51Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
Chapter 23. The wizard, now seen to be cleanshaven and freshly-shorn, emerges briefly from his tower to greet spring. He looks up at the distant mountain peaks and decides to go visit them again this year. After puttering around in the yard he pauses briefly at the porch, considering... Finally he puts up the "Welcome" sign and enters the tower again.

I'm not very active here these days, because I find OkC's approach a bit self-defeating. When you compare specs for people, you miss out on seeing the whole person, and you can't specify what you want when what you really want is something new. Still, I do check in every now and then, because there might be a compatible woman out there who's also trying to get past this impersonal system and because it's still fun to meet new people even if it doesn't go anywhere. I can always use more friends.

A few telling details, to get across my general flavour and colour:

I'm an eccentric and inquisitive sort, hard to predict and sometimes mischievous. Don't expect me to have simple views on anything.

Likewise, when I read your profile one of the things I most look for is explained answers for the questions.

I don't want to become part of the machine. I'd rather build a new one.

I am a romantic, but also pragmatic. This is the least of my built-in contradictions.

Although it doesn't stop me, I can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong with washing down a Coffee Crisp with a pot of tea.

I think out loud quite often, which might be why so many people feel some need to offer me obvious and unwanted advice. Nevertheless, I'll probably continue to do it.

It irks me that a monkey can shell and eat a peanut in half a second while it takes me five or ten.

While I'm not really a wizard in a tower, I am really country people, outwards-looking and more impressed with actions than talk.
What I’m doing with my life
I've turned into one of those guys who's married to his work. For several years now I've been slaving away on a huge online business startup, and it's taken over my life to the point where I'm always thinking about it. There seems little to do about it except press on and get it launched, though.

I do still get out in the fresh air to have fun and stay healthy, despite that.
I’m really good at
...critical thinking. I'm like the little kid who says the emperor isn't wearing clothes. In general, I don't think much like most people.

I walk fast. I inspire terror in word games. I'm a satisfactory cook. I pick good cheap&tasty places to eat.

I've travelled a lot. No, really... a lot. Europe, Africa, and Asia; 73 countries, according to the Century Club list. Modes covered quite a range, too: Five star hotels back in my academic days, fleabag dumps while cycling across Africa, and a lot in between.

I'm really not good at singing, but that doesn't stop me (although I rarely inflict it on other people). There are small rodents that make better actors than I do, but I always have the feeling it's something I should be able to do.
The first things people usually notice about me
... are my height and my voice (a low bass rumble which has been charitably described as "distinctive").
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: If I have favourites I suppose most are stuff I grew up with: CCR, The Guess Who, and so on. I like guitar music generally, whether Narciso Yepes or Eric Clapton. I collect new tunes occasionally, too.

TV: I haven't owned a TV since 1990 and don't want one. However, I do watch vids of Game Of Thrones, Monty Python, Seinfeld, Corner Gas, The Simpsons, Futurama, Red Dwarf, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and other shows that strike my fancy.

Food: Turkish and Mexican, although I eat almost anything except chili and spaghetti (excessive consumption of both in my teen years has killed my enthusiasm for them). Oatmeal is good at any time of day.

Movies: As you can tell from my profile picture, I'm a fairly serious movie buff! Mostly I follow directors, including Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Cameron Crowe.

A few movies I liked more than most: Little Big Man; Any Given Sunday; American Gangster; The Constant Gardener; Enemy At The Gates; Casablanca; The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; 2001; The Lover; L.A. Confidential. I'll go to see almost anything set in Africa.

Books: George Orwell's essays; The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings, and The Silmarillion; The Day Of The Jackal and The Dogs Of War by Frederick Forsyth; Robert A. Heinlein's best stuff (I grew up on it); The Blue Nile and The White Nile by Alan Moorehead; The Three Musketeers; Midnight Express. That's a random sampling of stuff that's survived numerous bookshelf purges, so could fairly be called "favourites." I read all kinds of things - history, science fiction, travel books, thrillers, classics, photo & art books. Lately it's mostly science fiction, and that's mostly because it relates to work.
Six things I could never do without
Air, food, water, shelter, something interesting to watch and a good place to sit or stand.

(Did I mention that I like to keep life simple? Sometimes I even succeed!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...what to have for lunch, why people do the things they do, whatever I'm working on, how I might meet more of the sort of people I'm compatible with, and how to work more exercise into my day.
On a typical Friday night I am home watching a movie. Friday's just another day of the week for me: my schedule is up to me and very flexible, so I often take my breaks in the middle of the week, and during the winter I tend to go out in the afternoon so as not to waste sun. Evenings I might be out at an event, but usually I'll be multi-tasking at home. I'd like to be out more evenings on fun dates, which of course is why I'm here.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am one of those big tough guys who'll sniffle at pretty much any old sentimental crap somebody manages to insert in a movie.
You should message me if think we'd get along well and want to go out, or if you just think we might make good friends, or even if we share a common interest. Mine include Walking, Movies, Cycling ,Photography, Eating Out,Tea, People-watching, Humour, Games, Hiking, Travel,Africa, Polar Places ,Deserts, Mountains, and Animals.

I answer everybody but scammers. About one time in three I'm interested enough to get together in person. I tend to start from the "friend" position and keep an eye open for romantic potential rather than the other way round ('cause I'm a nerd and just not that adept at reading women).

Some potential stumbling blocks and dealbreakers:
1) I don't date smokers or recently-quit ex-smokers, although I wish them all the best in kicking the habit.
2) I'm not from Vancouver originally. While it doesn't matter to me if someone is a native-born Vancouverite, it sure seems to matter to lots of them.
3) Spectator sports don't interest me at all; you will never find me cheering on the Canucks (or any other sports team).
4) Travelling more than 30-60 minutes to meet each other will quickly sour an otherwise good relationship; please live close by if you're interested in anything serious.

"First coffee meetings" are fine but they do tend to put one in a rut right away. I'd just as soon start by meeting up for some fun activity in a public place.

I'm happy to trade e-mail. IM chat with people I don't know doesn't excite me but I sometimes do it anyway. Phone calls with people I don't know are just painful, so let's not.
The two of us