66Houston, United States
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My self-summary
Optimistic/realistic , intelligent, spiritual, athletic, confident, charming, witty, charismatic, loving, adorable, eclectic, stimulating, passionate, articulate, very unique, concupiscent, domestic man who has a clear sense of what matters; seeking attractive, intelligent woman.

I appreciate company, companionship, conversation and cuddling. Confident, gregarious, and buoyant, I am either the center of activity in the room or part of it. I also love to smile and laugh and can be pretty playful.

I accept my lover just as she is and only ask the same from her. There is no such thing as fault in the person I love - I embrace her nuances and uniqueness.

A good judge of character, selfless, honorable, decent, empathetic, benevolent, with strong values. (did I mention "humble"?) I am aware of and grateful for my many blessings each day.

Constantly observing and learning, I focus on how to live consciously when the mundane consumes our time; I enjoy art, film, music, psychology, history, nature, animals, the Scriptures, Shakespeare, and the sound of rainfall; and I aspire to leave this world a better place for living in it.

I also consider myself to be spontaneous and [somewhat] adventurous. Serious when I must be. Funny and talkative the rest of the time.

Seeking companionship, laughter, passion, respect and trust with whom I can share hopes and pains, achievements and failures, and joys and sorrows; in other words, seeking love. I believe that true, inexhaustible, and fabulous love exists.

I’d love to find someone with similar interests, but also look forward to spending time with someone who can introduce me to some interests of her own.

I "get it." First impressions count; laughter is paramount; dancing is crucial; moderation in anything is good; foreplay begins well before the bedroom; the first kiss is profoundly romantic and momentous; respect is the bottom-line; no "thing" rules me; actions do speak loudly; our "grass is/can be greener" with very little effort; and "Can we talk?" is a delightful vice.

I might be "the one" -- and I might not be. I'm far from perfect.
I'm well in touch with my feelings to where I fully trust them. If/when "Something tells me I'm into somethin' good," let's go up that path and see where it leads.

Be honorable. Communicate truthfully and without hesitation. Be generous and compassionate. Do the right thing. Walk in love.

And chocolate always helps.
Six things I could never do without
intellectual stimulation
not necessarily in that order
(let me think a little more about this)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
(my fantasy) I want a box to arrive containing chocolate, gold, a book I've always wanted to read, my favorite music, and the love of my life, who desires me - and I desire her - increasingly.
The two of us