energy level and pacing in life is important.

Us living near each other is preferable but the nest will be empty soon so life will be more flexible.

**This paragraph is for the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, or signing guys**
You are a guy who might be: 1) a sign language professional, 2) you are fluent in ASL or are already working on your ASL and you socialize with Deaf people, 3) you are a CODA or SODA (have Deaf family), 4) you are hard-of-hearing or Deaf but are comfortable in the hearing world also.

We are both professionals, knowledgable in our fields of work. We have goals that we work towards.

We will have enjoyable conversations about a variety of topics. Topics can be our favorite subjects. However, I hope we have random, new, out of the box ideas and topics to add to our conversation. “Today I heard that...”

Activities we would choose would be indoors and outdoors. See the list of activities I enjoy to see if we have quite a few in common.

We will participate in sports or activities together and separately. I prefer to do sports not watch sports. However, I might be willing to watch you do your sport if I don't do your sport.

We would enjoy traveling in the USA and overseas. I have a current passport.

We will both work to be healthy and fit. I already do.

We will both do our best to: be honest, communicate in a healthy way, keep great boundaries, and be positive. Mean sarcasm...nope!

We both are mindful of our mistakes and work to learn from them so we don’t have to suffer in our stupid actions again and again.

We would have similar things in common, and where we are opposite those things would be complimentary. Here is an example to consider......If I am a planner and you are spontaneous, we would both get to do a balanced version of that with each other. You can spontaneously suggest going camping and after you help pack too, I can make sure we have necessities (TP, flashlight, etc) on the way out the door. *See the info above about my activities and interests to see if we match in enough categories.

We have our own lives already and are content apart, but we choose to be together because being together is fun. We are playful and we laugh and smile when we are together. When we are ourselves we bring out the best in each other.

I know relationships and people are not perfect, but if we are a great match it will be easier.
I’m really good at
looking at something and seeing the pieces and how things work. I brainstorm well. I can offer what I see along with options/solutions.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have blond hair and blue eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
MOVIES - I like a variety of movies (including Sci-Fi, no horror). What I watch depends on what I am in the mood for. I don’t watch drama when I am in the mood for a comedy. BOOKS: Jeff Long, The Descent; James Rollins, Subterranean, Amazonia, Ice Hunt, etc. I enjoy these authors because I feel they create vivid story lines that include great vocabulary. FOOD - I eat a lot fresh, non processed food. I tend to shop most around the edges of the store. I like many types of food. Music - I played the flute in band for many years so that exposed me to classical, marching band tunes, pop hits adapted for band, jazz, etc. I listen to whatever sounds good at the time.
Six things I could never do without
My relationship with my son, my connection to God, my carabiner clip that I use to keep track of my keys (there is no stress in the morning searching for my keys), specific friends (unnamed here)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Anything and everything that comes up. I think knowing yourself well is one of the most valuable things you can do to have a great life. I think about everything in relation to my life and my actions. I try to learn from my mistakes the first time! Do you?
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends..Let's change it to things I enjoy doing...going for walks, bicycling, movies (a variety including SCI-FI but no horror), anything connected to ASL, Deaf people/Deaf events ,zoos, OMSI, reading, plays, ballet performances, comedy shows, live musical performances (instrumental), concerts (vocal), playing my flute, hiking, camping, sailing, speedboats, white water rafting, traveling (in the USA and overseas), exercising to stay fit, (separately or together)
You should message me if
you think we could be great friends
you think we could date and have a long term relationship
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The two of us