41Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Well, crap. It's been nearly 5 years, hello again, OKC, i see that you're just as nutty as you were the last time I was here...

Note: I'm not paying OKC $30 a month to be able to see who's favorited me. (seriously, OKC? You're high on goofballs if you think I'll pay as much as 4 Netflix accounts to see that info.) So, while I'm flattered that a bunch of you like me enough to favorite, just send me a message that says 'hi' so I actually know who you are!

I'm a consummate science nerd, constantly engrossed in understanding the world around me. I love biking, making things, growing things and going on wacky adventures.

For now, I'm looking for partners of all stripes - friends, biking partners, folks for dates, etc. And that's friends, like actual friends, not I'm-hoping-to-get-in-your-pants-later, friends. I'm too old for that shit. If I've got designs to bump funny bits with you, I'll let you know up front.

I have been in poly relationships before and found that I have enjoyed aspects of them. I might be talked into doing it again but I'm mostly looking for a serious primary relationship that's monogamous or monogamous-ish and not having to use Google calendars to plan out my relationships on a weekly basis.

Also, while I'm not ruling out FWB and casual encounters, I've done plenty of that and am trying to focus more on an actual relationship that I can actually go and do cool stuff with.
What I’m doing with my life
Gooood question!

Oh wait, you were looking for an answer to that? Hmmph.

Long term plans:
- Working in science again. I got out of science years ago because of the lousy pay and job security. I do boring software development crap like half the people in this town these days now. But that's to pay the bills and save up so that I can go back to doing interesting stuff in the future without having to live like a grad student.

- Finding more mad scientists to hang out and join the ones I already know. (never can have too many mad scientists)

- Building a non-profit biology education/hacker space where people can learn about biology and then have the facilities to design and run their own research. edit: some fine folks behind HiveBio have done the dirty work of getting this off the ground and I occasionally poke my head in over there.

- Buying a warehouse, moving in there with some like minded partners and/or friends, making it into a giant collective of artists and mad scientists. edit: Forget a warehouse, those fuckers are *expensive*! But I'm still scheming on the whole awesome collective idea.

- Finding a long-term partner in crime that enjoys the sharing of activities, obsessions, knowledge and memorable times. I'll dig the things you're into if you dig mine.

- Making a self-employed career out of building/researching stuff that I find useful and/or cool and selling it.

- 1) Create a monstrous mob of mutant monkey men. 2) Take over world. 3) ??? 4) Profit!
I’m really good at
Being prepared, building stuff, being outdoorsy, tying knots and other boy scout stuff that I learned in the 3 months before I dropped out because my troop was lame. My former troop leader might not approve of all the uses I put those knot tying skills to but I don't care, he was kind of a jerk.

I'm not too bad at biking either. Also, if you don't bike and would like to, I am *excellent* at getting you all set up. No seriously, I've taught several people to be avid bikers over the years.

Oh yeah, I just remembered (incidentally, I can be a bit forgetful at times), I do tons of gardening. I love that it feels like alchemy - take tiny seed, add water and horseshit, get hundreds of pounds of tomatos and terrifyingly huge sunflowers.

Science-type stuff. If it has to do with science, I almost certainly know about it and have a decent probability of being able to go on at great length about it until your ears hurt.

Eating, I'm very good at eating. I have been referred to lovingly(?) as a disgusting, ravenous maw. It's a good thing I like biking and hiking or I would probably weigh 500 pounds.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm pretty tall.

I'm kind of loud.

My hair is making a last Custerian stand. I think it's gonna get its ass scalped soon...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
General rule of thumb, if it's nerdy/eclectic/well-crafted or weird, I'll probably dig it. I also have a weak spot for pulp and generally terrible things.

Books (made-up shit): Jorge Borges, Neal Stephenson, China Mieville, Tom Robbins, Ursula Le Guin, Iain Banks, Linda Nagata, well written Lovecraftian fiction, old school sci-fi of the Niven/Clarke/C.L. Moore/Stapledon school. Also, I can chew on most good pulp fiction and I have a weakness for horrible writers like Clive Cussler and 50s sci fi that uses words like 'hottentot' unironically.

Books (slightly less made-up shit): Most of my reading these days, too many to list comprehensively. Some faves from the last few years - Beak of the Finch, Most Oliver Sacks Stuff, A Field Guide to Microbes, Square Foot Gardening, anything about biology, complexity theory, particle physics, natural history, puny human history, your mom.

Movies: I don't really watch too many movies these days but some favorites: anything by Errol Morris, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, Smilla's Sense of Snow (book was good too), Miyazaki, most of Chan Wook Park's stuff, 2001, Amores Perros, Survive Style Five Plus, Big Trouble in Little China, early Peter Jackson films, the first 2/3s of Secretary, Cowboy Bebop, Science is Fiction, Pi, etc.

TV: Sorry, TV has let me down too many times with shows that are good for a year and then slowly go completely flat. X-files and Alias, I'm looking right at you. I *might* be talked into watching something on DVD but prepare to have to be persuasive. First Person and Planet Earth and the random Nova were good though...

Webcomics, yeah I used to read too many of these. I mean I still do but I also used to. Asking me for webcomic recommendations has made many a person feel like they've lucked out for 5 minutes, then kind of antsy and then looking for a convenient exit to the building.

Music: Man, I don't even know anymore. Having 20,000 MP3s killed my ability to coherently listen to music. Is there a 12 step program or something?

Food: Anything that does not contain onions or (shudder) cilantro. But don't worry, I can eat pretty much any cuisine since I'm pretty ninja at eating my way around the former.
Six things I could never do without
Stereotypical OKC user facetious response:
1: Space-time continuum
2: Pauli exclusion principle
3: redox reactions
4: ATP
5: Airwolf
6: metabolic homeostasis

Actual, non-obvious answers that provide insight into my character other than I'm a smartass:
Yeah, so I'm too lazy to fill that out right now, bite me. I will say that cheese goes somewhere on that list. No, really. If a doctor told me I had to give up eating cheese or die in two months, I'd start spending my remaining quality time with my loved ones and a bucket of aged Gouda.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably building or designing something. I'm a bit of a homebody these days simply due to the amount of stuff I want to do.

I do miss hitting live shows and running amok late at night so zany sidekicks are encouraged to apply within.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is silly - if I were a typical OKC user, I'd either put some sort of trivial medical condition, joke or talk about how 'if it were private, I wouldn't put that here'. But all of those are lethally boring.

So, here's some amusing things about me instead.
- I own a serger and sewing machine. I am confident enough in my masculinity that I can sew buttonholes whilst eating quiche.
- My earliest memory was freaking out about the fact that my brain had just become able to store memories and being aware that the entirety of my life that I could remember was about 30 seconds long. I think I was about 3.
- Mountain climbing very nearly killed me 3 times.
- I am terrible at naming things. I nearly named my last dog 'Dog' and my last bike was named 'Bike'. It's probably just as well I don't want kids.
You should message me if
You are a scientist, hacker, musician or artist. Bonus points if you are a creative type that is interested in mixing technology and art/music. I'm always looking for new and interesting folks to collaborate with on that sort of stuff.

If you are passionate about something, that's a bonus as well. It matters less what you are passionate about, just care about something and throw yourself into it.

You want to go on stupid bike adventures with me. Or if you want to go hiking, snowshoeing, urban exploring. Also, I used to ski, rock climb and mountain climb a fair amount. I might be talked into doing those again.
The two of us